Pizza! The love for pizza across the world makes me wonder as to why they don’t declare it the globally loved food.  It is so much than just food, the first bite in itself is heavenly and the base feels like a freckled wheat angel resting on mustard and ketchup and the other flavors mingling in a seductive way. Then you bite upon the most playful pickle or a bit sour tomato slice and other toppings of vegetables and meat, so exquisite. They swirl in your mouth and each flavor breaks down and then binds again in your mouth. The savory is so delightful that one might feel it is God talking to us through food. As the cheese tears apart from the bun to delight you, you forget about your worries and enjoy each bite.

Words fall short when we start to describe the experience of eating a pizza, not just the first time but every single time. Every single pizza is equally delightful but also individual in taste. The difference in each pizza is the topping it has. Every topping has a different, yet magical taste. You might have preferences, but here we list some of the most popular pizza topping combinations:

1. Pepperoni With Mozzarella Cheese And Tomato Slices

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

To top our list of the top 10 most popular pizza toppings, Pepperoni wins the competition. This is the most liked pizza topping combination not only in America but across the globe. It is a mix of all flavors that make a perfect pizza like sour from the tomatoes, a spicy and smoky flavor from pepperoni and the cheese flavor from mozzarella. It goes best with the wheat or corn base.

2. Sausage, Salami, Tomato Sauce and Pepperoni

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Another pizza delight for meat lovers is the combination of sausage, salami and pepperoni, all different forms of meat. One gives you a smoky flavor while the other provides you with a variety of flavors as desired. The sauce adds a sweet and sour touch to it while the salami adds a salty hint. It is a meaty party for all the foodies out there.

3. Mushrooms, Olives And Tomato Sauce

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Now moving away from the non-vegetarian pizza category to the vegetarian forms of pizza. This pizza has to be on the list. The combination of mushrooms and olives is playful. You can choose between black or green olives. It is the most popular pizza toppings in the country. The naturally earthy flavor of mushrooms and the slightly bitter taste that comes from olives is yummy.

4. Plain Cheese

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Some people like to go simply for such people, here is the plain and original form of pizza with only mozzarella cheese at its best. It is also normally called as a margarita. Plain cheese usually comes with tomato sauce on the corn flour base. The simple cheesy taste with the sweet and sour combination of tomato ketchup is the very first item on any pizza shop menu in the world. An easy to make and quick to serve pizza.

5. Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomato Ketchup And Cheese

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

This combination is like a vegetable buffet on pizza with cheese. Well, most of the ingredients in this combination are spicy, but they have their type of spicy flavor. The spiciness of onions and bell peppers is both different yet strong. It gives your mouth a win-win situation when these two battle it out, as your chew on each bite. Of course, the tomato ketchup plays in between with its naughty sweet and sour tastes.

6. Baby Corn, Olives And Mushrooms

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Although baby corns may not be a favorite for many, when mixed with the right ingredients, they do perform well. The mingling of tastes between baby corn, olives and mushroom is amazing. Each ingredient in this topping is totally different from the other when it comes to taste. This pizza is not just different in tastes but looks colorful too.

7.BBQ Chicken, White Sauce/ Garlic Sauce And Onions

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

A strong, exotic flavor fiesta for pizza lovers. The BBQ chicken in this pizza has a smoky flavor while the garlic has a strong spicy relish to add to your palate. Onions too play their part well and there you have a pizza to enjoy your time with friends.

8. Tanned Tomato, Fresh Basil Leaves And Mozzarella Cheese

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Tomatoes can be enjoyed in many ways. It can be baked, roasted and also tanned. In this pizza, the sun starts the cooking for you as the tomatoes are dried in the sun, till the water in them is completely dried and only the tomatoes remain. This tomato is then sliced and put on top of the pizza crust and tomatoes ketchup. The fresh basil leaves give it a strong and fresh The mozzarella cheese is then grated on top to give it a finishing.

9. Red Peppers, Onions, Smoked Gouda And Fresh Basil

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

Other than mozzarella, smoked gouda also makes a lovely pizza, the onions in this combination can be red or even raw. The red bell peppers can also be replaced with the green or yellow ones as per your liking. The pizza is also a colorful one and is topped with fresh basil. The spicy and basil taste of these ingredients adds an entirely new flavor to the pizza army of delights.

10. BBQ Lamb And Bacon

Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

A delight for our Canadian brothers, this pizza topping is a blast of meat flavors. The slow cooked lamb with maple cured bacon, red onion and with smoky hickory sauce on top and the garnishing of freshly cut spring onion. The hickory sauce too is a flood of strong tastes. The maple cured bacon takes the time to be completely marinated and so does the slow cooked lamb. Only the patient can enjoy this pizza.

The most popular pizza topping in our list has been rated as per the popular choices from around the world. Of course, as every individual in the world, every pizza can be made in its unique way and that is the most loved thing about pizzas.

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