Accept it. Everyone of us have given a try with a never winning game of claw machines at some point or the other in our lifetime. You may have won the game couple of times but surely you must have lost it at many times. Whatever, by now you must have realized that “Claw machines are rigged” right?

claw machines algorithm

Just like so many other arcade games where victory comes in the house of favor, claw machines are purely luck based ones. They are not the game of skills. So all you to win this game is just a plain luck.

If you win, it’s not you but it’s the machine that made you win. If you fail it’s not you but it’s the machine who made you fail.

Take a look at the video that beautifully describes how the manufacturers of claw machines set up these machines and make a solid profit out of your stubbornness and frustration.

So it’s not you, but the claw machines are rigged.

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