Sitting on a beach, watching the sunset and immersing in transcendental sound. That was the idea for a 5 evenings event held at sunset on a beautiful Beach.  As it turned out, many people responded positively to this meditation-getaway.

Kirtan is a technique of meditation in which people sing or chant sacred mantras. It is an ancient form of meditation at least 5000 years old and is the recommended form of meditation by the Vedic scriptures for this age. Kirtan can actually start the process of self-realization, which is the main goal for any yoga meditation method.

“My friend told me about a meditation group, who gather on the beach and chant while the sun is setting. I remember I was pretty tired, after a rough day at work, but decided to go to try something new. I really love this form of meditation. I’ve been practicing kirtan ever since as a way to relax and re-focus”, said Damien, a marketer who loves to attend sunset kirtans.


“Mantra meditation has helped me to have a sense of purpose and develop a spiritual understanding about my identity” says Joy, who attends beach kirtan after doing her hatha-yoga session.  “Kirtan is a great way to wind down the day and the mind”.


The positive effect of regularly chanting in a small or large group can be mind-blowing. It’s like shedding light on our life, relationships and work. We learn how to deal with ever-changing circumstances and obstacles in our life. Instead of overeating, drinking alcohol, using drugs, binge watching TV or taking antidepressants, a person can engage in Kirtan as way to cope with anxiety, depression, loneliness and take shelter in transcendental sound.


By adding kirtan to our lives we will experience inner peace and transcendental happiness. This deep feeling transcends time, space and circumstances, which means we are satisfied regardless of our status in material life. That is why kirtan is recommended for people of any race, religion, age, sex or occupation. We all can benefit from this process and reap the fruit of yoga meditation.


Kirtan is an ancient form of meditation, but is a very relevant and dreamy form of meditation for modern world full of hustle and bustle. Just like the ocean waves, chanting of sacred sound vibration will gradually wash away impurities in the mind and in the heart, revealing our true spiritual nature. Understanding our true nature as being separate from the physical body and mind and being spiritual in essence is very much needed during these times quarrel, chaos and confusion. Mantra meditation is the crown jewel of Mediation and will give one a taste of the nectar for which we are always craving, spiritual pleasure, bliss and peace. These treasures available in the chanting of transcendental sound vibration far surpasses the flickering and temporary highs and lows found in the material world.


Joining Sunset Kirtan might be the beginning of your spiritual journey.

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