A place with low crime rate, scenic beaches and some promising development projects lined up, North Carolina is the state of the future. In case you are looking for some of the best places to live in North Carolina, then this article will help you. The article gives bits of knowledge into a portion of the most beloved cities in North Carolina that you can choose from.

The state is blessed with beaches, adventure trekking mountains and a consistently rising population which is proof to the fact that the state does provide excellent job opportunities to its residents and a bright future to the kids in the state. North Carolina is also dearly referred to as the Tar Heel State. For some, North Carolina seems to be an expensive state and so we have handpicked for you the most affordable places to live in North Carolina. Here they are:


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Just as the name goes, this city is ranked at the top position in almost every criterion like high median income rate, a low crime rate and a high education rate. The city is close to the famed Research Triangle Park and it also has some of the world class universities. The city is also safe with its financial position and ACC collegiate and professional sports.

Wake Forest

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This city has a close tie with Apex and also, it also has a better climate thanks to the ample forests, parks, and open spaces for outdoor activities where you can simply bask in the sun. The Falls Lake State Recreation stretches to about 26,000 acres of green woods and 12,000 acres wide natural lake. If not outside, you can also spend your time at the barbecue centers and the churches in the city where you can relax.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

Let’s consider affordability first because that is the prime factor when you look for a place to settle down. When it comes to buying a home in Concord, then this is not a dream far from the truth. The median home price in this city is as low as $168,300 while the average monthly mortgage is $1441 for a decent enough home. In other US states, this price shoots up to a whopping $300,000 to $400,000. The average household income too is $53,000 which makes up to significant The more you save, the more you have to spend at other adventurous activities which Concord offers.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

For those looking for a high-end job, come to Cary. The median income in this city is $90,250, the unemployment rate too is low at just 5.6%.With such high pay rate and a low unemployment rate, the city does provide some free entertainment options like big parks and a lot many open spaces. You also need not spend a lot on traveling as the public transport system in the city is excellent.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

A beautiful house by the sea is every woman’s dream, and here in Wilmington, even a single working woman can buy a house for just $226,000. The city has often being ranked as the best ‘American Riverfront City’. When you have a beautiful river to walk along and cheap traveling options, your savings help you focus on other things that you always wanted to do.

Chapel Hill

Best Places To Live In North Carolina

This is the apt place for you to settle down with your family, a bright future for your kids with quality education and a high paying job as companies like Blue Cross having their headquarters here. Despite the good development and high income for the resident in the city, the city has kept its expenses low and has provided free entertainment options too with its Chapel Hill’s Festifall Arts Festival.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

The best city in North Carolina for the education of your kids. The high degree attainment rate in this city is 22 percent greater than that of the rest of the cities in the state. The historic downtown, a magnificent farmers market, Matthews’ Playhouse and the Matthews Public Library are just some of the attractions in the city. The education system in the city is ranked high which is the best for your kids.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

The low population of the city gives you an opportunity to know your neighbors which are not the case in metro cities. The greenery of the city is intact even today; crime rate is low, high school degree attainment rate is high and above all the median household income is 67 percent higher than the rest of the cities in North Carolina. All these factors make Morrisville a highly desirable city.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

An ideal and affordable location are Most of the residents in this city do not need to spend a lot on their housing expenses. The average monthly rent for a beautiful house in this city would cost only $852 which abandons you with more cash to spend on, like the amazing food you can find here. The city has been named as the ‘Foodiest Small Town in America’ by Bon Appetit. The city’s excellent health care system makes sure that you can enjoy all the yummy food and still not face any gastro issues. The famous Duke’s University is proof of the quality education provided in the city.


Best Places To Live In North Carolina

If you are quite a religious or a spiritual, then you would love Garner. The number of churches per capita in this city is higher than most of the cities in the USA. It stands at 32 for a small population of just 26,732 people. Sunday’s can be spent in solace or just admiring the beautiful architecture of the churches here. If not in church, you can spend your weekend having brunch at some of the favorite restaurants in the city. As the median household income is higher, you can afford some fun. The city has fantastic parks, culture and art gatherings and a low crime rate, making it one of the best places to live in North Carolina.

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