The ‘Golden State’ or ‘the Grizzly Bear State,’ California has always been changing its names. This amazingly beautiful state has about 18 national forests which give you ample of open space to go on a short trip with friends or outdoor with family. Here are some interesting facts about California which lies on the western border of US along with the Pacific Ocean.

So this article explores to you some of the fun facts about California which you would want to know in case you ever plan to move to this golden state:

Interesting Facts about California

  1. California is commonly called as the ‘Golden State’ but do you know the reason as to why it is called so? The explanation for this is the way that gold was discovered here in 1848 and also because of the golden yellow poppy fields which cover the state in the spring season. Later, ‘the Golden State’ became the official state nickname in 1968, the yellow poppy became the official state flower of California.
  2. The attraction of California towards precious metals has being noted world over. In 1848 the state of California had its most famous Gold Rush, but later in 1881 to 1896, California had a Silver rush too in the Calico Mountains. The rush was so severe that by 1904, Calico was a ghost town with all of its silver gone and also the people with it.
  3. California has been a state which has always loved an additional In addition to the ‘Golden State,’ the ‘Grizzly Bear State’name is also well known. Earlier when the state was unexplored and less inhabited by humans, the grizzly bear ruled the state of California. As the human population of the state boomed, the bear population was wiped off completely; now the large North American brown bear is an extinct species. It only exists on the state flag. The most beautiful, strong and strength of the grizzly bears, especially in California was admired all over.interesting-facts-about-california
  4. The motto of California is just one word, Eureka, without an exclamation mark. The history of the word dates back to the days when California was busy with its gold rush, and often people expressed their happiness with “Eureka.” The original and the most modern usage of the word dates back to the times when the Greek scholar, Archimedes, walked on earth. According to tales, Archimedes had an epiphany when he found out that the volume of the displaced water was equal to the size of the foot he had submerged. His joy knew no boundaries and he ran out of the bathroom, completely naked and the rest is history.
  5. California is also home to the largest living organisms on Earth. Some of the world’s giant Sequoia trees are located at the Sequoia National Park. It is situated in the Southern Sierra Nevada, to the east of Visalia, California and was established on 25 September The General Sherman Tree which is the biggest tree on the planet is located in this park. It is 83.8 meters tall and the girth of the tree is 2410 meters.interesting-facts-about-california
  6. The one tragedy which will always have a place in California’s history is the rainfall disaster of 1861. In 1861, it rained continuously in California, right from the Christmas eve of 1861 to the end of Jan 1862 only to leave the state completely damaged. This rain destroyed almost one-fourth of the property in California and turned the Central Valley into an island city. It also bankrupted the state.
  7. Despite facing such harsh times, today the state is doing extremely well economically. Beat this; it is the first ever state to become a trillion dollar economy in gross state product. If California is to be declared as an independent nation, it would be the sixth-largest economy in the world. In 2015, it even surpassed France. California spends a whopping $173 million annually only to keep less than 3000 inmates in prison.
  8. Two trees mark the entrance to the North and South California. A palm tree and a pine tree, which is both planted next to each other, right at the midpoint of California. The palm tree signifies the entrance to Southern California, and the Pine tree means the entry of the Northern California. No need of a GPS now.
  9. The history of how the name California came into existence is also an exciting According to mythological tales as mentioned by the Spanish novel published in 1510, the mythical island paradise of California was originally inhabited by beautiful Amazon warriors who used golden tools and weapons. Queen Calafia ruled this mythical paradise. The novel was written by Garci Rodriguez and was named, ‘Las sergas de Esplandian.’ Early Spanish rulers believed that these Amazon warriors named the state as California.interesting-facts-about-california
  10. In California, you can walk out with a quart sized bag of treasure just by digging around in the Coalinga’s ‘California State Gem ‘ Here people are allowed to walk in, dig and explore the rich gemstones lying underneath. Nature has blessed California with precious metals and stones. Although the mineral Benitoite can be found in California, Japan and Arkansas only in San Benito, California, you will conclude that this mineral has gemstone quality deposits.
  11. Both the highest and the lowest contiguous point of US are located in California. The highest point is Mt Whitney which is 14,494 feet high while the least which is Death Valley is also located close to the highest point just 76 miles apart.
  12. The war between Mexico and America came to an end in the year 1848 with the signing of the ‘Treaty of Guadalupe ‘ With the signing of this treaty, California was merged into the United States of America and became the independent 31ststate, officially in 1850.The USA paid $15 million to pay for the damages caused due to the war and in return, Mexico ceded nearly half of its territory which included California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and a few sections of Colorado, Nevada and Utah.

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