Microbeads are tiny sphere shaped plastic pieces (<5 mm in size) that are mainly used in products indented to the dead skin removal. You might have seen it in your facial scrub, conditioners, shampoos and even in tooth paste.Though they seem harmless and insignificant at household level, collectively trillions of such particles expelled through sewers and pollute the rivers and oceans every day.

We are already facing the plastic crisis and now the part of this crisis starts from our morning routine itself. Containments like microbeads are durable and they are not something our wastewater cleansing plants can able to deal with.

Microbeads Containing Products
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New studies conducted on microbeads say, approximately 8 trillion toxic micro beads are making their way into waterways in united states alone. Just think about the other nations. It may be just a bit of problem of when compare to that huge 99% plastic pieces of entering into the waterways. But still their effects on environment does not seem to be any lesser. They enter into the sewage treatment sludge and finally into the agricultural fields as well.

Effects of microbeads? Aquatic animals like fishes do not know the difference between these tiny microbeads and their prey. As a result, they consume large quantities of such microbeads knowingly and unknowingly. On top of all, as these tiny pieces act like a sponge they accumulate dangerous  toxins from water. They are consumed by these aquatic animals and finally end up on our plates.

It has been proved that single cosmetic product like facial scrub contains 360,000 of such things. Scientists around the world suggest the usage of biodegradable substitutes like salt or crushed nut shells in the place of microbeads. In response to these issues, many states in United states have already banned the cosmetics containing microbeads.

However, this ban should be done altogether to negate the effects at least in the near future. As an individual we should also learn habit of saying no to such harmful products.

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