Some people are born unlike while some are born to conquer, but there are some who are both, different and who conquer the world. This world can be harsh on such people. There are some mental conditions or developmental disorders that may be a bit difficult for others to understand. Asperger’s disorder is one such disorder that restricts interests, social interaction and nonverbal communication but this is no way stopped these geniuses from achieving their goals.

In this article, we have listed some of the most famous people with Asperger’s syndrome who achieved great success in life. In simple language, this is a condition wherein a person suffering from this disorder faces difficulty in understanding and also a lack of social skills. It is a higher level of autism and not many know about it.

Here are some you would never believe who went through Asperger’s Syndrome:

1. James Taylor

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

The famous singer and songwriter were diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. However, that syndrome did not stop him from being featured in the list of the best singers of all time, the best rock vocalists, the greatest musical artists of all time and the best rock bands of all time; all these titles do justice to his talents.

2. Vladimir Putin

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

Who would want to challenge the world’s most powerful person and it would come as a shock to many to know that Putin was thought to have faced autism, although the Pentagon, does doubt that whether it was Asperger’s Syndrome or not. It was revealed during a 2008 study by the Pentagon think tank study.

3. Susan Boyle

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

Boyle broke all records and became a singing sensation in 2009 when she caught everyone’s eye with her breathtaking rendition of “I Dreamt A Dream.” Since that moment she has never looked back and has delivered more than a whopping 14 million records worldwide. In a recent interview, she admitted of having being diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder by a Scottish specialist.

Asperger’s doesn’t define me. It’s a condition that I have to live with and work through, but I feel more relaxed about myself

4. Bob Dylan

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome


Yes, the 2016 Nobel Prize winning guitarist is known among his close aides as having Asperger’s However, it is not yet confirmed, but his social awkwardness and lack of boundaries made people suspect that he had this condition. He was so engrossed in playing guitar that he did not seem to notice people booing him. Probably that was the reason why Dylan never cared about them and continued on his work. It resulted into some of the greatest works of Dylan.

5. Temple Grandin

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

She works at the Colorado State University and teaches animal sciences, a bit of an irony as it may seem for someone which such a unique condition. Grandin has been called as the ‘most accomplished and well-known adult with Autism in the ‘ In the year 2010, TIME magazine named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. HBO channel produced a biopic based on her life called ‘Temple Grandin.’

6. Bill Gates

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

World’s richest person is known to have Asperger’s syndrome, but this is not officially confirmed. His high intellect and social awkwardness are often thought to be as signs of autism. He also has a habit of swaying away during meetings, as his colleagues say. However, his disorder did not stop him, in fact, he was featured in a documentary named ‘The Triumph of the Nerds 

7. Robin Williams

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

His social awkwardness and hyperactivity resulted in people doubting that Williams was suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Although without minding these allegations, Williams moved on to gain name and fame as a comedian, actor and screenwriter. He was even named as the funniest stand-up comedian of all times.

8. Michael Jackson

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome


The greatest and revolutionist singers of all time, Jackson was suspected of suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. His unusual social behavior, social immaturity raised questions on his mental health. Some even tried to justify it by stating his upbringing but then this contradicted the fact that his siblings are perfectly fine when it comes to social behavior.

9. Woody Allen

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

The most beloved comedian and producer is thought to be suffering from this mental disorder because many of this colleagues were fired by Allen in a tough way if they did not perform well. He also did not like to mingle with others and get social. His way of directing was also unique because he never gave his actor’s any notes, but the results were impressive. He even featured in a list which was called as ‘Celebrities whose death will be a big

10. Charlie Chaplin

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

Truly the greatest comedian of all times, he needs no introduction. Those closely associated with the actor and comedian remember that he had difficulty in controlling his emotions, lacked social skills, complete immersion into work and his intense focus on his job all led to people doubt his mental health. Chaplin mentions his introvert behavior in his autobiography.

11. Abraham Lincoln

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

The most liked president of all times is also said to have suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. Lincoln had a rigid nature, a depressed history and had a need to follow a strict schedule. Despite all of this, he did succeed in doing his job excellently as a lawyer, politician and a Statesman.

12. Alfred Hitchcock

Top 12 Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

His eccentric behavior and lack of boundaries both in and out of the set raised doubts that Hitchcock suffered from Asperger’s s Although this great man went on to become a film art director, film producer, TV producer and director and a lot more. Sadly his death sent shock waves in the industry but this man will always be remembered as someone who inspired and we all loved.

These great examples are valid to be inspired from. So if you have any person who seems to be an autistic person then do help them because it is little known that autism can be treated and does not at all come in the way of your dreams and these famous people with Asperger’s have proved it right.

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