Do you have a pal with four legs and a wagging tail? Yes or No, I’m sure that you’ll get inspired with the dog wisdom from our woofing friends. Having a dog means you have not only a loyal friend, a personal brave body guard, but also a wise teacher. Our dogs while they can act cute or silly sometimes can also give us many beautiful life lessons.

Born in a countryside village, I grew up with dogs and cats. Naturally, they became my soul mates and I told them more secrets than any of my human friends. That is not to offend anyone but to tell that dogs to me are not just pets – instead, pets are like us. They’re our best friends. And of course, best friends are to play with and to learn from.

Do you think the same? This list of 15 dog lessons for human – us – is also what dogs teach us about how to be happy in life.

#1 – Dogs never discriminate other dogs

Dogs never judge other dogs based on its appearance, gender or race. Even if you live in an area which has various dog types, from the foreign ones to the local dog breed you’ll see that when the dogs meet, they would just wag their tails, sniff and lick to greet each other.

Although each dog is raised and lives in a different background, they accept that fact and always show love to each other.

#2 – Dogs don’t judge people by their appearances

We human seem to care a lot about how other people look and our own image in their eye. Sometimes, we laugh at the weird clothes people are wearing. We even love to buy fancy clothes for our dogs. But do your dogs care about the fashion clothes we put on them? Do they like walking with a more fashionable owner?

No. A dog will never be bitchy about how they look or how we look. Whether you’re a CEO or a homeless man, with dogs, you look just the same. It stays with you because of who you are, not how you look.

#3 – Dogs are the most honest animal

One of the best dog lessons for human for me is their honesty. Dogs are very direct in showing their thoughts. If they want something, they’ll let you know exactly what they want. And talking about honesty, you never see a dog betrays his owner.

#4 – Dogs know how to have fun

I admire our pups for their dog wisdom in having fun in life. Their life is much shorter than us – they don’t know about that, of course – but still, they never miss a chance to play. They never mind getting a little dirtier playing whenever and wherever they want to.

Sometimes they mess up our living room by tearing out toilet paper, pillow and even sofa (and have no regret about that).  Sometimes they run out into the rain, cover themselves in mud and then happily run back to your amusement. Dogs don’t stop to think for a second when it’s time to have fun.

#5 – Dogs find happiness in the smallest things

Whether it’s just jumping, barking, running across the road, sticking the head out of the car window when riding on the road, hearing the door open when their master comes back home,… our beloved four-leg pals find them all exciting.

life lessons from dogs

#6 – To live a happy life = never stop moving

Well, if you own a dog, you’ll see that sleeping is not the major part in a dog’s life (unlike cats). Dogs love moving around. They exercise a lot via their daily activities. They love running, jumping and chasing. A lot of fierce movements. We definitely must learn them to move our body more.

A healthy life is a happy life, isn’t it true?

#7 – Dogs don’t change to please people

We teach our dogs rules and lessons to make them fit in our human world (this is a so-called “dog training”). However, it’s not that your dog becomes obedient because he wants to please you. Dogs know how to control their life very well, and learning new life skills for them is just what they want to do. We human never can force them to fetch, for example, if the dog itself doesn’t like it.

#8 – Dogs love exploring the world whenever they have the chance

If the world is already too big for human, I wonder how big is it to a dog?

My dog never stops exploring the surroundings every time I walk him outside. He runs here and there, all over the place. And just by looking at him, I know he is very excited. Dogs only have the eyes, the ears and the noses to explore the world, yet they keep on sniffing, listening and looking for new things.

We’re so much luckier when we have everything in hand to explore this world. So don’t waste it.

#9 – Dogs never take anyone or anything for granted

Our doggy companion just knows how to treasure everything. I like the way my dog carries his toy carefully in his mouth back to his favorite spot and plays with it for hours. And he doesn’t get tired of the toy easily. He also never forgets to lick my cheek when I leave the house or jump in happiness when I get back home.

Well, we don’t need to jump on each other when meeting like dogs do, but don’t forget to show more love, either.

#10 – Dogs know how to forget and forgive

Dogs are great forgiver. They don’t hate you just because you miss feeding them one night. Nor they will hate you for scolding him for his mistakes. They don’t hold unnecessary grudges like we human do.

No wonder why dogs are so a happy creature! Here’s the life lesson learned: if it’s not the important thing to worry and grunt about, then why let it affect the more important things in your life? That’s the secret of living in the moment and enjoy the every second of it.

life lessons from dogs

#11 – They give people a chance

A bad thing happen between you and your friend doesn’t mean it’s the end for a relationship. Dogs act like they are a great forgiver because not only they can forget easily but also they always give other the second chance to start all over again.

#12 – Dogs learn from their mistakes

Dogs forget the bad things easily but they don’t make the same mistake twice. I guess we human are just the same, right?

#13 – Dogs teach us the value of loyalty

Being loyal is the best gift you can give others. Dogs teach us this lesson very well. And honestly, many of us still lack of this precious trait. A dog can stay with you forever, no matter when you’re rich or poor, healthy or weak, having nothing or having everything.

They’ll just be with you with the same love til the end of his life.

#14 – Dogs know how to be a great listener

I told my dogs all of my secrets – that’s not because they couldn’t tell anyone, but because of the way they listened to them. Sometimes we don’t need advice, we just need someone to listen to our stories and give us a hug at the end.

#15 – Dogs can do so many great things because they love unconditionally

A dog is the only thing in life loves you more than himself. And they never lie about love. If we all could love each other without conditions, the world would become a much better place.

Dogs are living a happier life than us, for sure

It’s so miracle how dogs never say a thing yet we can learn so much from them. We always question ourselves about how to be happy in life, but the lessons learned from our dogs here are the best things we can learn from them to live more happily.

Life is better when you have a dog. And that’s 100% true.

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