Family names or popularly known as last names are the common names used in the family which demonstrates that the individual has a place with a certain family. All around the world, family names are used and have a substantial significance. In most countries, last names are based on the profession, place of residence or race. There are certain most common last names in America which you will repeatedly hear. Here is the list of such names:

Most Common Last Names In America

  • Smith: Around 1 percent of the population in America uses the last name Smith to identify with their family.We have also had some of the most famous personalities with the last name Smith, like Will Smith, Maggie Smith, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Adam Smith, Anna Smith, John Smith, Tommie Smith and much About 2,376, 206 people in America have Smith as their last name. History records that the ancestors of all those whose last name are Smith were either expert in wooden or metal work which gave them the name based on their profession. It is also believed that some families with the name Smith are descendants of the third son of Murdoch, Neil Cromb.
  • Johnson: According to the 1990 US Census, about 0.8 percent of the population uses the last name Johnson which also represents a famous line of pediatric products, Johnson & Johnsons. Others who use one of these most common last names also include people like Dwayne Johnson also fondly known as ‘The ‘ Also, there is Don Johnson, Betsey Johnson, Michael Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Robert Johnson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dakota Johnson and much more. More than 1,857, 160 people share this as their last name. The most widely believed meaning is that these people are the son of John and have their origins in Europe, native America and Africa.
  • Williams: With 0.699 percent people using this last name, it is at the top third position. How we forget the tennis sensations, Serene Williams and Venus Williams. They have made America proud. Others to this list include John Williams, Robin Williams, Brian Williams, Michelle Williams, Chris Williams, Vanessa Williams, Michael Williams and much About 1, 534, 042 Americans use this as their last name which is also one of the most widely recognized last names in the nation. Just like the above name, these families are also believed to be the son of William.
  • Brown: About 1,380, 145 people use this as their last name. Chris Brown, James Brown, John Brown, H. Rap Brown, Oliver Brown, Olympia Brown, Georgia Brown, Barnum Brown and also the current Governor of California, Jerry Brown are some of the modern people who use this surname. Over 0.62 percent people use the name Brown as their last name. Some believe that these were the sons of Brun who is mentioned in Doomsday while others believe that they are referred to like this because of their original skin color.
  • Jones: The one name that lights up in our mind when we hear the name Jones, is Indiana Jones, our beloved character from an old Well, technically this is not fifth on the rank list because just like Brown, 0.62 percent people, use the last name Jones. The beautiful, gorgeous and sexy Rashida Jones, fighting champion Jon Jones. In addition to people using this name, many successful business firms also use this name as David Jones, Ernest Jones and Edward Jones. While the masculine part of Johan became Johnson the feminine part of Johan became Jones and it signifies grace.
  • Davis: Over 48 percent which comes roughly up to 1, 072 335 people, who use this as their last name. Hannah Davis, Meryl Davis, Basketball player Anthony Davis and stage actress Viola Davis. The sons of David who was also nicknamed as Davy got this as their last name. The starting points of this name can be found in England Ireland, Hungary, Poland, France, Scotland, Dutch and many other nearby countries.
  • Miller: This last name is ranked at a close seventh position with almost 0.42 percent people using it. Famous author Susan Miller, Director Bennett Miller, Comedian Dennis Miller, Songwriter Glenn Miller, Author Henry Miller, Jonny Lee Miller, Mathematician Kelly Miller, and reality TV star Abby Miller. Just as the name goes, a miler is someone who works in a mill for grinding corn and the families who followed this profession, got this as their surname, initially in England and eventually in America too. It also has a different meaning which means a man in armor.
  • Wilson: Close to 0.38 percent people use Wilson as their last name. Former US President Woodrow Wilson is the most known of all and his wife, Edith Wilson. Football Quarterback Russell Wilson, Singer Gretchen Wilson, US Vice President Henry Wilson, playwright Mara Wilson, James Wilson and pianist Teddy Wilson along with many others. The sons of William who was also nicknamed as Will got this name, just like Johnson, Jones, Robinson and Dickson. They are also believed to the descendants of the Prince of Denmark. They also have a motto for themselves which is, ‘Wilson Will!’
  • Moore: Over 0.31 percent people in the country use this name as their last name. Our favorite actress Demi Moore and Julianne Moore. Adding on to this list is singer and songwriter Mandy Moore, Author Brian Moore, poet Thomas Moore, comedian and director Michael Moore, Actor Roger Moore and former model Shemar Moore.
  • Taylor: Some of the famous Taylors include inventor Frederick Taylor, US President Zachary Taylor, cyclist Major Taylor, Football player Sean Taylor, Model Niki Taylor, scientist Joseph Many believe that those who worked as tailors got this name.
  • Garcia: This name keeps jumping up and down the list of the most common last names, but it is indeed a widely used name. Garcia is a surname of the Patronymic origin and was very famous in the early medieval Spain. Some of the popular ones are Nina Garcia, Andy Garcia and Jerry Garcia.

The rankings of these last names or the population of the people using these most common last names in America changes as noticed during every census. The migration of population and the inflow of more people into the country affects the count every ten years.

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