New Year’s resolution is to make, not to break.

Tell me, honestly, how many last year’s resolutions have you finished? Are you that type of people who only make self-improvement wishlist at the beginning of a new year just so you can feel good about it?

Do you create a New Year’s resolution list then just leave it there?

Or are you only excited achieving the easiest goals then abandon the rest and get depressed?

If you’ve been not successful with New Year’s resolutions and been asking yourself “what the heck have I done?”, you might have chosen the wrong things to achieve.

Now, read these tips for New Year’s resolution ideas and I will help you pick the right goals to upgrade yourself.

Even if you’ve been doing great improving yourself, these tips on New Year goals will help you go further.

Let’s roll!

How can you design the right self-improvement plan?

Before picking up ideas about upgrading yourself, let’s spend some minutes look inside your inner self. If you don’t understand what you need to do first, then all the suggestions will be just pointless.

Know your weaknesses and limit. We’re not perfect. We’re no super-human creature. We can’t do everything. So, take a good time thinking about what you’re not doing well, what part in you can be better.

new year resolution ideas

Prioritize your goals. Once you know what you’re good or not good at, you should come out with a list of things you want to prioritize, from high to low. Ask yourself: what are the most important things to you? What tasks will you need to do every day? Learn the Eisenhower matrix to figure all these out.

Set small and achievable goals. This is why knowing yourself is very important. For example, if you haven’t been a very sociable person, then set a goal to make friends with 10 new friends in a month is too much.

Don’t rush, set the right deadline for each goals. You cannot become an Olympic winning swimmer after just 3 months of practicing swimming. Every single thing in this life needs time. Instead of assigning a big task a short time to achieve, it’s better to place one firm brick at once on your road.

Lastly, commit to the lord your plan and trust yourself more. Why? Because believing that you can do it will get you there.

New Year’s resolution goals you must set every year

Get in shape

new year resolution ideas

There’s no better feeling than feeling good about your body. Last year, I made a goal to lose 10 cm off waist and I did it. I felt beautiful. I could fit in any dress and cute tank top I’ve been dreaming to wear. I almost thought I’m a model. The great feeling didn’t last long though since in winter I suddenly felt like eating cakes and stuff so I ate like a glutton, I gained back 7cm waist (lame, right?).

However, I’m not telling you to give up on becoming healthier or more beautiful. You can success then fail, but just keep on going. Getting in shape means you have the best physical condition to purchase any other goals. Try imagining being overweight and getting tired easily. That’s what I mean.

Eating healthy and following a decent diet for your body is definitely a goal you should go for.


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Meet new people

new year resolution ideas

Meeting new people and broaden social relationship sounds quite scary for anti-social people. But, have you heard about the “stepping out of your comfort zone” stuff that people are talking about these days? In your case, it literally means stepping out of your house.

Meeting people is not about letting people violate your private space. It’s about open your circle and earnestly let them in. Meeting strangers brings you a new perspective of life, widen your knowledge, understand life better and understand your own self more. So, never stop meeting new people and let your soul collapse with others.

Plus, no one stays a stranger forever. So, soon you won’t hesitate staying around them.

Save money

save money

Already saving money? Good. I think a wise spender is admirable. The modern life tends to lure us into buying unnecessary stuff. We only wake up with an empty wallet.

Learn to save money if you haven’t thought about that. You must save money to chase your dreams (yes, even dreams are not free).

For example, your dream is travelling round the world. Tell me how can you do that with no backup money?

There are a few quick tips to help you save more:

  • Only spend on what you need
  • Set your budget limit and stick to it (it must be lower than the level you earn)
  • Cut down your expenses (like finding less expensive alternatives for a product you need)
  • Save an amount of money first from your total amount of money each month and then plan on spending the rest

READ MORE: Top 101 Financial Secrets You Should Know Before 30 (it’s still worth reading even if you’re over 30 tho).

Want to get more ideas for your New Year goals? Read here: “Top 50 Most Popular New Year Resolutions That People Make

Wish you a literally happy new year!

New year time is always a great time to start something new so take full advantage of this feel-good atmosphere to kickstart your new plans.

Dream is always a dream until you decide to make it real.

Remember that the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the effort they made. So, with the New year’s resolution ideas above and tips of how to plan your new year effectively, I hope that you’re ready to rock your next year.

Write the most wonderful things in the new blank page of your life!

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