Football club face off or bouts at matches have become infamously popular in the world. Some fans are so proud of their team that they are willing to miss important pitch meetings or even job interviews for their favorite team’s match. For such crazy football fans, we put together the top 10 most popular NFL teams, don’t go rogue if your team is not on the list. Remember this is just a list of the popular ones and in no way quantify your team’s performance and for those whose teams have made it to this list, be proud because they deserved it. Here are the most popular NFL teams:

  1. Green Bay Packers

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

This section is not for the ‘Bears’ fans because everyone loves this team. The G-team has swag, passion and has delivered its best to make it to the top of our list. Their consistency has kept them to the top for a long time. Although it belongs to a small town in Wisconsin, this team has won hearts all around. The population of Green Bay is less than 100,000, but the fan following of this team if seven to eight times more than the city from where the team belongs.

2. Miami Dolphins

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

We all love Miami, not just for the beauty of its beaches but also for its most popular NFL teams. Their biggest feat is to stand undefeated for an entire season including playoffs and others. Beat that! They have been even mentioned in an Ace Ventura movie and not far from now they will soon win a Super Bowl so watch this one out, rival teams.

3. New England Patriots

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

Based out of Greater Boston, this team has been accused of inflating balls, on-field drama and quite a sharp display but this does not affect the love poured in by the fans on this team. Their fans even call them the Yankees of NFL, you can hate them or love them but no one can ignore them. They have a great quarterback and their fans cannot stop boosting about it.

4. Pittsburg Steelers

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

If you are a Steelers fan, then be proud of yourself. The team of steel will have earned its name. The team from Pennsylvania has some people who like them than the number of individuals who do not like it. This big fan base has pushed the team to this top spot and of course, if you have a team that has won the most Super Bowls, then the team deserves a standing ovation at every match.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

The star team from Ohio is a member of the league’s American Football Conference North Division. It has not had a very glorious past, but the team has recently made it big. The fan’s loyalty towards the team despite all the odds has kept it going and today it has earned its place on our rundown. Although people do have dual responses about the eccentric looking jerseys of the team, the real fans love everything about Cincinnati Bengals.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

The most die-hard fans can be found for Georgia’s Falcons, who are solely dedicated to the team and watch only Falcon matches all through the year. They are kind of the underdog team who cannot be underestimated. The heart pumping noise at the stadium keeps others energized too throughout the game, thanks to the Falcon fans. There have been testimonies of fans changing their loyalties after watching the Falcons play. Falcon Fan, a Dirty Bird Fan.

7. Chicago Bears

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

After Packers, this team has the most consistent fan following. The current status of these teams does not affect the fans as they love their teams and its players, no matter what. Regardless of what position the team is at now, this team is one of the founding franchises of the NFL, undoubtedly one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

8. Dallas Cowboys

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

No matter how low this team gets on the list, its fans have always expressed a strong love for the team. Each team has had its good and bad times and so have the fans of such teams changed their loyalty, but this is not the case with Dallas Cowboys. Most teams have formed their fan base on a famous player, but with Cowboys, the entire team works as one unit. The Patriots and the Dallas have been quite at the opposite edges so here too we have made sure to keep some distance between the two.

9. Denver Broncos

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

A Colorado team has won the Super Bowl three times and has played in a record eight tying matches.  The team was at its best in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but as of now the team is not performing that well. It doubtlessly keeps on being one of the most elite teams in the NFL. The city of Colorado has showered its team with loads of love, a proof of it can be found in the city’s world-class stadium for its team. The fan has a familiar and apt logo, ‘Born Broncos’ or ‘Broncos are’.

10. New York Jets

Top 10 Popular NFL Teams

Not that this team has performed well, but it has been mentioned quite a few times in popular TV series like the Newsroom and How I Met Your Mother. With a modern fan base in the metro city, NYJ is following a steady race to the finish. If nothing the team, at least has some attractive cheerleaders and that we must accept.

There may be many who are probably disappointed looking at our list, either with their teams’ low rankings or that their team is missed out. However, remember that this list is based on the strong fan following of the teams and their current status. NFL is all a game of popularity and passion, enjoy the game and stay loyal to your team you never know these rankings may change just like a true NFL game which keeps you on edge consistently and can change at any moment.

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