Dogs are cute. They are loyal, intelligent and loving creatures. No wonder they are called a man’s best friend. If a dog loves you for once in life, it will continue loving you all its lifetime. Apart from being faithful, they are adorable as well as beautiful. Their external beauty is no less than their internal beauty and compassion. So, meet the world’s 10 most beautiful dog breeds.

10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

Here is the list of most beautiful dog breeds:

1. Bulldog

Beautiful Dog Breeds

The long slung body of the bulldog makes it easy to identify this dog. The dog in its present appearance does look beautiful, but its ancestors were known to be ferocious and brave breeds. This dog is intelligent, and it is evident from the fact that most of the dogs that we see in skateboarding videos are bulldogs.

It is because of their short height and strong limbs that they can skateboard like a human being. They have round and dark eyes. Their ears are small as they are folded like a rose. Their short tails lie low on their buttocks.

2. Poodle Puppy

most beautiful dog breed

Just as the name has a cute ring to it, the dog is also cute and sweet looking. A beautiful little, intelligent dog, the poodle is especially famous for performing tricks as it learns quickly. The poodle puppy is available in different sizes and colors as well. It is also the national breed of France. The face of this dog is small, and the fur is curly which is why the dog appears like a beautiful little teddy bear. The oval shaped dark eyes appear like dark-colored sea pearls.

3. Akita Inu

top 10 most beautiful dog breeds

It you want a dog that it easy to maintain and makes no mess at home, then this handsome and calm Akita Inu is your type of dog. It is also one of the most desirable pets because of these qualities. However, it does have a dominant personality and so only a few can control this breed of dog.

4. Alaskan Malamute

Beautiful Dog Breeds

This dog comes with a thick fur and a strong body. It is mostly found in cold regions and is used as sledge dogs as they have strong muscles that help them pull heavy freight too. They have ears like wolves, but the double coat is soft and cuddly in appearance. The smaller version of this dog, which is the Alaskan malamute puppy, looks exactly like a teddy bear.

5. German Shepherd

world's beautiful dogs

This beautiful, intelligent dog is a personal favorite for most dog lovers. It is strong and comes in various colors. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is hard working, devoted and a competitive breed. Its intelligence is so effective that police squads use it for detection of explosives and drugs.

6. Fuzzy Chow Chow Puppy

dog gone beautiful

This dog is an original breed of China and has a small face and thick fur around its neck making it appear endearing and irresistible. Although the dog is small, it has a lot of importance in Chinese mythology and so since ancient times it has been used to protect Buddhist temples.

It is one of the few ancient dogs, which are still being bred. The one unique thing about this dog is that it has round edged ears and a blue-black tongue. Its tail is also curled back in such a way that it rests on its back.

7. Beagle

the most beautiful dog in the world

A beagle is the most simple looking and pretty little dog. The twinkle in its eyes makes it look innocent to the core. However, this does not mean that it will go soft on those who try to hurt his owner. The ears of this dog are big and wide.

The dark brown and big eyes are the plus points of this dog. It is swift on its feet and quick to learn. They are the most human-friendly dog breeds even those who are intimidated by dogs will love this dogs once it comes close. It makes you feel, loved, and does not scare you.

8. Golden Doodle Puppy

pictures of beautiful dogs

This dog is a cross breed of a golden retriever and a poodle. The qualities of both the dogs can be found in this breed as it is intelligent and the golden color comes from the genes of the golden retriever.

This dog works well as a pet because it adapts well to the apartment and can tolerate hot and cold climate as well. It is compassionate in nature and goes well with kids. Apart from its beautiful looks, the dog is also intelligent in nature and self-dependent. You do not have to take extra care of this golden doodle.

9. Teacup Pomeranian

most beautiful dog breeds

The name itself indicates the ultra-small size of the dog. Once upon a time, it was considered a royal breed and so royal families had the smallest dog possible, as a status symbol, the smaller the dog, the richer your family is, that was the usual notion. Britain’s royal family, Queen Victoria too bred a Teacup Pomeranian as it has charming and cute looks.

10. Siberian Husky

most beautiful small dogsThis dog is exotically and mystically beautiful as it can be easily misidentified as a fox. It usually comes in grey shades on white fur and is commonly found in Serbia and Russia. It looks fierce and brave. This is not a dog for everyone, and only a few can control it, but if you can do so, then you are in possession of a wonderful creature.


So these are the top ten most beautiful dog breeds. Of course, this does not mean that others are not beautiful or cute looking, but these are some of the most beautiful ones that we found. Ultimately, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, in case you have your personal favorite dog, then I am sure that it is also as beautiful as the ones we have mentioned above. No wonder dogs are man’s favorite pet, when you have something so beautiful and unique, you can only fall in love with it more and more as days go by.


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