While a woman has many ways to impress the opposite sex, a man only has a few. One of those few is men’s hair. If you know just the right way to impress a woman with your hair, then you are a modern day man. It is a past belief to say that only ladies can opt for trend when it comes to hair, even men now a day can experiment a lot when it comes to their hair. There are cosmetic products available especially for men.

Here are some of the classiest, sassiest and best hair trends for men that we have personally picked up for the man and the boy in you because every day is a unique one:

1) Angular Fringe

Image Credits: MensOK.com

For the boy in you, Angular fringe is an awesome hairstyle. It provides volume to your hair and attitude to your personality. It was an emerging trend in 2014 among male fashion models, but today every backstreet boy can try a hand at this hair style. It looks the best on men with round face but can be safely tried on all face shapes. You just need to taper both the sides and keep the top layer long to dangle as you move. Cut it at the right angle. At the sides, cut your hair the shortest and then increase the length as you go higher. The topmost hair will be the longest which you can cut at whatever angle you want.

2) Caesar Haircut

Image Credits: MensOK.com

This type of haircut does not require long hair and can be done by men or boys who have shorter hair too. Due to the short length of the hair, it is easy to maintain and also simple to spike. You just need a dab of cream or any safe styling gel and pick you hair in bits. This way your hair will seem pointed at the top. It is a complete cool-dude look and once set works well the entire day. Within a few seconds, you are done and ready to party.

3) Simple Casual

Image Credits: CheatSheet.com

This is a classy and casual look best suited for men with beards and who prefer having a sophisticated manly look. Just take your brush and slick it backward, you can even use a gel or hair cream to set in your hair. Give your hair a little bump on the top and keep the side portions short. Shorter on the sides and longer on the top, that’s the formula for this old and classy look which is simply easy to maintain.

4) Brushed up

Image Credits: Candra.info

It is quite a funky look popularized by our very own Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik. This look needs long hair at the top and short hair at the sides. With your gel, you need to brush up your hair strands at the top and then brush down the side hair. Once you get used to this hair style you look good and it gets easy to do it. The hairstyle is best suited for those with a round face.

5) Side Part Pompadour

Image Credits: theidleman.com

One clean slick across the side and then brush your voluminous hair up on the top. Men even part their hair with a razor and get a clear hair partition to get the pompadour look even more distinct. On both sides of the head you have short hair, and on the top, you have your longer hair. It can also be worked on shorter hair. This kind of a hairstyle has a special liking in the fashion industry.

6) Short Back and Sides

Image Credits: hairstyleonpoint.com

Just like most of the new hair trends for men mentioned above, this hairstyle too has shorter hair at the sides and back too and longer hair on the top, but the difference is that the hair gradually narrows as it comes to the tip at the front. This adds a funky look to you complete personality.

7) The Side Part

Image Credits: NextLuxury.com

This is the simplest and easy to do hairstyle that you can try. It is a total no fuss hairstyle wherein you only have to part your hair to one side of your scalp, either left or right. This style usually works for men with any kind of hair length, but for those with extra-long hair, it is easy to set. It looks great, and you can also try it out for your office meeting. You do not have to put in a lot of effort to do this style, and it only requires a few minutes to get this look.

8) Simple Short

Image Credits: haircutsformen.org

This kind of hair trends for men is best suited for men who want a no fuss look and instead choose a clean one. The top is long, with the sides and back being short. You can work this little hair that you have left, with gel or cream and set it the way you want. For example, you can create the bedhead or spiked look with this kind of hair.

9) Slicked Back

Image Credits: HaircutInspiration.com

Cut your hair short on the sides and the back and keep them longer on the front portion, now brush them back. A long and dark beard and this slicked back look, gives you a very regal look. A total turn on for girls who like a man and not a boy. Make sure your behavior matches your hairstyle.

10) Undercut Variations

Image Credits: Pinterest

This haircut requires you to razor cut your sides and the choppy side part. You can create impressions or draw artistic drawings in your hair within this shaved region. The possibilities for this kind of haircut go as far as your imaginations, and there are endless ways in which you can create the best hair trends for men. This look cannot be confined to one definition; you can work it the way you want, and of course, real art will only come out when you have an artist within. This is a totally funky and boyish look, a revolutionary one in that too.

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