Water color tattoos are the newest trend in the tattoo rage. You remember how you used water colors when you were a kid? It is the same thing but with the water color effect on a tattoo which makes it much cooler. And these tattoos are very colorful.

1. Tree

water color tattoos for woman

The tree of life signifies abundance and growth. This is why in many cultures, trees are worshipped. Also, trees exist for thousands of years and a tattoo of one will also signify longevity.

2. Phoenix

water color tattoos for woman

A Phoenix is a mythological creature that burns itself to its death and rises from its own ashes. This immortality and rebirth will motivate you to never give up. And always get back up on your feet when life brings you down.

3. Origami Birds

water color tattoos for woman

Origami birds are birds made from paper. You can fold them however you want. And this tells you that you can shape your life however you want. And that how your life turns out is completely in your control.

4. World Map

water color tattoos for woman

There is nothing much to describe about this tattoo. This is to satisfy the wanderlust in you.

5. Love is in the air

water color tattoos for woman

This tattoo depicts love and attachment.

6. Feather

water color tattoos for woman

In some cultures, a falling feather signifies a message from beyond. Also, it signifies the characteristics of birds like truth and freedom.

7. Cat

water color tattoos for woman

Make sure you find the best tattoo artist in town to get the eyes right on this cat design. Cats signify luck and prosperity.

8. Ballerina

water color tattoos for woman

This partial water color ballerina tattoo will appease the dancer in you. And will also cater to your feminine side.

9. Treble Clef

water color tattoos for woman

This treble clef is a classic favorite for music lovers.

10. Microphone

water color tattoos for woman

For those who feel that the treble clef is not unique, you can get a tattoo of this microphone. And this will also satiate to the performer in you.

Before you pick a tattoo, put a lot of thought into it. It is going to stay with you forever and I hear it is more painful to remove one than it is to get one. And if you know better designs, link them in the comments section.

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