The night before Christmas is such a magical day. And Christmas Eve box? Yes, it’s the little box that is full of good treats inside you give your friends and family the night before Christmas. So, what do you put in it? Are you running out of Christmas Eve box ideas?

I know the headache. Preparing presents for Christmas is something you do every year. Surely, you want to be creative and absolutely don’t want to repeat last year activities. So, let’s take a look at the collection of the most creative Christmas Eve box ideas below to celebrate an unforgettable Christmas 2016 with your beloved.

Christmas Eve boxes for kids

To surprise your kids and spice up the Christmas Eve, you can make the box full of fun activities for them. So, beside the usual popcorn, Christmas movie DVDs, stories, reindeer magic food, etc., below are 10 fun things you can add up to your box and make your kids go “Yayyyyy”:

Christmas costume

costume - Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

Usually, you’ll put Christmas pyjamas in the box for your children. But let’s make it fun and get them a new Christmas costume. You might argue with me that it’s not Halloween but isn’t it funny to have a baby snowman, an elf, a penguin or a reindeer running in the house?

Check out these awesome DIY Christmas costumes:

No-Sew Snowman Costume For Kids

DIY Reindeer Headband

DIY Olaf Costume

DIY color books

coloring book - Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

Coloring books is always a favorite activities for children (they love it). Plus, with these books, you’ll be on hand-free mode with your children and may have your time enjoying some Christmas cake while they’re flying with imagination to a colorful world.

You can buy coloring books for kid easily in any convenient store, or, if you have time, you can pump up your creativity and engage your children better with a DIY coloring book.

Personalized snowman mugs/cups

chirstmas cup p Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

Who knows? With such a great companion and your kid’s name on it, the fruit and vegetable drink will be more welcome?

This DIY Snowman Mug tutorial only takes 15 minutes and you can write on the cup whatever you want for your kids to make them feel special.

DIY lego soap

lego soap - Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

Kids love lego (and you do too, don’t you?). This lovely handmade lego soap will definitely add more fun in bathing time. You’ll be surprised about how extremely easy to make soap at home too.

Also, you can add some Christmas rubber ducks to pair with the lego soap. These holiday ducks are sold everywhere on Amazon or convenient store so they are not hard to find.

“52 things I love about you” cards

cards - Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas is the time for saying more of the magic words: “I love you”. Let’s make your kids feel special and tell them how much you love them by writing down 52 things you love about them. You can use this idea for other family members and your friends too.

Plus, it’s very easy to create these 52 cards (the harder part is to write down your 52 reasons, in my opinion).

DIY slingshot

slingshot - Best Creative Christmas Eve Boxes

The night will be 200% more hectic and fun with this awesome & simple DIY slingshot. Make your children some slingshots and happily watch them run all over the house to play this shooting game (no harm guaranteed!). You can even join the slingshot battle with them too.

Christmas iPhone case

If your kids have a smartphone on their hand, then why not make them a Christmas phone case? Watch this Christmas iPhone case tutorial, you’ll be inspired for your own idea. If you don’t have time to make one by yourself, the ready-made phone case with Christmas theme is easy to buy, too.

Christmas Eve boxes for adults

Who said Christmas Eve boxes are only for children? We adults also deserve something good for ourselves on such special night too.

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Movie gift pack

movie gift pack

Christmas night is always the perfect time for good movies. Send your loved one a basket full of the best Christmas movie, ice-cream cones or just pop-corn, a good list of chocolate candy (M&M is good enough). With this movie gift pack, you can lay back your couch and enjoy your happy time together as a family.

Game gift pack

game gift pack

What if your friends or family members are the real gamers? The night promises a lot of fun playing your favorite games together (even when you’re not good at it).

Spa basket


spa basket

Besides having fun together, you can show how much you care for your loved ones by giving them a good Time for Myself aka Spa basket. Soaps, fragrances, bath balls, oil candles, body scrubs, etc. – these things will definitely make a relaxing and feeling-good bath/spa time.

Ice cream love basket

sundae ice cream

We adults are just older kids. I bet that all of us like ice cream – no matter how old we are. Hence, preparing an epic sundae ice cream basket for everyone to take a cold bite is a creative way to enjoy Christmas night.

The preparation is not nerve wrecking either. Just the cones, chocolate chips, some creamy sauces, a kit of spoons…and then you can pack them with a nice Christmas wrap.

Wrap your Christmas Eve boxes with love

There are many things you can give each other to show them your love. So, don’t limit yourself to any specific or traditional items. Be creative and you’ll find there are many things you can put in your box.

What are the best items for Christmas 2016 Eve boxes in your opinion? What boxes have you ever got/sent? Share with us by commenting below!

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