The eyes have a power of capturing attention. Eyes are the 1st thing that everyone notice in people. Not everyone is blessed with attractive bigger eyes. They are the most expressive piece of the face. Some people are blessed with wide eyes along with dark and thick lashes.   This makes the people to search on how to make eyes look bigger. Now we have several tricks in makeup that can support people to get bigger eyes.

Defining our eyes with makeup contains the aptitude to make the eyes looks larger that has also been related with pleasant appearance in women. A study states that males usually rate females on attractiveness by focusing things like large eyes, thick lips and prominent cheekbones.  Bigger eyes are also been related with some desirable personality traits like honesty, youth and naivety.  Women usually prefer bigger eye since youthfulness is considered as an attractive peculiarity in women.  Bigger eyes and defined eyes are associated with innocence, vitality and youth hence, there is sense in why women concentrate more on their eyes. Among the several attractive traits in women, facial symmetry is the main feature that is constantly rated as the attractive one. Bigger and defining eyes include the skills to make a face appear more symmetrical. If you want to know how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, then continue to read this article. Many makeup tricks are available to make your eyes look bigger, wider, closer and smaller. Here we present some of the useful tips to make eyes look bigger.



 3 Easy Steps To Make Eye Look Bigger

  1. First, start your eye makeup with wearing mascara. It will create an instant contrast.
  2. Fill brows by using p
    encil, it is best to start at the outer corner, the area that needs more definition.
  3. Trace out your upper lash line with blue & lower lash with beige pencil. This step will project the white of your eye look whiter.

Tips On How To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Here are some of the useful tips that you can follow in your eye makeup to make your eye look bigger.

Use White Eye Shadow

Highlighting your inner corners of the eyes with the glided shadow will make the eyes appear bigger regardless of their shape. Actually, there is no need to spread the eyelids with the white shadow in case you are learning how to make your eyes look bigger. Slightly, dot some white on the inner corner of the eyes by using a shadow or pencil. The white looks brighter and will helps to open up the eye as your doe eyed. It is best practice to use light eye shadow at the inside edge of eyes, closure to the tear duct. It is one of the beauty secret of celebrities. If you closely look at the picture of older celebrities, you can find how the white or light shade in their inner corner of eyes makes them looks bigger and brighter.


When it comes on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, mascara plays an important role in it. Eyes themselves are not so covered by lashes, hence there are several makeup tips are available that are all concerned with eyelashes. You need to use mascara to highlight the eyelids, but before that, eyelid curling is very important.

Curl Your Lashes

In order to complete the eye makeup, an eyelash curling is the compulsory action that can give you a finishing look. To curl lashes, begin from the roots and slowly thump the curler open & shut for 5 times. Then move your curler half way above the lashes length and repeat the same process for 5 times. This provides the natural curl. If you are having flat eyelashes and it takes more time as well as effort to curl, you can use the good quality eyelash curler. Another way is to use some hot air with the help of hair dryer on your curler prior to curling your lashes. Keep in mind that you should not heat the curler too much since it includes the risk of hurting your eye.

Use False Eyelashes

Long eyelashes can give the bigger look to ones eye, but not everyone is blessed with thick eyelashes. For those people, false eyelashes are wonderful gift. False lashes can give you exotic, gorgeous and natural look if you applied perfectly.  In the Large cities, several hottest department stores offers lash bars.  Bergdorfs, Henri Bendel are some of the examples. You can get false eyelashes in the drugstores also. If the false lashes are too long, you can trim depends on your requirement with scissors. Keep in mind that single lash application looks better than going for multiple layers. In addition, it is not suggested to do anything to the lower eyelashes, since it is too cluttered and some makeup with lower lashes can make the eye look smaller.

Bottom Lashes

Many makeup experts advice to avoid mascara to the lower lashes since it actually close up your eyes. However, some makeup artists suggest that it is true only for some women. For some women eyeliner and mascara on their lower lashes can give them a dramatic difference. Hence, it is best to try it yourself and find whether it looks good to you or not. If you want to apply mascara on your lower lashes, just hold the eyeliner brush vertically and then sweep it back & forth. Pencil eyeliner can be the fine choice to wear eyeliner on your lower lashes, since it tends to be more softer. After applying the eyeliner, smudge the line by using your finger, hence it appear more natural.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Thick and expressive eyebrows can give a rocking effect to your eyes. If you are looking for how to make your eyes look bigger and ready to do anything to get a bigger eye, then put some little effort in maintaining the shape of your eyebrow.  Ensure that your eyebrows are trimmed as well as neatly manicured. The shape of your eyebrows is required to complement the shape of your face. Eyebrows have power to spoil your look. Even though you are naturally blessed with nice and arch eyebrows, a few drift hairs can drag the eyes downward. Maintaining a clean shape of eyebrow will help to keep the eyelids appears bigger by providing it more space.  It is best to go for professional first to get the right shape of eyebrow and then you can do it yourself. Maintaining full and thick brows can be a best way to appear wide eyed without other makeup. You can use the dark brown eye shadow or pencil to fill the space of arch and other areas that appear empty.

Use Eyeliner

Most women think that dark inky eyeliner will make the eyes look smaller and they afraid to wear them. That is not the real fact; the main key here is to stay away from harsh lines. Smudging of dark liner around your eye can make your eyes look larger. You can use navy blue, deep charcoal or black liner along the both upper and lower lashes. Adding white in the inner edges of the eye will make it look heavy. White line on waterlines can serves as a visual illusion to widen the whites of eyes and makes the eyes look bigger. Blue is one of the most favorite colors of liner that many women like to wear. Using of blue liner close to the white of eye makes it look much brighter. When compared to black eye liners, blue liners has less chance of eyes shrinking.

Use Colored Smokey

For people with droopy hooked eyes, a deep black conventional smokey can make eyes disappear. A better way is to use the colored shades like blue, orange or pink on the full lid & add black shade only at the outer corners & merge the shades. Then your eyes will get the life. You can attempt with different shades to find which color makes your eye look larger.

Wear A Bright Lip

Big, bright and bold lips can grasp the attention from the eyes. This method sometimes becomes little tricky process if your under eyes are not covered well. For this, you can wear the bright lips along with the 2 layers of mascara on the eyelashes.

Even Out

Dark circle can make the eyes look smaller. Covering the dark circles with right concealer can work well. It can light up your entire eye area and draw more attention to your darker lashes. Choose the concealer in lighter shades than your skin tone, this will brighten as well as correct any pimple tones.

Apply Cream Blush

Many women are unaware of the importance of the cream blush. Among the variety of makeup, cream blush is the more convenient as well as easy to use on the daily basis. Applying cream blush in a perfect way that can help to make your eye looks bigger.  Just using any color of cream blush on the face can give the glowing look in the face. Use a clean sponge to apply cream blush on your cheeks. Take a bit of cream blush in a sponge and apply it on your face by using your two fingers. Just apply the cream blush as like the involving in painting where you will attain your preferred result by experimenting.

Hope the tips that are listed in this post regarding how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup will be helpful to you.

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