This is not a touched video. It does not talk about giant stories but  plain beautiful things. The clip sums many little cases you can catch up. It may be just when someone helps to carry a box, cleans a stain on the floor which nobody notices or gives a hand to remove the graffiti on the wall. You see, this and all that stuff are odd things so people often indeliberately forget without knowing these create our world. You are not always expecting to change anything from little one but it really does. Hence, before claiming life is too hard, you must have a look at surrounding and remember to keep your belief, hope and inspiration to give, receive, help each other and understand what a real life is.

“We all live life as individuals. But what we are inside is one big person. We just have to realize this. One random act of kindness can make you realize, and someone will witness you, then they too will realize, until the whole world can understand.”

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