Black is beautiful they say, but when the same color comes on a woman, hypocrites disgust it. However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say and so the black beauties in this world do not need to please people with double standards. Many beautiful women have a darker complexion, look more beautiful, and are more successful than their fair counterparts are. So, let us meet the 6 most beautiful black women in the world.

It is high time now that we realize that a woman’s power and beauty lies beyond her skin color. The talent in a girl does not change according to her skin color, but of course, the world is tough when these girls go out there to break such stereotypes. It is twice the harder for them to make a name in this competitive and stubborn world.

6 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

Here is the list of the most beautiful black women in the world and I think there is nothing racial in being proud of the color in which you were born in and saying it out loud. So stride with pride and get inspired by these young beautiful dark women:

1. Beyonce

most beautiful black women

This gorgeous dusky beauty tops our list and of course, she deserves it. She is a proud winner of 6 Grammy Awards, 12 MTV video music awards and has also won a Millennium Award for her successful music albums. She has made such huge success in the music industry that in the 2000’s the ‘Recording Industry Association of America’ declared her as the top certified artist in America.

Her bodacious body and sexy voice attract men from all around the globe. Her perfect body, vibrant curls, fish eyes, oval face and to top it the tanned skin, is all like the cherry on top of chocolate ice cream. She proudly shows off her body and so should any girl who is proud of herself and not worry about what the world says. With all these exotic features, no wonder Beyonce is every man’s desire.

2. Chitrangada Singh

most beautiful black women in the world

She is an Indian goddess. This dark skinned woman has struggled a lot to set a new example of beauty in the Indian film industry, and she has been successful in doing so. With her dusky beauty, she has performed in many hit movies and has danced to hit item songs too, doing justice to them, which can be proved by the way men lust for her.

To top it all, she has a son who is hard to believe when you have an hourglass shaped body. She has received formal training in Kathak and her recent item song ‘Aao Raja’ has been acknowledged for her sexy moves.

3. Halle Berry

the most beautiful black women

A well-known figure in Hollywood has carved a niche for herself in the tough film industry. She was born in Ohio and has been filmed in many Hollywood films. Her most famous one that I can remember is her Bond movie ‘Die another Day’.

She is also said to be the only women of ‘her color’ who has won Academy Award for Best Actress as until 2016.She was also the 1st runner-up to the Miss USA pageant in 1986. Along with being a beauty, she has also been a voice for many important woman issues like education, health and justice. She was born to an African-American father and a white mother; her skin color has never kept her from winning what she wanted.

4. Rihanna

most beautiful black women in the world

One of the most famous pop industry faces is Rihanna, and she is the most sought after black beauty in the music industry. Her beauty is complimented with her talents. Her beauty is gifted due to the racial origins of her Afro-Guyanese origins of her mother and her father’s Afro-Barbadian and English/Scottish/Irish genes.

This racial mix gives the best beauty features to Rihanna and a lusty voice which has a magnetic effect on men. Along with being a great singer, she has also being a successful model and has featured on the cover of famous magazines, one of which is Harper’s Bazar.

5. Gabrielle Union

most beautiful black women in the world

Famous for her role in Bad Boys II in 2003. The former swimsuit model has paved her way to a successful Hollywood career. Her charming smile and a cute little dimple are a stark contrast to her sexy curvy body.

Right from her childhood, she was taught to be comfortable in her skin and now she has been a success in Hollywood by breaking all stereotypes. Her childhood was filled with racial taunts by her school friends. But despite such a hard childhood she overcame the trauma and established herself in Hollywood. Her beauty is so natural that her no-make-up selfie also gained compliments for her striking beautiful facial features.

6. Lupita Amondi Nyong’o

most beautiful black women in the world

N’yongo is a Kenyan-Mexican actress who woos all by her cute and beautiful smile. She is an actress, film director, model and a successful music video director too, which proves that she has shut all those mouths who criticized her for her dark skin.

Being from the dark continent, N’yongo never let her skin tone come in between of what she wanted and rightly so because she was blessed with the most amazing facial features and a good height of 5.5 feet.

She has also featured in Vogue magazine, and if one could clear the rigid rules of so-called ‘beauty’ set by today’s world, then you can clearly notice her beautiful features. She has challenged every set rule of beauty and has won over big time. A true inspiration for all those young beautiful ladies in Africa who are yet to discover their true self-beauty.

With these real-life examples of the most beautiful black women in the world, you can be sure that nothing can stop you from conquering the world despite how dark your skin color is, flaunt what you’ve got, and the world will turn back when you walk.

Many of these young women do admit of having undergone many racial cases of abuse, but I guess that it what made them even stronger because gold got stronger and refined when it goes through the test of fire.

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