Baby shower invitation wording is always a concern of woman who is about to become a mother. Baby shower party is an occasion that helps them express joyfulness and excitement about their coming-first baby, in addition, it is also a chance to gather with closed friends, share delivery and raising child experiences. Therefore, for ones who have had plans, schedules for a long-anticipated baby shower, perhaps it is how to write a baby shower invitation that even is more perplexed than hosting party because the wordings on the invitation have to show mother’s love to her child, express personality that a mother needs. Moreover, it should reflect the party theme and well converse to its participants.

The Structure of Baby Shower Invitation

In common, every baby shower invitation has three parts:

  • Opening (which usually produce baby’s name)
  • Time/Date/Location
  • Host and RSVP (request for response)


There are many way to make an opening.

Simple Theme:

  • “Please join us in celebrating Sherry’s upcoming arrival!
    A Baby Shower honoring
  • “It’s a baby shower!
    You’re cordially invited to a shower honoring Name” 
  • “We’re tickled pink for the mom-to-be!
    Name’s baby shower”
  • We have the formula for fun!
    Help us celebrate and shower
  • “Let’s shower her with love… 
    You are cordially invited to a Baby Shower for 
  •  “It’s a Girl! 
    Join us for Brunch in honor of
  • “We are tickled pink and happy to say…
    A sweet little pea is on her way!
    Join us in celebrating at a baby shower honoring Name”
  • “Join us for a
    Sip and See
    in honor of
    Name new baby”

Fussier Theme:

  • “From ruffles, to bows, to skirts that twirl,
    The Williams’s are having a baby girl! Please join us baby shower honoring Name”
  • “A brand new baby is on the way
    so let’s celebrate with a special day.
    Please join us for a Baby Shower honoring Name”
  • “First came love,
    then came marriage.
    Now look who’s
    pushing the baby carriage!
    Join us for a Baby Shower honoring Name”
  • “Will it be Snips n’ Snails
    And Puppy Dog Tails
    Or Sugar n’ Spice
    And Everything Nice?
    Please join us for a Baby Shower honoring Name”
  • “A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes,
    the sweet scent of powder,
    a kiss on the nose
    Soft and sweet with a smile so bright,
    a dream comes true,
    love at first sight.
    Join us for a Baby Shower honoring Name”
  • “The pitter-patter of little feet
    are tapping on her tummy…
    We’d better hurry and shower
    with bottles, bibs and bunnies!

    Join us for a Baby shower to honor Name”
  • “There once was a time
    when we all heard her say,
    I’m done, that’s it…
    two kids, call it a day.
    But now that expression
    “I’m done” is in the past.
    There’s gonna be another Berns boy,
    will this be the last?
    Join us for a surprise lunch to honor Name”
  • “Someone Special
    Someone Dear
    Someone New
    To Love Is Here
    Join us in showering Name”
  • “Twinkle, twinkle, tiny light
    little eyes that shine so bright
    A precious baby from heaven above
    to fill our hearts with so much love

    Please join us for a baby shower honoring Name”

This part is obvious but very important for a baby shower invitation. The guests surely glance it at first to see the purpose of invitation as well as the name or gender of your baby (it is also all right to give both mother and father’s name) . Moreover, the beginning will decide the tone properly. It is written formally or casually depending on the relation with the invitee.


This is the informational part of your invitation. But if possible, you can express extra your feeling. It does not need to be too long, just write some sincere sentences. Your salute to your baby and happiness should be described by your literary style but overcautiously because it will make the invitation become inflexible and unemotional. Here you can say again the purpose of card. Do not worry it is redundant and repeats the beginning because this will show the guests its great importance to you.

Remember to attach concrete time, date and place of the party immediately after. It will be clearer if you print it in bold type or use a different size of word. It helps the invitee see further easily.

Let's refer some samples following:

  • “Please join us for a baby shower at
    The Jasmine Street Restaurant
    Friday April 18th at 6pm”
  • “Join Lillian for the calm before the storm
    Friday May 25th
    Nancy’s house”
  • “Please join us for a baby shower
    On the 8th of September at Christine’s house
    3 o’clock in the afternoon”
  • “Please join us for a shower in her honor.
    Friday, February 7th
    5 pm
    At the Los Altos Bar and Grill”


Beside the guests’ name, you need to inform name and phone to whom they should RSVP. This will help them reply their response quickly and you can base on it to list the number of attendees. In addition, a deadline for them is necessary for you to check the roster more easily.

Some sample recommendations for you:

  • “RSVP to Christine at your earliest convenience
    Becca is registered at Pottery Barn Kids”
  • “Please RSVP to Dave by April 10th
  • “Please RSVP to host Marla Hamilton
    Sherry is registered at Target”
  • “Please RSVP to Maria’s mother Jocelyn by February 1st
    Maria is registered at Gymboree”

Decoration Of Baby Shower Invitation

Beside the main information you provide, you should decorate your invitation with suitable themes. It can follow your hobby, ideas for holding the baby shower party or simply your child’s gender. This step will make your card be more vivid and pleasure to the recipient’s eye.

The are many factors decides your themes. For example, it is important for you to consider the problems such as what do you ( soon-to-be mother or father) want to enjoy the most, is the baby a boy or a girl, is she expecting twins, have already mother had children before or is the baby adoptee? Basing on these questions you will know which theme to choose with your invitation. Remember the theme you decide last should relate to decorations, gifts, games ( a mini game for all guests, may be their child, is available), flavor, food and more of party.

Some themes for girl:

Credit to
Credit to
Credit to
Credit to

Themes for boy:


Baby shower invitation Sport theme
Baby shower invitation Sport theme
Credit to
Credit to
Credit to

You also can add a poem or verse parallel to the theme decoration. This is a great idea for whom wants the unique and difference. Do not be serious, you just need to create some simple sentences following your taste. Description of your baby or even the forecast is an instance. This will make your invitation become more jubilant and at the same time you are able to express your happiness as well as sense of humor.  

Consult some examples here:

  • “Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,
    Nursery rhymes and lullabies
    Please join us for a Baby Shower honoring”
  • “Have you heard the forecast? There’s a baby brewing!
    Expect a shower very soon.
    Join Lillian for the calm before the storm
  • “Tiny fingers, tiny toes, 
    little itty-bitty clothes
    Dresses, dolls, hair and curls
    Guess what . . . It’s a Girl!”
  • “Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can’t say. 
    But let’s shower the mommy
    before the delivery day!”
  • “Rattles, blocks, blankets and more 
    Let’s Shower ____ soon-to-arrive baby
    with gifts galore!”
  • “Red, green, blue and yellow, 
    We’re throwing a Shower for
    the ____’s little fellow!”

Above is all steps and ideas for a baby shower invitation wording. Everyone who just turn into a mother or father is worry and excited about celebrating baby’s party. Hence, hope these are useful for you.

Welcome baby and best luck to your family!

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