Whenever you blew the birthday candles at least for a second you would have thought how many fellow buddies might have celebrated their birthday on this day just like yourself. This question pops up in everyone’s mind. The following most common birthday chart posted by visual.ly shows how popular your birthday date is with light to dark square boxes against each date. Light boxes indicate the least popular birthdays while the dark ones indicate most popular birthdays.

As per the chart created by a data journalist Matt Stiles, the most common birthday in US, between the age group 14 and 40 years old is September 16.

Surprisingly all the top 10 popular birthday dates fall in the month of September.

Conception trend shows that babies who born on September month were conceived during the holiday season roughly 9 month earlier i.e., around December. Same goes with the babies who born on August. Holiday season around Christmas and New Year are being the popular months for couples to get conceive.

However, if you celebrate your birthday on February 29 (reason is so obvious) or December 25 or January 1 you would have only very few fellow birthday buddies . These are the top 3 least birthday dates.

Though January 1 has the least common birthdays, December 30 has just the opposite. More buddies celebrate their birthday on this day.

13th of every month suffer with only few birthdays.In united states, having the birthday on July 17 (Independence Day) seems  to be so uncommon.

Check out the birthday chart below and know how common your birthday is.

Common Birthdays

This similar pattern occurs in almost all countries too.

The most common birthday in New Zealand falls around September 28. As in United States, all the top 10 common birthday dates fall in the period from September 22 to October 4.

The least common birthdays fall around the holiday season from December 24 to January 2.


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