Following the damage caused by hurricane IRMA, now would be a good time to learn how we can prepare ourselves during such a natural calamity. Wikipedia defines a hurricane as “a tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain”. Let us see what we can do to protect ourselves from such a disaster.

how to prepare yourselves during a hurricane

1. Emergency Supplies

how to prepare yourselves during a hurricane

The first and foremost step in preparing for a hurricane is to stock up on some emergency supplies. These supplies will come in handy during any emergency situation. And once you use these supplies, it is very important to restock them. Some of these supplies are:

  • A first aid kit
  • Radio (battery powered)
  • Torches
  • Emergency lights (battery powered)
  • Extra batteries
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Tampons
  • Medicines
  • Soap, toothpaste and tooth brush

These are supplies that should always be ready in your house. Because when there is an admonition for a flood or any other calamity, you cannot afford to go shopping for these items. So always keep them ready.

Secondly, you will need to get some supplies like food and water ready that’ll last at least 3 or 4 days. Stock water. This is of utmost importance. You will need to stock upto 5 gallons of water per person. And stock up on canned food and make sure you have some extra food, just in case. And if there’s a baby, stock up on formula and other baby supplies like diapers. This is the first step in preparing yourself for a hurricane.

If you have a pet, find out emergency shelters that will accommodate pets and make a reservation well in advance. So, when there is a warning of any natural calamity, you can take your pet to the emergency shelter where they will be safe.

2. Plan

how to prepare yourselves during a hurricane

Discuss with your family members or companions where all the emergency supplies are. And how each one should act in case the situation becomes worse. Teach everyone to use a first aid kit and provide basic medical care. Make sure everyone knows to operate the fire extinguisher, emergency lights and all that. And most importantly, find out well in advance where other shelters are. These must be closest to you in case you are required to evacuate your house.

3. Stay updated

how to prepare yourselves during a hurricane

Listen to the local news via radio or any other mode and stay updated on the situation outside. If a family member or friend is not home, contact the rescue team immediately and give them identification details of the person. This is one of the most important steps that help you stay prepared during a hurricane.

If senior citizens with chronic conditions live with you, get them admitted in a hospital as soon as there is a hurricane warning. Hospitals will be better equipped than your house to care for them in case their conditions get worse which is highly probable during a natural calamity.

4. Evacuation

how to prepare yourselves during a hurricane

In case you are required to leave your house, only carry things that you will absolutely need like cellphones, chargers and anything else. Keep all these items ready because you never know when you will need to evacuate. Watch out for what the local authorities are saying and abide by it.

After the Hurricane
  • Do not consume or store anything that you suspect has come in contact with flood water.
  • If water has entered your house, make alternate arrangements for your family to stay and clean out the entire house. Do this within 48 hours.
  • Use gloves to touch anything that you think has come in contact with the flood water.

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