If you are an American, at that point you have to be a football fan; that is the unwritten rule. Football is not just entertainment for us, but a way of life for many of us. It is also a huge industry and players are minting millions every year to play the sport that we all love. They may belong to different teams, but these players have earned every penny that they are being paid, be it through the teams or advertisements. Many of us are ashamed to tell others about our salaries, but these highest paid NFL players are not.

One of the few industries that pay you to stay fit. Let us find whether your favorite player is or is not the highest paid a player in NFL. The players do not just get salaries but also get bonuses that we have included to rank the players on our list. So let’s startand find out which player takes home the most money in his kitty:

1. Drew Brees

Highest Paid NFL Players

Here’s the answer to your question as to who is the highest paid player in the NFL, it is Drew Brees. With an annual earning of a whopping $31,250,000, this quarterback from New Orleans Saints makes it to the most elevated need for our summary highest paid NFL players. His salary breaks up is $1 million as salary, $30 million as signing bonus and $250,000 as workout bonuses. The raise in his pay was done recently when his contract was renegotiated and he extended it by claiming a hike in his pay and rightly so because he deserved it.

2. Andrew Luck

Highest Paid NFL Players

This hot looking man is yet another quarterback who earns an annual salary of $12 million and an additional $18 million as a signing bonus. Luck’s renewed the five-year contract and indeed made him lucky as it is the largest in NFL history regarding the monetary value. Luck plays for Indianapolis Colts and gets a guaranteed value of $890 million.

3. Olivier Vernon

Highest Paid NFL Players

A New York Giants defensive end player, Vernon’s signing bonus was the second largest amount among all defensive players. While Vernon earned $20 million as the signing bonus, he was only bypassed by Fletcher Cox’s $26 million as his signing bonus. A good player cannot be let go, even if it means paying some extra big bucks, Vernon is the third highest paid football player in our list.

4. Joe Flacco

Highest Paid NFL Players
Source: baltimoresun.com

He got his contract changed in the year 2013 and signed a nine-year contract to play for Baltimore Ravens as a quarterback star player and now he has only six years remaining. Flacco earns $29,000,000 annually which includes $4 million as his salary and $25 million as his signing bonus.

5. Tom Brady

Highest Paid NFL Players
Source: bostonherald.com

Brady, who plays for the famous and beloved New England Patriots, is yet another quarterback on our list. He earns $28,764,705 which is just at the beginning of his career because Brady has plans to play until 2022 and 2025 when he turns 45 years old and till the next ten seasons. Some people just refuse to grow old and one of them is our handsome Brady. His salary includes $764,705 and his signing bonus is $28 million.

6. Fletcher Cox

Highest Paid NFL Players
Source: nbcphiladelphia.com

One of the highest earning defensive players in National Football League, Cox earns around $27,299,000. He plays for Philadelphia Eagles and a breakdown of his salary includes$1.3 million and an additional $26 million as a signing bonus. He might probably rework his contract in the coming two years and ask for an even better hike, making him rise the ladder of our list. As of now, he stands at number 6 on our list.

7. Von Miller

Highest Paid NFL Players

With an annual salary of a little over $25 million, Miller is the first outside linebacker in our list of the highest paid NFL players. He plays for Denver Broncos and his annual earnings can be broken down to $2 million as salary and $17 million as signing bonus, in addition to all this he also gets $6.1 million as other bonuses. He took advantage of being named as the Super Bowl MVP and a few months later signed a six-year contract worth $114.5 million.

8. Justin Houston

Highest Paid NFL Players
Source: chiefs.com

Yet another outside linebacker, Houston plays for Kansas City Chiefs. He marked a contract for a long time six years worth $101 million before the 2015 season and then immediately restructured the deal in 2016 season. This is what a genuinely defensive attack is. His salary includes $7.4 million, $8.5 million as signing bonus and $7.6 as other bonuses.

9. Muhammad Wilkerson

Highest Paid NFL Players

Wilkerson plays for the New York Jets and earns an annual salary of $22,000,000 as a player at the defensive end. J Watt only surpasses his $86 million contracts among the defensive player’s category. His salary breakdown includes $15 million as a bonus and $7 million as salary.

10. Philip Rivers

Highest Paid NFL Players

The last but not in any way least, a player to get on our list of highest paid NFL players is Rivers whose annual salary is $10.5 million. In addition to this, he also earns $5.5 million as signing bonus and $6 million as other bonuses. He plays for San Diego Chargers and at the Quarterback position. Rivers has made a whopping $173.9 million in his career and will still earn $45 million from his four-year

Our list has made it very much obvious that the most highly paid position in the NFL highest paid player list is the quarterback position, undoubtedly also the most stressed and the most important one for the game. This list does not in any way judge the player’s abilities or his sporting skills. It is just a monetary way to look at things. Just because a player earns more or less, it does not mean that he is right or wrong than any other player in any way. Football is a team game and has to be won or lost by the entire team.

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