Humans have always been fascinated with historical artworks and the hidden secrets behind them. After the popularity of “The Da Vinci Code”, historians and conspiracy theorists around the globe have been looking to unveil the code behind a masterpiece. Though there are many popular paintings that have been controversial for their philosophies, here are five that have raised their prominence.

5. Sistine Chapel Painting – Michelangelo

Most Legendary Paintings


The Renaissance era was a time of amazing discoveries and learning new arts. It was the age where different artists hid few mysteries in their artwork. Though some are forgotten by the history, some have always been known to have astounding creativity. One among them was the incredible artist Michelangelo. He was a brilliant artist, an architect as well as a sculptor.


Out of his many mind-blowing masterpieces, the Sistine Chapel Painting remains propaganda even today. If you are unaware of it, the painting reveals the story about the Book of Genesis in nine sections. But, when this painting was closely analyzed, the subtext was even more interesting.

American scientists found various anatomical sketches behind the figures’ faces and robes that Michelangelo painted. He had cleverly concealed the image of a brain while sketching the God’s chin and neck in one of his sections named “Separation of Light from Darkness.”

4. Matchstick Men – L.S. Lowry

Matchstick Men


L.S. Lowry is a twentieth-century painter, who is well known for depicting the working lives of urban men in England. Though he was creative and popular, the fraternity of art often dismissed his works for a long time. However, after years of his death, people realized the importance of his masterpieces.

L.S. Lowry
L.S. Lowry                         Credit:

The above picture features the painting An Accident, where you will see many people staring at the lake. This may seem mundane. However, the scene was inspired by a local suicide, and the matchstick men were all gathered to look at the drenched dead body.

You might wonder that there is nothing so big and hidden about this painting. However, it has a terrifying secret, which you perhaps, fail to see. There are some matchstick men, who are still living their day-to-day lives normally, uncaring or unaware of the suffering that is happening around them. We all are lonely, and pain is meaningless.

3. The Yellow Bedroom – Vincent Van Gogh

most famous paintings


Vincent was a Dutch painter, who is often listed among the most influential and popular figures of Western art. In the year 1888, Vincent bought a little studio at Arles, which is located at the South of France. He purchased to hide from critics and Parisian artists.

Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh                  Credit:

It was the month of October when he started to sketch this painting – “Bedroom in Arles.” When you first look at this painting, you will think that the artist has played well with his color palette. However, Vincent’s specialists unveiled a completely different explanation. When Vincent was sketching this, he was consuming digitalis (a drug that contains substances digitoxin and digoxin to activate the heart muscles) to help him fight epilepsy. Eventually, the drug makes it extremely hard for a person to perceive color. That is why the bedroom surroundings must have appeared green and yellow to Vincent’s eyes.

2. The Last Supper – Leonardo Da Vinci

the last supper


A lot has been speculated as well as said about The Last Supper. Though there is much written by the author Dan Brown in his book “The Da Vinci Code”, there are three other hidden codes.

Leonardo Da Vinci             Credit: kingsgalleries

According to Slavisa Pesci (computer expert), she could see Templar Knights at each end of the table after superimposing a partially transparent version of the original artwork.

famous painting

Credit: trendhunter

Secondly, according to Giovanni Maria Pala (a musician), the bread and hands on the table are musical notes that form a 40-second piece of music when interpreted from right to left.

Legendary Paintings With Hidden Messages

Credit: coolinterestingstuff

Thirdly, researcher Sabrina Galitzia claims that there is a numerical puzzle, which indicates that the world might end in 4006.

1. Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci

painting of mona lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci amazed the world by one of his best-known masterpieces the painting of Mona Lisa, which is no less than a controversy today. The hype is all about the hidden codes the painting has.  The conspiracy usually lies in her puzzling smile. But, when this painting was seen under a microscope, Italian historians discovered tiny letters and numbers.

According to experts, the hardly distinguishable numbers & letters signify something real about Leonardo Da Vinci. The right eye is claimed to have letters L and V, which might probably denote the name — Leonardo Da Vinci whereas the left eye has symbols that aren’t defined yet.

When the painting was magnified to higher resolution pictures, art historians would decode the number “72” at the arch of the bridge. However, some also say that it might be “L and 2.” That’s because the painting is 500+ years old and it isn’t as clear and sharp when it was painted originally.

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