Christmas is always the joyful time everyone eagerly looks forward to, including your dogs. When you’re excited to decorate the house and prepare the best Christmas gifts for your family, your dogs also have their jolly time playing with Christmas toys.

With many delicious dishes you make for the holiday, it can be tempting to share new foods that your dogs have never been eaten before. But, let’s be cautious. Food poisoning is dangerous to your dogs. There are many dangerous foods for dogs that look fine for us but not for your beloved pets.

Now, check out the list of foods dogs can’t eat below to keep them healthy thorough Christmas time.

List of Christmas common dangerous foods for dogs


dangerous food for dogs - chocolate

Christmas time is chocolate time (just after Valentine day). You might read about not giving your pets, especially cats and dogs, any chocolate bar, a lot right? When we human love chocolate to death, it literally means “death” for your dogs if you let him eat too much chocolate.

Why chocolate is dangerous for dogs?

Because in chocolate, there is a stimulant called theobromine that is similar to caffeine. And theobromine is poisonous to dogs. This stimulant affects the heart, central nervous system and kidneys of dogs.

When we eat chocolate, our digestive system easily metabolizes theobromine. However, our dogs process it very slowly so eventually toxic level is eventually built up in their system. A small amount of chocolate won’t be deadly to dogs but will cause them upsetting, stomachache, vomiting or diarrhea. With a large amount, your dog will be suffered from hyperactivity and then muscle tremors, seizures, irregular heart-beating, internal bleeding or heart attack.

Christmas cakes/pudding

dangerous food for dogs - cake

When Christmas cakes, puddings and similar fancy cakes look irresistibly delicious to us, with dogs, it’s another story.

Why these cakes are harmful for dogs?

Well, most cakes contain (a high dose of) alcohol, creamy stuff, cocoa, cooking chocolate, sugar, not-good-for-dogs fruits like grapes/raisins, nuts… all of these things can cause stomachache, overweight, diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Cakes are too fat and sweet for dogs to handle. Plus, they are non-nutritious for dogs and almost have nothing much of value for their health.

If you want to make your dogs something special on Christmas and enjoy the night with you (so they won’t look at you eating cakes with teary eyes), you can make them a cake made from meatloaf or something your dogs like to eat everyday. Or, you can buy cakes that are especially made for dogs at pet store.

Not just Christmas, you should be aware of cakes, sweets and fats in your dog daycare too.


dangerous food for dogs - alcohol

Admit it: you tend to cook things with more alcohol when it’s Christmas. You also drink more alcohol drinks during this time. Be minded before giving your dogs any dishes that contain alcohol as an ingredient. DON’T even try to make your dogs drink alcohol and watch their reaction for a good laugh! DON’T.

Alcohol is harmful for dogs just like how it is harmful for human.  Alcohol causes depression of your dog’s central nervous system so they’ll become drowsy or loose coordination (which is dangerous for us too because we can’t control their behavior anymore).

Too much alcohol digestion will eventually cause death to your dogs due to metabolic acidosis (their blood becomes too acidic).


dangerous food for dogs - nuts

Many nuts have high fat and (like macadamia) that can make your dogs experience weakness, tremors, vomiting, increasing body temperature or even pancreatitis. Some nuts are too small to chew and they can create an obstruction in your dog digestive system.

Cooked bones

dangerous food for dogs - bones

Cooked bones – be it chicken, bird or turkey – are bad foods for dogs. Bones can make your dogs choke on. Splinters after swallowing can stick in or wound your dog’s digestive tract. Too much bones intake will cause constipation.

Don’t give your dogs cooked bones because they splinter easily. Don’t give them bones that are too small because they can stick inside your dogs.

Since cooked bones are dangerous for dogs, don’t just throw them into the trash bin in the house and leave them there overnight. Your dogs will probably find it out and eat them at night when everybody is sleeping. Make sure you completely get rid of them or put them away from your dog’s reach.

What to do when your dogs are food poisoned?

When detecting changes in your dog’s behavior or any of these symptoms, take them to the vet or pet rescue immediately:

  • Problems walking or standing up
  • Lack of coordination
  • Drowsiness
  • Fast/slow breathing rate
  • Excessive urination
  • Vomiting
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Diarrhea

Don’t try to help your dogs at home when they get sick from food poisoning. It’s both dangerous for them and for yourself. Also don’t just post question online to get help. If you’re having dogs or any other pets at home, make sure you always have the hotline of the nearest vet clinic.

Also, keep any related substance or evidence to report for your vet so they can know more exactly what happened as well as what treatment to do next.

Celebrate a delightful and safe Christmas time with your dogs!

So if your Christmas menu includes any of the foods above, don’t feed them to your dogs even when they’re looking at you with their cute begging puppy eyes. Let Christmas be fun and the happy time of you and your loyal friends. Don’t get carried away by the festive atmosphere and ignore this warning of the bad foods for dogs. Nobody wish for an unwanted pet rescues, right?

However, don’t panic either – be it Christmas or normal dog daycare. After reading this article, you can follow the guide and rest assured about keeping your dogs healthy.

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