Every one of us face, variety of dangerous along our away while driving on the road. Reason for unsafe road condition may  be anything from poor weather to the reckless human errors. Difficulties can appear in any form. In this post I am going to show you some of the abnormal roads which have high death rates.

There are so many scary roads do exists in the world. We know only few. But do you have any idea on the most dangerous road in the world? As we can say factors to determine the danger on road, it’s really very hard to declare a any road as top 1 dangerous road in the world. But based on the death rate and risk factors Bolivia’s northYungas road is given the title of most dangerous road in the world. What made this road to get this title? Let’s see now.

There are some places where we should not cross the borders that are created by the nature. Yeah we must not have established the roads in such places using steep slopes, volcanoes, stones and huge rocks. Anyhow as we human, stubbornly erected the roads and travelled even though it’s a riskier one. But until now we have failed to ensure the safety in such dangerous roads. Although we all know these roads will pose dangerous  and even make us to kiss a death, human never been stopped their journey on them.

Okay now let’s see something about the most dangerous road in the world (North Yungas Road)

Road of Death – North Yungas road

most dangerous road in the world

dangerous road

north yungas road


So why Yungas road have got this title? Take a glimpse on the picture I have given below. Length of the north Yungas road is nearly 40 miles. Its width is only 10 feet. So just imagine the road. Can you visualize  how horrible the journey’s will be on this mountain hugging deadliest roads?

Yungas road has been declared as the most dangerous road in the world by the Association for Safe International Road Travel. This Yungas road connects La Paz and Coroico. Traveling in Yungas road is more like engaging yourself in a suicide mission. This dangerous was built in 1930 to take the prisoners from one place to the other. On every journey thousands of prisoners were died because of this Narrow road.  As the road is elevated nearly 12000 feet from the sea level, it is subject to get affected by landslides quite often. Obviously there are no protection from the fog and sheer cliffs too.

Yungas road was in use until the late 2006. Till then there were as many as 100 to 200 human was reported every year on this north Yungas dangerous road. This is the reason for why locals at Bolivia call it as  death road. Now you can see many crosses and memorials along this road. Anyhow there are some tourism companies offer bike tours on this Yungas road for the crazy human who want to tease the death. If you are one among such adventure seeker then take a trip on this most dangerous road in the world and feel how far the name suits to this road.

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