how to take care of bleached hair

They say blonde-haired people have a lot of fun, but not all are born blonde. Some of the brunettes might want to go all blonde and bleach their hair. Well, whether it is blondes or brunettes, there is one thing common: they both want glossy and thick hair. Bleaching does not look like a nice option. There are certain precautionary measures that you need to take for the good health of your bleached hair. Some measures have to be taken before and some a little after. Considering this, today we will teach you how to take care of bleached hair at home.

Decide to get your hair bleached after reading all the cons of the procedure. However, make sure that you go to professional beauticians and not use any cheap products that will damage your hair more than the process of bleaching itself.

When you decide to bleach, you should be well aware of the fact that bleaching takes away all the moisture from your hair. It can be quite damaging, but you can reduce the damage and restore the health of your hair if you follow these steps dedicatedly. We have mentioned the procedures that you will need to take before, during, and after bleaching your hair.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair “Before Bleaching”?

1.Hair Mask 

Hair masks are a strong concoction of deep conditioning creams that you apply to your hair and let it stay. You can buy from a drugstore, or you can even prepare at home. To prepare a natural hair mask at home, use olive oil.

  • Mix equal proportions of coconut oil and olive oil and apply this mixture to your hair, right from the roots to the ends.
  • Olive oil is a very effective method and is preferred by many who opt to bleach their hair.
  • Let this mask stay on for at least an hour.
  • Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

2.Use A Deep And A Good Quality Conditioner

Use a good conditioner in generous quantities before you start bleaching your hair. This will keep your hair moisturized and smooth. Use this conditioner every time your shower.

3.Leave In Conditioner

After you have washed your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair. Just dab a size of the leave-in-conditioner to avoid strangles, keeps your curls soft and smooth and keeps your hair away from frizz. A good leave-in conditioner will also retain the shine in your hair. 

How To Take Care Of Your Hair “During Bleaching”?

If you have dark hair, then you will need a few bleaching sessions. However, in between those bleaching sessions, you will have to compromise on your hotness, as you are yet to reach the desired color that you want. Do not cave into the pressure of looking hot and heat up your hair.

How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair?

After bleaching, if you heat your hair, then it will only suck out all the remaining moisture from your hair. Heating your hair includes straightening it or even drying it; do not heat your hair right after bleaching. Avoid it as much as possible. In between this period, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. Also, shampoo your hair only if you need it but unnecessary shampooing will only take out further more moisture from your hair.

After bleaching once the bleaching process is over, you will realize that your hair is not what it used to be before. Not only has the color changed but also the quality of your hair. These are the necessary precautions that you need to take after bleaching:

Trim The Ends


Bleached hair tends to split a lot. It will split ends and then eventually fall. In this situation, trim your hair regularly. Keep your hair short and this way you can always follow the latest trends in hairstyles. You can try good quality products too; that will prevent split ends. Start using them after consulting your beautician after the bleaching sessions are over. Make sure that you trim your hair regularly and do not let those split ends spoil the look of which you have invested a lot of money and time.



The harsh UV rays from the sun will damage your bleached hair because now your hair is more vulnerable to damage than it ever was. If you plan to go to a beach or somewhere sunny, then do carry a large hat or cover your hair with a pretty scarf.  Condition your hair before you go out in the sun and even after that do not try to flaunt your hair out in the open, cover it. You can even try some good quality hair sunscreen products.

Buy Some Good Oil


Oil your hair regularly after bleaching and do not shampoo the hair unnecessarily. Good oil will make your hair look fuller, shinier and softer. It will also help your hair regain the strength it lost during the entire harsh process of bleaching. A simple coconut oil will do or for better results you can use a concoction of oils made from gooseberry, coconut, false daisy, henna, hibiscus, acacia concinna and water hyssop. However do oil your hair and let it stay for a couple of hours, if you have to shampoo your hair, then oil it a night before you need to shampoo.

Condition A Lot


After you have invested in a good bleaching process, now you will have to invest in many conditioners. Deep condition your hair once in a week or at least twice in a month. The night mask will work all night to strengthen and smooth your hair while you relax and enjoy your sleep. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner; sulfate will drain out all the natural oils from your hair. Specialized products are available in the market that takes extra care of bleached hair.

With these precautions and measures, you can take extra care of your bleached hair. Get the color you want and the care your hair needs.

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