Answer to the question does whey protein make you gain weight is both yes and no. Because, whey protein itself can’t help you gain weight. But when it is used in combination with workouts and high protein diet, yes it will definitely help you gain a healthy weight.

Gaining the proper knowledge on the formation of whey protein will make you better understand your question does whey protein make you gain weight. First of all, whey protein is a nutritional supplement extracted out of whey. It is a  watery product which is derived after the milk is curdled and stained.

does whey protein make you gain weight

When compare to all other natural sources whey protein has high level of protein. Generally body builders and athletes take whey protein to meet their high energy needs.  That helps them earn the desired results. So when whey protein is used in combination with the proper work outs, it help you gain weight from healthy muscle mass. It can also help you to lose weight from the body fat. Now let’s dive into the details.

Let me explain how whey protein helps in achieving the weight loss from the bit of scientific terms.


Whey Protein Suppresses The Appetite

Normally people blame their appetite for their weight gain. They are indeed right to certain extend. Appetite can’t be controlled as easily as you think. To suppress the appetite, many Harmone interactions are required. By giving the feel of satiation cholecystokinin found in whey helps you reduce the excessive appetite and in turn leads to a healthy weight loss. Tell me now. Does whey protein make you gain weight?


Apart from the hormones, the neurotransmitter known as Serotonin play a significant role in controlling the appetite. It is also responsible for numerous physiological and psychological functions. Serotonin is primarily derived from the dietary amino acid called tryptophan. Whey protein has a very high level of tryptophan content. Thus the consumption of whey protein leads to the increased levels of plasma tryptophan and in turn Serotonin levels too. Obviously increased Serotonin level help you to have a better control over the appetite.

So from the perspective of serotonin increase, can we say no to your question does whey protein make you gain weight?

Whey Protein Increases The Insulin Sensitivity

The hormone which is responsible for fat storage & blood sugar regulation is known as Insulin. As long as your Insulin sensitivity stays high, your body will have a better control over the glucose and fat storage. Apart from increasing the Insulin sensitivity, when whey protein is used in combination with high protein diet, it can effectively decrease the weight gain from fat and is more effective than red meat in cutting down the weight gain.

So what if I ask you does whey protein make you gain weight? will you say yes?

Helps You Gain Weight From The Muscle Mass

According to “American Journal of of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism” What you eat before you work out helps determine what your body burns as fuel during exercise.

This same research also suggest that when you eat carbohydrates right before your exercise, it results in the increased glucose oxidation & the decreased lipid oxidation. It means, to meet the energy needs your body burns sugar instead of  fat.

On the contrary, consumption of whey protein before your work out just reverses the case. Yes, it helps in increased fat burning & protein oxidation. So when your body helps you gain weight through whey protein, remember it is gained only from the muscle mass definitely not from the unwanted fat.

Here is a quick sum up

To make it short ,consumption of whey protein helps you have a better control over the sugar and fat storage. It helps in the increased muscle building and fat burning. We can declare this process as a healthy weight gain.
Answer to the question, Does whey protein make you gain weight is totally depend on your activity level and of course the food diet. So if you are eating a whey protein and experience a weight gain, it means probably you have gained the weight from the increased muscle mass.

If you experience a weight loss, feel proud your body has started to burn the unwanted LDL fat.


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