What do you think about the homeless? Humble? Troublesome? Or people who are destroying your beautiful world? I bet you will absolutely change your mind when watching this clip. The main character of clip has a mission that begging for food from everyone around him. Nobody responds and someone even heaps insults on him. Unexpectedly, when he beg for a piece of pizza from a homeless, who has just received a pizza from the producer, he gives it to him unhesitatingly. This is a result which none of us can image and expect.

This story make us think again about the idea about man’s heart that we have had for a long time. You see, you can not appreciate people by the look of them. Sometimes the rich is even poor than the poor. They have never lived in a destitute life or felt hungry and thirsty so it is hard for them to sympathize with difficult situations, which the poor easily understands and shares. You should remember giving and receiving is all we need to

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