You may have a host of nail polish bottles queued up in your beauty shelf. These all have dirty little secret to share with you : “Some of these brands are made up of more than 30 chemicals”. Apparently, these are not skin friendly and eco friendly.

Though most of the brands claim themselves as non toxic nail polish brands, none of them are safe and completely natural.  So the only thing you can do is, choosing the least toxic ones. Look for the ingredients and ensure they don’t use components namely, formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. These nail polishes can be stated as “3-free”.  Some nail polish brands do not use the components camphor and formaldehyde resin in addition which are called as “5-free”.

non toxic nail polish brands

To help you have a head ache free and toxin free manicure next time, we the team of Lifestyle9, has come up with a list of 7 organic less toxic nail polish brands. Check it out.

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Top 5 Best Non Toxic Nail Polish Brands

1. Zoya

When it comes to list the best nail polishes, this proudest brand can’t be left out. This brand produces long lasting, 5-free nail polishes. As they add up the new colors in each season, you will never run out of any shade at anytime.

2. Suncoat

Nail polishes from this brand are water based and non toxic. Instead of simply replacing the most toxic components with the less toxic ones, Suncoat uses water pigments and natural ingredients. To make it short, it has nothing to harm.

3. Piggy Paint

These nail polishes are water based, non-toxic, odorless and non flammable. Vibrant colors of piggy pain is more than perfect option for all the fun loving curious kids.

4.Honeybee Gardens

Nail polishes from this brand is also water based, 3 free and odorless. It has a really low rating in FD&C database. The good this is, you can remove this nail polish with vodka or alcohol. Honey  bee garden is available in 25 different shades.

5.Scotch Naturals

This brand is the grown up version of the kids brand Hopscotch . It’s score in EWG database is just 1/10. So just imagine how much chemical free this brand is.

Do you have any other non toxic nail polish brands lined up in your shelves? What you like the most about them?  Let us know in comments.


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