Showcasing themselves as a beauty queen is a dream for every women. Anyone can achieve this using a little make up. When it comes to make up yourself, it all starts with a foundation. You may use it every day. But do you really know how to apply liquid foundation in a proper way? As it serves as a base of makeup routine, improper usage of foundation will ruin your all other efforts too.


Learn Through Video How To Apply Foundation

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How To Apply Liquid Foundation ?

  1. First step in learning how to apply foundation is, choosing the right one that matches to your skin tone and type.  For example if you have several discoloration on your face, you should mix and match the foundation routine with 2 to 3 foundations. So that, you will get a flawless look. If you don’t want to use 2 to 3 different foundations, use a foundation that matches your jaw lines.
  2. Your foundation routine should start with the good moisturizer. It’s good to choose a moisturizer that is packed along with the sun screen protection. Although it’s not a hot summer, you need UV rays protection throughout the year.
  3. Take a blob of liquid foundation and apply it on your face using the index finger or sponge or a  foundation brush. Apply thoroughly until it creates a neat look.
  4.  If you leave the makeup foundation on your face and let it dry, you are not doing anything than wasting the product. So spread and work with the foundation through small areas of your face. Once you covered the entire face and done with your foundation, next step is foundation setting.
  5. If your skin type is oily then applying the powder will help your makeup last for a whole day. If you have dry skin, use blotting tissues to set the foundation.


If you have oily skin then instead of liquid or cream foundation, opt for the powder foundation. It will help you set your make up all day long

If you have sensitive skin then opt for the mineral makeup foundation. As these are totally free from the harsh ingredients and chemicals, you will not experience any side effects.


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