I love my dog and so wherever I go I would want to carry my best friend with me all the time. By everywhere I mean even out of the state, however, the only problem in such a situation is that we, dog lovers, do not find suitable hotels that allow dogs in America. There are many who have a strict no dog policy because maybe they think that dogs can cause a problem to their other customers but maybe they do not know that dogs are the most understanding and lovable creatures that God has ever created, even more so than human beings.

10 Best Hotels That Allow Dogs In America

Hotels that allow dogs should simply not let my dog squeeze into my room. They should be pet-friendly. This means that my dog’s travel, food, stay and entertainment problems should be resolved. This article gives you the right options where you can take your dog for a good long deserved vacation. Some lucky dogs get to go for a vacation, and luckier dogs get a massage at the vacation. In America, dogs have very much become a part of the family, and so no family would ever want to leave their family member behind. So here’s presenting a list of hotel chains that allow dogs:

1. Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel

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This hotel located in Virginia is a certified hotel that allows a pet in the USA, as it does not charge additionally for its pet-loving customers. It offers bigger beds for you, your dog, and a safe view from the balcony, which is well fenced to protect your excited dog. You can call in and ask for special pet-friendly rooms so that you and your pet are not in for a shock when you go there. The hotel allows two pets weighing up to 40 lbs and within these limits, the hotel does not charge anything extra. However, the suites and deluxe poolside rooms are not meant for your pets.

2. Banana Bay Resort and Marina Key West

hotels that allow dogs in america

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This hotel has been rated with four out of five stars from travelling websites, on their pet-friendly nature. The hotel is located in Florida and allows two pets of any size without charging anything extra from the dog owners.  You can even leave you to dog unattended in case you need to go somewhere, in that case, you will have to inform the front desk so that they can make sure that your dog does not feel that he has been left alone in a strange new place. The hotel is just three miles away from the Key West International Airport.

3. The Fess Parker by Hilton Resort

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This resort is located in Santa Barbara and welcomes two pets of any size by charging on $40 extra as pet fee per night. Special arrangements are made for pet-friendly rooms when you inform the hotel about your dog while placing an order. Many dog owners have rated this resort as a good enough pet-friendly hotel on various traveling websites.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

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This is your chance to show to your dog how loyal you are to him by living in a doghouse. Yes, this hotel gives you the opportunity to live in an actual bigger sized dog-shaped house. The hotel is located in a big farmhouse, and so your dog gets the entire place to run around and enjoy the scenic view from all over.

The hotel also offers dog souvenirs which you can take back home as a token of the memory of your wonderful days here. They allow you to get along two pets of any size for an additional charge of only $15 per pet. However, you should make sure that you do not leave your pet unattended. There are dog shaped pillows and a room in the ‘dog’s head’. Your dog would be surprised to see such a huge dog, which is also friendly.

5. La Quinta Inn and Suites Ocean City


This hotel is situated at Maryland and is a pet-friendly hotel. They welcome two pets of any size for no additional fee. You can leave your dog alone and unattended for some time but only if the dog can behave without disturbing anyone. Customers have appreciated the hotel rooms as clean, which is the thing that your dog would always want. Pets are not just tolerated at this hotel but are treated at par with their human customers.

6. Carmel Valley Ranch

hotels that allow dogs in america

The rooms in this hotel are designed to be pet-friendly, and n number of pets can be allowed in a single room. The hotel charges only additionally $150 per pet for per stay. The rooms are the surrounding areas of the hotel at spacious and huge enough for your dog to run around and understand what it means to live in a countryside from a crowded city.

7. Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa

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This hotel is located in Tennessee, Gatlinburg. This hotel is special for dogs, as it does not allow cats or any other pets. Customers are allowed to get one dog weighing up to 60 lbs by paying an additional charge of $170. They have pet-friendly stores and sports activities like hiking especially for dogs.

8. Ocean Park Resort

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Located in South Carolina, you can take one dog, which weighs up to 20 lbs for an additional fee of just $20 per night. You must crate your dog if you ever have to leave it unattended. However, the hotel has a strict policy that aggressive breeds of dogs and cats should not be allowed under any circumstances.

9. The Cottages and Lofts at Boat Basin

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With big balconies facing the Riverside, this hotel is an apt place where your dog can relax. You just have to pay an additional fee of $85 per pet per stay. There are special Woof Cottages for pets, and you need to check for availability of rooms prior coming.

10. Riverside Campground & Cabins

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This is not a hotel room but a camping ground, which gives your dog ample space to enjoy nature. It is located in California. You can bring in two pets of any size and keep them with you by paying only $20 extra per pet for one night.

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