Cocktail, the soul of every party and the energy booster for every crazy party animal, there is no party in the world that be called as complete without a cocktail. Cocktail is a blend of two or three alcoholic drinks to create the perfect mood to enjoy the situation. It is a wrong notion that cocktails are a girly thing to drink. They are simply alcoholic drinks that taste the best in combination. Here are 10 of the most popular cocktails you should try when you are at the bar next time.

World’s 10 Most Popular Cocktails

1. Margarita

most popular cocktail

This is certainly one of the most popular cocktails. Margarita is a mix of triple sec, tequila and lemon juice with a wedge of fresh lime and a dash of salt on the top, and there you go, Margarita, is ready.

The glass, which is specially made for margarita, is wider on the top which narrows down as you move to the bottom and with a steep holder. It can be had with or without ice but on the rocks has a great taste to it. The triple sec is an alcohol prepared by bitter, sweet orange peels but you can, of course, try a variety of orange flavored liquors to make your margarita.

2. Mimosa

most popular cocktails

Mimosa is a combination of orange juice and champagne, equal proportions of the two. It is a classy drink, which comes with a charm and dignity attached to it. It is not a common man’s drink and demands respect of that class.

It is usually served at wedding brunches. For the best of taste both the ingredients that are the champagne and the orange juice needs to be chilled first before it could be served. This also has a special type of glass for it, which stands tall with uniform width right from the bottom to the top, and it is called as a champagne flute.

3. Apple Martini

most popular cocktails

Also called as Appletini is a combination of vodka with any apple flavored alcohol. It could be apple juice, apple cider or apple brandy. You can garnish it with a green apple wedge on top of the cocktail glass. The sweet and sour alcoholic beverage is most liked especially by women. There is also dry martini, which comes with vodka, and gin instead of apple juice but this one has a fruity flavor to it.

4. Mojito


This is a cool summers’ drink when you can chill with a mojito in your hand. The fresh minty taste and lime wedges make the combination refreshing and lively for party chillers. It is a mixture of white rum, sugar, soda, mint and lime juice. You can add in the alcohol content depending on your needs.

To get the best out of your mojito, simply crush the fresh mint leaves into the mixture and not cut the leaves. By crushing them, you are releasing the oils from the leaves in a natural process.  This cocktail appears to be so colorful and fresh that it can be had at daytime beach parties too.

5. Sex on the Beach

10 most popular cocktails

This drink is a combination of 4 parts of vodka, 2 parts of peach schnapps, 2 parts of orange juice and 2 parts of cranberry juice. Mix all these ingredients in a tall highball glass. The best part about this drink is that you can experiment with it a lot like you can replace vodka with coconut rum or add Amaretto for extra flavor.

6. Bloody Mary

most popular cocktails

As the name goes, this drink is dark red in color, which comes from the tomato juice which is added with vodka. People also tend to add in it various spicy vegetables to it, to get an extra taste. You can change the tomato sauce with Worcestershire sauce, Piri Piri sauce, beef consommé or Tabasco sauce depending on what flavor you would like to add to your Bloody Mary.

With all these spicy flavors, the ice cube should do the job for you and also a lime wedge or a celery stalk at the top of the glass. Although it is not a classy drink as most of the ones mentioned in our article, this drink is sure to drive you crazy at your party. It is ideally served in a highball glass.

7. Irish Coffee

best cocktails

This is a coffee cocktail which is a unique one in our list. It is made from hot coffee, Irish whisky and sugar; all stirred together and with a topping of fresh and thick cream. The coffee is sipped as the cream licks your lips, but this is no ordinary coffee. This coffee gives you a special rush. There is a special Irish coffee mug for this drink.

8. Mint Julep


This is an official drink of the Kentucky Derby and is a concoction of bourbon, a little bit of water, powdered sugar and as the name goes plenty of mints. Mint Julep gives you a refreshing feeling because of the strong mint flavor to it. It is mostly famous with horse-racing and so has got itself a place at Kentucky Derby. This is also the reason why the drink in known widely across the region. It is an easy to make a drink and tastes well.

9. Cosmopolitan


It is very similar to martini but comes with an addition of cranberry, which also adds the color to it. It gained popularity recently in the past 20-30 years. The two essential ingredients of the drink that are cranberry juice and triple sec, which decide its actual real taste have to be of good quality.

The vodka and lime juice can be added in proportions that you desire. Females have in particular liked this drink as it has gained quite a popularity among them and the name has a special classy ring to it when you order this drink at the counter from a bartender.

10. Old Fashioned

popular cocktails

This is prepared by crushing sugar with muddlers and along with bitters and whisky or brandy, whatever you like. This combination works well if you serve it with a ridge of swirly citric fruit. The tumbler like glass is best suited to serve the drink that is also called as old-fashioned glass made especially for this drink.







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