People who are suffering from back pain don’t necessarily exaggerate your condition by linking the one with another. Discomforts like back pain is very common even among the healthiest people in their day to day life. However, you can combat with back pain through doing some minor changes to your habits. To help you with it, here I have presented the 8 main causes of back pain. Read this article and lead a pain free life !

back pain causes

No 1 : Your Mattress Matters

When was the last time you have changed your mattress? Is it more than 8 years? If so, replace your old mattress with the new one. When you continue to sleep on a mattress, that is more than 8 years old fails provide an adequate support that your spine needs. Remember, even you get a high quality mattress it can last only for 8 years. Not more than that. This reason may sound as one of the never heard before causes of back pain. But it’s a serious factor which needs your immediate attention.

No 2 : Shrink What You Carry

Do not pile up your bag with everything you want. Instead, fill your bag with only the things you need. Posing a huge bag on your shoulder can make your body imbalanced in turn, your spine will lose its balance too. Make sure weight of your bag do not exceeds 10% of your body’s weight. When you can bring certain causes of back pain easily under your control, why shouldn’t you take the initiative now?

No 3 : Say No No To Stilettos & Flats

Although every one of us are aware of this fact, only few consider this seriously. May it be a stiletto or flat, be choosy based on your foot type. Ideal heel level can vary from person to person. Find yours. Choose your footwear and heel height accordingly.

 No 4 : Holding A Grudge

As you all know, our body and mind are the connected organs. Your feelings like depression, anger and resentment act as the undeniable causes of back pain. It has been proved that people who have the habit of “forget and forgive” have a great control over the strength of pain signals than those who are holding a grudge in their mind.

No 5 : Sitting all day

Whatever it may be, starring at a computer or attending calls as receptionist or doing any other desk job can pose a high risk of developing  back pain at any age. Due to the in-activeness, long hour sitting puts high pressure on the spine than when you are standing. Sitting at a 130 Degree angle will help you combat and prevent back pain.

No 6 : Keep Yourself Stress Free

Stress not only causes a headache but it can cause back pain too. When you are stressed, your muscles gets tighten and it starts to develop pain. So whenever you feel stress relax yourself through either way like medication, yoga, music, aroma bath etc…

No 7 : Never Skip Your Workouts

“Life without exercises” get a special spot in the list of causes of back pain. Performing the workouts can help you build up the strong muscle tone. It relaxes your muscles and strengthens your spinal discs. You can get rid of back pain by performing the workouts that strengthens your abdomen and back.

No 8 : Junk Foods,Weight Gain & Back Pain

Eating too much of junk foods can cause back pain. How? Junk foods contain high calorie and very low level of nutrient. This condition leads to the weight gain and in turn it puts too much weight on your spinal. That results in Back pain. So be cautious on what you eat.

If you have one or combination of the habits listed above, try to change it without any further delay. Share this article with your friends and help them lead a healthy life.


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