If winter is the time for deep, warm, woody, musky and darker scent then spring and summer is the time for light, crisp and fresh fragrance. Here we’ll help you pick out the best colognes for men to rock your spring and summer look.

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Best spring colognes for men

Name Longevity Style Rating Main notes
Mr. Burberry Moderate Elegant, classic, sophisticated and sensual 3.5/5 stars Grapefruit, cardamom, tarragon, birch leaf, nutmeg oil and cedar
Eau de Néroli Doré Hermes Moderate Elegant, simple 3.5/5 stars Bitter orange, neroli, saffron
Bvlgari Man Black Cologne Moderate Masculine, complex, sophisticated, fresh 4.3/5 stars Citrus, rum, tuberose, orange blossom, moss and amber
Clubman Long lasting Clean and elegant, casual 4.7/5 stars Citruses, mint, woody notes and oceanic notes
Armani Mania Giorgio Moderate Simple, elegant and modern 4.3/5 stars Cedar, mandarin, amber, tangerine leaves, musk

Mr. Burberry – Burberry for men
best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Youtube

Inspired by the city of London and the classic scents of British perfumery, Mr. Burberry has the figure design of the gentleman with an iconic black Burberry trench coat. Released in 2016, Mr. Burberry has a herbal/woody composition, which is aromatic and fresh spicy.

People using Mr. Burberry said it is not a groundbreaker, but a very high class smell. The classy smell I gives may not scream for attention when you’re wearing it (that’s why it’s a spring cologne) but it’s still preferred for its comforting, woody and grassy scent.

Eau de Néroli Doré Hermes

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: USA Hermes

Eau de Néroli Doré by Hermes is a unisex fragrance – it’s for both women and men. On men, the fragrance will boom with brightness, cleanliness and subtle spiciness. This cologne for men is an elegant choice for citrus lovers. The beginning scent is really bright and citrusy.

The best review of this perfume for men said it is “a modern take on the citrus and herb scent: bitter, crunchy, tart, and salubrious – but beyond that it has a complexity of its shading, treated lightly here. The yellow orange cologne is intense and energetic”.

Bvlgari Man Black Cologne

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Bulgari

Known as “the scent of burning water” by master perfumer Albert Morillas, Bvlgari Man Black is the skillful blend of freshness and sensuality. The unexpected mixing of note brings you a unique smell that makes you stand out – this is also the reason of picking Bvlgari Man Black as the best cologne for men.

Men praise this cologne for its lovely rum note and the tremendously seductive and warm smell. However, the smell is not that strong, it can only be smelt when someone gets close or hugs you. Overall, “it’s a powerful fresh citrus, woody, earthy with a hit of rum sent”.

Clubman Truefitt & Hill for men

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Truefitt & Hill

Not too light, not too heavy, Clubman cologne is one unique cologne for men that is perfect for spring time. It is refreshing and soothing with the aquatic, floral and musky notes.

Crisp and clean, Clubman represents the spirit of the longest established British Barbershops, Truefitt & Hill. There’s a gentleman figure in its timeless essence. You may find it your favorite scent right from the first try.

Armani Mania Giorgio by Armani

best colognes for men in spring

The noses behind any Armani colognes really know how to create a unique fragrance. That’s why among the spring colognes for men, Armani Mania is one of the most well-known perfumes for men. Armani Mania Giorgio has a nicely balanced fragrance that is always seasonally appropriate, especially spring time.

If you want to impress your significant other, this men cologne will get you tons of compliments.

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Best summer colognes for men

Name Longevity Style Rating Main notes
Gentlemen Only Parisian Break Moderate Elegant, classic, sophisticated and sensual 5/5 stars Mint, lemon, sage, Haitian vetiver, ambroxan
Costa Azzurra Long lasting Sexy, sensual (recommended for night outing) 4.1/5 stars Seaweed, driftwood, lavender, lemon, celery seeds and cardamom
L`Eau d`Issey Pour Homme Summer 2016 Moderate Fresh, casual 4.4/5 stars Grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, vetiver, cypress, nutmeg, coriander
Floris Bergamotto Positano Moderate Elegant, casual 4.7/5 stars Bergamot, marine, mandarin, green tea, orange blossom, ginger, vanilla
Paul Smith Sunshine for Men Moderate Simple, elegant (great for dating too) 4.6/5 stars star fruit, black pepper, coriander, cedarwood

Gentlemen Only Parisian Break by Givenchy

best colognes for men in summer

Givenchy is the master of creating chic, not overpowering and calm smells. With a solid summery experience brought by the freshness of mint and citrus, Gentlemen Only Parisian Break deserves its spotlight as one of the best summer colognes for men.

Men buying this men cologne found it’s “truly an amazing scent” and they love the calming, relaxing and peaceful feeling this perfume for men gives them.

Costa Azzurra – Tom Ford for women and men

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Tom Ford

Unlike other aquatic men colognes which just smell like chemical, Costa Azzurra smells very naturalistic and beautiful. You can even feel the beach by wearing this woody fragrance. Plus, its longevity is above average in comparison with other fragrances in the same category. Really worth it!

L`Eau d`Issey Pour Homme Summer 2016

best colognes for men in spring

“Summer heaven in a bottle” – This is a fresh fruity woody fragrance for men which was launched in 2016 but quickly won the heart of many men around the world.

If you’re not a fan of the brisk, musk scent then this soft, fresh, floral but still a manly scent will make you wear it every day.

Bergamotto Positano – Floris for women and men

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Floris London

This Floris perfume for men is described as “the fragrance whose heart provides warm Mediterranean sea breezes, sunny notes and glittery sea waves”. Although it sounds romantic and a little feminine, this bottle is a truly unique release for summer time wear.

Paul Smith Sunshine for Men

best colognes for men in spring

Image credit: Paul Smith

Even if you’re not a fan of Paul Smith fragrance, you’ll come to love this special bottle for its ultra-freshness, uplifting and very smooth feeling. Sunshine for men is not overly sharp or sticky. When it dries it mellows into a lovely woody cedar note.

Wrapping up

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