Are you trying to know how much to pay a babysitter? It is important to place a competitive rate to magnetize the qualified applicants. At the same time, no one like to over pay.  It is hard to figuring out the exact current rate for babysitter, since it varies depends on several factors. In this article, we are going to give you an overview of the factors that you should consider while deciding the pay for your babysitter.



What Babysitter Does?

Many people confusing the babysitters with nanny. The role of Babysitters is different from nanny. Hence, in order to know how much to pay a baby sitter, everyone should be clear on what babysitter does. Parents sometimes need someone to look on their children and that is the role of babysitter. A babysitter is salaried to take care of your kids in your home. They can be an aged people or teenager, experienced or inexperienced. They can work in regular basis or in special occasion when required. Nanny is a person who is experienced in childcare. Nanny usually contains childcare training and qualification.  Being a nanny is their main job while baby sitter may have another job.

Baby sitters considerations

  • Work part and special occasion as needed for many families
  • Usually paid on the hourly basis at the end of shift

Nannies considerations

  • Paid weekly or monthly basis
  • Work full time or certain hours on each week for a family

How Much To Pay A Babysitter?

Many parents says that baby sitter charges at least $ 10 to $ 12 per hour, but you should know that there are some factors that push the pay rate lower or higher including

  • Location
  • Number of kids and their age
  • Service you require
  • Time of service
  • Age of the baby sitter
  • Experience of the babysitter

In addition to this while deciding the salary for your baby sitter, you should consider their special skills, CPR knowledge, talent in engaging children and what they are salaried by other parents.  Let us see how the above-mentioned factors influence the salary of the baby sitter.

If you are in the urban area, you are expected to pay more for your babysitter than one who resides in the small city or sub urban. Based on the 2nd annual national childcare rate survey, the average hourly wages of babysitters for one kid in different cities are as follows

Cities Pay Per Hour
San Francisco $ 14.00
Boston $12.00
Chicago $12.00
Dallas $10.00
Los Angles $12.50
Denver $10.25
New York City $13.50
Philadelphia $10.25
San Diego $10.50
Seattle $11.25
ST Louis $9.75
Washington DC $12.25

Based on this list, San Francisco is the top city where the baby sitter earns average of $14 per hour for per child, $16.75 per hour for 2 children & $19.25 per hour for 3 children. Hence, remember that if you are in the city with high cost of living, then you are expected to pay more wages for your baby sitter.

Number Of Children

When it comes on how much to pay a babysitter, number of sitter that she wants to look after varies the salary rate. If a sitter wants to take care of more than one child, you may have to add $1 per hour for per kid. If the number of kids increases, the workload for the sitter increase this results more you have to pay. Hence, for each additional kid, baby sitter expects extra $1 to $ 5. For instance, if you would pay $40 for 1 child, then expect to pay $48 to $60 for 2 children, $56 to $80 for 3 children and so on.  Another variable that influences in the wages is age of kids. As a parent, you may know that sitter have to put more effort to look after infants when compared with teenagers. Hence, if you want sitter to look after your toddler or infant, you have to pay slightly more.

Sort Of Service

You have to consider what sort of service that you expect from a baby sitter, while deciding how much to pay a babysitter. The wage of babysitter will be expected to increase if you want them to do more. You should consider whether they have to prepare meals, bathe the kids, clean up, change diapers or place kids to sleep. You have to pay more to her if you want them to do those task in addition to simply watching your children. Other activities like tutoring & bring the kids to appointments demands higher wage. Babysitters expect to the wages based on the responsibilities that are assigned to her.

Time Of Service

The wages for a babysitter may vary based on the time or occasion of her service. During overnight stays, holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Evening sitters demand more wages. Sometimes when babysitters are in demand, you may need to pay 50 percent more on nights. For overnights, usually sitters time is spent sleeping, hence $100 is a fine flat fee. Based on the hours she comes & leaves, she charge extra fee.

Age Of Baby Sitters

Parents usually prefer babysitters based on their age, since age comes maturity. More mature sitters have good sense of responsibility and they know what to do during emergencies. If your babysitter is around 11 to 14 years of age, you may expect to pay around $3 to $4 per hour for look after one child. Generally, for each additional child they charge extra $1/hour. With this young babysitter, you want a liable adult to assist her in emergency. Keep in mind that you don’t acquire to deduct the amount of pay for babysitters of this age. Even though her jobs get simple, she is officially working. Here, you may ask how much to pay a babysitter aged fifteen or sixteen. Mostly teenage babysitters are more suitable to find jobs; hence, your pay may require to increase. Most likely $5 to $6 per hour is the general pay for the teenage sitters. Again, the babysitter of this age is only able to simply stay with your children at home and not be capable to prepare meals, clean up or bathe kids. Some sitters of this age can tutor kids and can encourage them to dance. Some teenage babysitters may demand higher pay if they can drive themselves to your home.

Experience Of The Babysitters

Experience is another factor that need to focus when deciding how much to pay for a babysitter.  If a babysitter market herself as full time babysitter, trained from CPR, having driving license, know how to swim, then you are expected more to pay. Usually employers prefer the babysitters who possess these talents and more. There is difference in the experiences like both in child caring experience and life experience of your 18 years old sitter and a sitter of ten years experience. You should consider their education level & foreign language skills too. A sitter who is certified in CPR and has capability to manage big groups of kids will charge more. You should also reward their specialized training. As like other jobs, you have to pay more for sitters who been in this field for longer. If the babysitter has less than two years of experience, you can expect them in the lower-end of pay scale. The babysitters who have more than 10 years of experience expect upper-end pay scale. For less experience babysitter, $250 to $400 may be the average wage you expected to pay per week. Sitter who has educational background related to this field may charge more wages even they are less in experience. A babysitter with more experience is more likely to expect average pay between $350 -$800 per week.  You may also need to pay more than this based on the additional factors that are mentioned in this post like head count and age of the children, time and complexity of the job, market rate for sitters in your age.

How Can I Choose A Babysitter?

In addition to the details on how much to pay a babysitter, here we list some of the instruction for those who want to know how to choose a babysitter.

  • Consider the reference of your family member or trusted friend.
  • Get the suggestions from friends.
  • Don’t appoint sitter below age 12.
  • Watch the reaction of your child when you inform them about the sitter. Listen what he or she says afterwards.
  • Take steps to meet your sitter in advance to check the references.
  • Ensure she know first aid and CPR.
  • If you are going to appoint young sitter means make sure they have attended “American Red Cross Babysitter Class”. If not, support them to attend it.

Responsibilities Of A Babysitter

  • Light housekeeping
  • Changing diapers
  • Laundry
  • Cooking and feeding
  • Helping with homework
  • Making snacks
  • Preparing bottles
  • Playtime( reading to them, helping to do crafts, etc)
  • Transportation

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