Let’s make your house’s outdoor space become a winter wonderland, shall we? When it’s Christmas and the New Year is slowly approaching, there’s nothing more fun and exciting than trying some outdoor Christmas decorations so your doors, your yard and everything else wow anyone passing by your house.

Let’s scroll down for the best ideas for Christmas decorations and make it a jolly atmosphere from outside to inside, whenever your doorbell jingles.

Outdoor Christmas lightning ideas

1. DIY ping pong ball lights

best outdoor christmas decorations

This is a very DIY Christmas light tutorial with ping pong balls. Personally, I like the white balls the most since the light from white ones is much more sparkling. Here are the details of each step.

2. DIY mason jar light

best outdoor christmas decorations

This quick DIY mason jar light will add up the coziness for your house’s outdoor space in a cold winter night. All you need to prepare are some large mouth mason jars, some strings, electronic lights and hang them wherever you want.

3. DIY outdoor shooting stars

best outdoor christmas decorations

Wanna see shooting stars in Noel Eve? Well, simply, just install this incredible exterior decorating idea. Your front yard/garden will look so magical with the stars and the dazzling light. Check out the detailed steps here.

4. DIY wrapping trees with lights

This idea is not difficult at all. If your yard or garden has trees or tree pots, you can wrap them with different electric lights.  Here are a few examples to help you make your own shining trees:

5. DIY Christmas light balls

best outdoor christmas decorations

Making Christmas light balls is very popular option to holiday up your house surrounding because it’s very easy to make. You just need chicken wires, form them into a ball shape, wrap them in electric lights then plugin. Tada, here you go, the magical light balls!

6. Christmas light ideas for the roof

Offer your house’s roof a makeover too so it will turn into a breath-taking wonderland. There are many materials for rooftop decoration, just use your creativity and do the job. Below are the best lights for outdoor Christmas decorations for you to start with your roof:

7. DIY sparkle ball from plastic cups

Another easy DIY tutorial for Christmas makeover. Follow the steps below to turn your plastic cups into a beautiful ball with electric lights.

best outdoor christmas decorations

Hanging Christmas decorations

8. DIY cranberry wreath

best outdoor christmas decorations

Just how delicious and sweet is this fruity wreath? I’m not sure I have the self-resistence strong enough to prevent myself take a bite on this drooling wreath made from cranberry (plus, it’s very easy to make one – the guide is here).

9. Peppermint and candy cane wreath

best outdoor christmas decorations

Another decoration idea for Christmas wreath. It’s gonna be a really sweet holiday time since it’s a candy cane wreath.

10. Giant Christmas ornament

best outdoor christmas decorations

Make your outdoor standout with the giant balls in different lively colors in the gray winter. There are only a few steps away to this eye-catching decoration.

11. DIY frosty banners

best outdoor christmas decorations

Hanging these delicate snowflakes on and it’s like a beautiful snowflake curtain falling down on the very front step of your house. They look delicate but made from materials that can withstand the wet weather. Here is the detailed guide.

Front porch decorating ideas for Christmas

12. DIY chalkboard signs


I know I’m saying it again but here goes another easy DIY enhancement for your house. Choosing a wooden piece, paint it, draw or write your favorite Christmas saying. Done. Now you have a very wlecome Christmas sign. Here is the tutorial for you.

13. DIY snowman from plastic cups

best outdoor christmas decorations

What do you usually put in front of your porch? A snowman, of course. Do you wanna build a snowman? (Anna’s voice). If a snowman made from snow is not something you can build, then gather up your plastic cups. You’ll have beautiful plastic-cup snowman in minutes.

14. DIY Christmas tree decoration

best outdoor christmas decorations

Who said Christmas trees must be pine trees only? If you’re living in the tropical region and it’s hard to find a natural green pine tree, why not making your porch jelly with Christmas decorations for OTHER trees? Here is a good example for that:

15. DIY pallet Christmas tree

best outdoor christmas decorations

The only hard part of this DIY Christmas tutorial is to find a pallet. The rest is just a no brainer job. You just need to paint the pallet, buy Christmas lights, snowflakes and ornaments to hang on it in a tree shape (remember to nail the wood first, in zic-zac lines). You can save money by buying materials from a thrift shop since this can be a cheap DIY outdoor decoration. Check out the detail steps in this blog article.

16. DIY deck-the-door decoration

best outdoor christmas decorations

Make the entrance to your house much more inviting with a grand and sophisticated decoration from the artificial evergreen wreath. Watch the video tutorial here.

17. Outdoor Christmas gathering space

With the romantic and heart-warming lights all around, hanging with your beloved right outside the house is a great idea. It’s cold, but you have plenty things to keep you warm, especially a tight hug. Check out these ideas for your outside gathering space:

18. DIY giant lollipops

best outdoor christmas decorations

Sweeten the holiday and the way to your door by the oversized lollipops. The materials are easy to find and the steps themselves are very simple.

19. DIY Christmas fairy garden sled

best outdoor christmas decorations

A winter wonderland can’t be without fairy decoration. Hence, spend 1-2 hours on this project and you’ll have one of the best homemade outdoor Christmas decorations ever!

20. DIY Christmas mannequin

best outdoor christmas decorations

Why not have a Christmas beauty standing next to your door? It’s an affordable Christmas decoration too since the materials are only chicken wire and old mannequin dress. See the full instruction here.

Jingle up your world this holiday time!

Whether they are items you buy from the department store or DIY Christmas decorations, having fun and a merry time with your beloveds should always be the main point. What Christmas will be if you’re not with them? Hope that with the Christmas decoration ideas above, your house will turn into the home of the hearts and be filled with the holiday spirit.

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