As a woman, I will frankly admit that it always makes my heart skip a beat when passing by a man with a nice scent. It’s no secret that beside the eyes and the shoes a man is wearing, the scent around his body is always the first thing a woman notices.

A sexy man not only smells good but also makes his scent attractive. And if you haven’t known yet, a sexy scent is one of the best weapons of a man when it comes to catching women’s attention.

If you have tried all of these best colognes for men and still are on the way to explore more sexy men’s perfumes, check out these 5 sexiest colognes to upgrade your cologne collection as well as captivate more women’ hearts.

The science of sexy smelling colognes

What makes colognes for men sexy?

There is no national secret chemical or formula. However, for a tempting fragrance, the rich scents that seduce a woman’s sense mostly come from dark woods, warming spices and amber notes.

Over the years, the debate of whether there are some certain scents that are sexual attraction and turn women on or not is still ongoing among many scientists. However, it’s a fact that we human strongly react to some special scents.

In high-end fragrance for men there is always one name to call which ignites the sexual sensation in women. It’s called “hedione” (meaning “pleasure/lust”) – and the chemical name is “methyl dihydrojasmonate”.

Here’s something nerdy about this scent:

“Methyl dihydrojasmonate is an ester and a diffusive aroma compound, with the smell vaguely similar to jasmine.” – Wikipedia 

Used in many perfumes, with a sharp nose you’ll easily recognize the pleasant fresh jasmine-magnolia scent by hedione.

So can you bottle up manliness and pheromone? I guess you have the answer now.

Top 5 sexy colognes for men voted by women

Colognes for men Occasion Season Rating Longevity
Chrome By Loris Azzaro


Spring/Summer 4.5/5 Long lasting
Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir Casual/Office All seasons 4.1/5 Moderate
Boss Number One Casual & Formal Winter 4.3/5 Long lasting

Aventus Creed

Casual & Romantic

Spring/Summer 4/5 Long lasting
Guilty by Gucci Casual & Romantic Winter/Fall 4.4/5 Moderate

*Rating and reviews from Amazon & Fragrantica

1. Chrome by Loris Azzaro

sexy colognes for men chrome azzaro

Want to get as many compliments as possible with the cologne you wear? Then choose Chrome.  With a sophisticated mix of citrus, woodsy and spicy scent, Chrome is the best perfume to wear in any professional environment.

2. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir by Lacoste

sexy colognes for men

This aromatic woody scent is a refreshing fragrance that definitely compliments your look in a summer night party. This sexy cologne from Lacoste has a lovely watermelon opening and reminds you of many legendary perfumes. The woody lavender notes is also very pleasant too which makes this cologne perfect for any casual situation.

3. Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

sexy colognes for men

You can’t underestimate the power of one of the most long-living perfumes for men – the Hugo Boss cologne that made it name alive till today: Boss No.1. Men proudly wear this cologne in a nice suit and the ladies had better watch out for the silent and seductive power of the man’s inner strength.

4. Aventus by Creed

sexy colognes for men

Inspired by Napoleon. The ingredients are especially hand-picked. Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple. Heart notes: rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli. You see jasmine there, right?

Aventus is definitely one of the best masculine and sexy colognes for men.

5. Gucci Guilty

sexy colognes for men

Gucci Guilty is known for its power to transform you into a lady-magnet with its provocative composition.  The bottle itself is an artistic design with cold mental and heavy class to recall the luxurious and manly image.

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Pick a heavenly sexy scent should be easy now!

All ladies love a smelling good man. Many find themselves can’t stop burying their head into her man’s chest since he smell so irresistible.

So, now with the list of the sexiest smelling colognes for men above, I hope you can show up a little sexier anytime, effortlessly. And don’t forget that what you wear – a nice suit or a nice smell – is just a part of the game. You yourself are the best sexiness you own.

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