If you are someone who is more concerned about physical condition, you may have the questions like how often should you go to the gym, how often is too often, which food diet you have to follow, etc. rising in your mind every now and then.

Here is your answer.

How often you need to visit the gym is totally based on the type of goal you have. It differs from one to the other. It’s not exactly what you wanted to read right?

Let me outline the possible goals and tell you the time frame that is required to accomplish the goal. Read on.

how often should you go to the gym

1. Fat Loss

If fat loss is what you are looking for, keep in mind that 80% of success can only come from your food diet.  When comparing to the cardio and other weight loss exercises, it’s much easier to alter your food habits. You can walk, run, visit the gym and work out all day long but remember, if you don’t have a control over what you eat, the outcome you are going to reap will only be less pleasing.
So to shed those extra pounds, set a proper diet, hit the gym for 4 to 5 times a week and work out. This day count is more than enough to hammer your body.

2. Muscle Size & Strength

If the reason behind your daily workout is strength or bodybuilding, I would recommend you to hit a gym for at least a 4 times a week. It does not mean that 3 days per week would be of no use. This may differ based on your body and the desired body size.

3. General Fitness

If your goals are good cardiovascular health just to keep you active and a perfect body shape   to make look pretty are your goals behind the work out, I would suggest you to hit a gym for thrice a week. But be careful with what you eat.

How Accurate This Answer is?

The day counts I just shared with you are just an estimate. It shouldn’t be taken as an accurate one. Every individual is different, so every one’s training adoption level will also be different.

Rather than deciding yourself on how often you should go to the gym, clarifying it with your personal trainer can yield the exact answer to your query.

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