A girl always dreams of having thicker and longer locks. With today’s ‘always busy’ generation, it is difficult to try the age-old traditional methods to keep our hair thicker and stronger. We have been using multiple oils for naturally thick hair like coconut oil, olive oil and Ayurvedic oils too.

However, all these oils specialize in one problem, and almost all of us face multiple hair problems, we need a one-stop solution for our hair, oil that gives answers to all our hair queries. The one oil that is not quite popular but gives amazing results for our hair is castor oil. But the question is how to use castor oil for hair growth? Let us learn but before that know what castor oil is.

how to use castor oil for hair growth

Castor Oil

Castor oil is widely used for cooking food and as a preservative. Many farmers coat the rice, wheat, and pigeon pea with castor oil to prevent any damage. Castor oil can be colorless or pale yellow and has a distinct taste. It is a vegetable oil obtained from pressing castor seeds. It is native to Africa and India.

The benefits of castor oil have made it widely popular, and now it is used in cosmetics, hair products, medicines, cosmetics and even as a massage oil. It is a one in all oil, which benefits the hair, skin and your overall inner health.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth?

Apart from its uses for cooking, castor oil has great benefits for the skin and hair. Today, we will concentrate on how to use castor oil for hair growth. The anti-bacterial properties in this oil are prevalent from the fact that this oil is used to protect grains from any damage. This same property protects the hair from any damage caused due to bacteria. The antioxidants in castor oil destroy the free radicals in keratin (the protein in our hair) so that the hair can grow thicker naturally.

Once you have decided to use castor oil for your hair, need to learn the right way of applying castor oil for hair growth. Special techniques and measures have to be adopted to use castor oil for hair growth.

  • Like any other product, do not tend to overuse castor oil for the growth of your hair. There is no extra benefit in overusing this oil, and it will only get messy for you to wash off this oil from your hair.
  • Applying castor oil, once or twice in a week is good enough for the hair. For maximum benefit, massage your scalp with castor oil, leave it on overnight and then wash the hair with shampoo in your regular way.
  • Washing off the castor oil from your hair can become a messy task. If you leave the oil on your scalp overnight your scalp will absorb most of the oil, but if you have applied the oil just an hour or two before washing your hair, then your usual shampoo might not do the job. In this situation, to clear your hair from castor oil beat an egg and apply it as a hair mask on your hair, right from the roots to the end. The egg will break down the oil and provide extra nourishment to your hair. Eggs also work as a natural conditioner for your hair. After applying egg on your scalp, wash it off with your regular shampoo.

How Does Castor Oil Work For Hair Growth?

  • The antifungal and anti-bacterial powers in castor oil help in preventing hair problems.
  • It also contains a high amount of Vitamin E, Omega 9 & Omega 6 fatty acids, various minerals and proteins.
  • The ricinoleic acid in castor seeds is especially good for the hair. This special acid maintains the pH balance of the scalp, which is necessary for the healthy growth of the hair.
  • It also fights bacteria, dandruff like a fungus that stops the growth of hair.
  • By maintaining the pH balance of the scalp, this acid holds the natural oils and mends the damage caused by harsh shampoos and conditioners.

Castor oil alone works wonder for your hair but if you want extra benefits, mix some other oils with castor oil. Jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil can be used along with castor oil for the better growth of your hair. You can even add herbs meant for good hair like hibiscus, gooseberry, water hyssop, henna, acacia concinna, and false daisy. Even men and kids can use castor oil for faster growth or to treat hair problems.

Castro Oil Promotes

  • Hair Growth

    The omega nine fatty acid in castor oil helps in faster hair growth. Massaging the scalp with castor oil also improves blood circulation to the root of your hair.

  • Avoids Premature Ageing Of Hair

    Premature hair graying happens due to a loss of pigment in the hair strands. Castor oil prevents this pigment loss, helps your hair retain pigment, and delays the early ageing in your hair.

  • Treats Hair Infections

    As mentioned earlier, there are antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in castor oil. When this oil is applied, these same properties treat the hair infections.

  • Prevents Split Ends

    Regular use of castor oil, strengthens the core of your hair. If the hair is weak from within it leads to split ends and makes your hair brittle. This oil will also treat the other damage caused by external reasons like pollution or heating.

  • Works As A Conditioner

    Just add a little castor oil in your leave-in- conditioner. It will not make your hair oily when you leave the house for a special evening but at the same time, it will condition your hair. Castor oil locks in the moisture in your hair and makes it softer and smoother.

A Word Of Caution

It is very rare for people to complain about any reaction to castor oil. However, just to be on the safe side, test it first, by applying little castor oil on your inner arm and check for any skin reaction. If everything is fine, enjoy the benefits of castor oil for wonderful growth of your hair.

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