As we don’t want to miss out the important and emergency calls, most of us do not put our phones in silent mode even during the bed time. It automatically makes our phone ring all the time. The result? Loss of continuous sleep.  

You don’t want to stuck in such situation anymore. Now an app called “Sleep peacefully” alerts your important calls while keeping your phone at silent mode during your regular bed time. Here is how it works. Whenever your phone receives calls during the late hours, it will send an SMS saying “Your phone is kept in silent mode and if it’s really emergency and you want to be alerted, they can send out an SMS containing the word URGENT”.  

Wouldn’t your important caller reach you this way if it’s really important?. In the morning, this app will automatically switch itself to the normal mode and wakes you up with an alarm if you programmed any.

Besides to unimportant calls it also mutes all the chat notifications when it operates in a silent mode. Without any doubt, this cool feature promises an uninterrupted sleep to all smart phone users.

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You can download this app via their official website or through Google Play.

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