Star Wars is classic. Star Wars is timeless. Star Wars is a phenomenon. Star Wars is well… Star Wars. The Star Wars franchise had proved that no matter how long a story was, once it touched hearts and minds, it will forever be an icon. With the recent release of the latest Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, many people wanted to refresh their minds about the events on the lives of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, along with the other characters of the much-acclaimed movie.

Many people are asking the same question, “What is the best order to watch Star Wars movie?” If you have already watched the previous episodes of the movie, or even if you are simply a first-timer to watch just like many others who are anticipating The Force Awakens, then you must be at a lost as to how you can watch the movie without spoiling certain key elements and events, as well as get the entire jest of the story line.

Believe it or not, many had argued and battled on their stand as to the best sequence on how to watch the Star Wars movie. Some would prefer to watch it following the order of their release: IV, V, VI followed by I, II, III; while some would prefer to watch it in order of their numerical sequence I, II, III, IV, V, VI. But did you know that amidst all the arguments and debates concerning the succession of the best way to watch the episodes, only one order has been deemed the best by many Star Wars fanatics?

This sequence is what we will call as the Machete Order. This sequential movie order to use when you watch the Star Wars film was coined by a software engineer named Rod Hilton.

Why is Episode 1 not included in the Machete Order?

This question has been raised several times, and Hilton has only one answer to that. Episode I: The Phantom Menace is considered as irrelevant in the entire story of the saga. Most characters in The Phantom Menace have been killed or not mentioned in the future episodes. Hence, if you are saving your time and you want to finish watching the movies as soon as possible, skip episode I and proceed with the Machete Order.

But wait… why should I not watch it using their release date order? (IV, V, VI, I, II, III)

If you watch the movies on their release date order, you may find it odd to see who the people are that joined Ben Kenobi and Yoda during the celebration after the destruction of the Empire. Placing strange looking people plus the young Anakin Skywalker, portrayed by Hayden Christensen,  at the end of the movie may raise several eyebrows and put up the question as “Who the hell are they?!” So, instead of a victorious ending, you will be left more confuse until you watch the next trilogy.

Okay, I get it. Can’t I watch the saga with their numerical sequence instead? (I, II, III, IV, V, VI)

This is a big NO! Please, do not watch it in this sequence, as you will spoil one, if not the biggest, plot twist in the entire film history of mankind! Though it is already a common knowledge what this plot twist is (I won’t tell what it is, in case there are still people who do not know what I am referring to), it is still a good way not to use the succession of this sequence considering that you might get bored with the episodes I, II and III, and you won’t continue with episodes IV, V, and VI anymore.

Not that I am saying that I to III are boring, it is just that these episodes are the plain background of the stories of IV to VI. And watching a backgrounder without getting the rest of the real main story, which is found in IV to VI, will turn your interest off.

So, the Machete Order is the best then? (IV, V, II, III, VI)

That’s a resounding YES! The Machete order is the best sequence if you want to understand the story as well as take on every important point. In the Machete Order, you get to be introduced to Luke Skywalker and his mission. This will serve as the primary foundation of your Star Wars knowledge. Then just when Luke was left to question who Darth Vader is in his life, you go back to the flashback and see how Darth Vader became the bad person as he is. After you have finished episodes II and III where you earned a better understanding of how things become what it should be, you now go back to the main story line which is episode VI to finish the story and how Luke had redeemed Darth Vader.

But I still want to watch the episode. Can’t I insert it?

Well, of course, you can. If you want to insert Episode I, you can follow this sequence IV, V, I, II, III, VI made by Ernest Winster. It is just like the Machete Order. However, you have inserted the episode for you to see more of Anakin Skywalker’s childhood. This doesn’t add a difference to your Star Wars experience, though, albeit, it will just add to the time you are spending to watch the whole Star Wars saga.

With these explanations, we are sure that the sequence we highly recommend will make your Star Wars experience a better and great one. We hope that you will be able to watch the entire saga and enjoy yourself with the plots and twist, along with the lessons learned from the movie. Star Wars is indeed one of the most well-celebrated movie franchises of all time that every generation, no matter how young or old, should enjoy.

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