Although you can find the business opportunities in  almost every field, the factors such as where you are located, your passion and the skill sets you have will ultimately decide which business can serve best to you. However, economists and trend watchers around the world do agree that some kind of businesses have more demand and potential than others regardless of these factors. Our list , top 10  best Small businesses to start fall in the areas that are likely to grow upward in the future.


1. Translation

Globalization in all the areas have actually created a tremendous demand for the translators. Without requiring any big investment in the upfront, you can simply start your business as a freelance translator. All you need is a sound knowledge in the languages you are going to deal with . Remember though, just being aware of the languages will not be sufficient to carry out an effective communication.

2. Food Truck

Food truck is one of the best businesses to start  for the foreseeable future. No matter where you are, the demand for the delicious foods will never go down. Everyone loves food. So why don’t you take that to your advantage?  In the cities like Boston and Loss angels, you can notice the presence of food trucks everywhere offering everything from classy international cuisines to fast foods. Set up cost for food truck is fair low when compare to restaurant start up cost.

3.Employee-monitoring services

Due to the technological development, now most of the jobs can be done without leaving your doorsteps. According to the recent study there will be more than 1.3 billion employees work in mobile fashion by 2015. The question here is, how the employers will keep track of their employees work? This is where the role of employee monitoring services come into play. Now this industry makes use of “vehicle tracking time clock, mobile time clock apps” to monitor their employees. But still when it comes to billing and payroll, employers require a dedicated staff member to manage all these.

So consider starting a company in this sector that provides effective employee monitoring services and additional human resource functions in an outsourcing fashion. As the demands are high, everyone accepts that providing the employee monitoring services is one of the best businesses to start now.

4.  Accounting Firm

To start a small accounting firm, you won’t need a strong economical background. Your investments are just a professional degree and of course a practical accounting knowledge. Regardless of the nature of the business, everyone requires an accountant. So if you are an accounting whiz, consider starting the accounting firm. Provide your best, regardless of the size( small scale, medium scale or large scale) of your clients. Because satisfied clients are the best advertisements to your business. The scope behind this business made it to be in the list of top 10 best small businesses to start in 2014.

5. Smartphone Repairing Service

The high competition in the smart phone market, leads to the dramatic price reduction and in turn it has increased the usage too. Now everyone afford to get at least one smart phone in their hand. Luckily, there are no much smart phone repairing services are out there. As it opens a wide opportunity , without any doubt it would serve as a best small business to start now.

6. Web Design

Nowadays every small to large businesses have started to establish their online presence through websites. It has created a huge demand for web designers. Starting a business in the web design is more economic. All you need are just a PC with internet connection and a bit of creativeness.

So, if you are in the field of technology or completed your study in computer science, when it comes to choose among the best businesses to start right now, starting the web design and development company should be your ultimate choice.

7.  SEO Firm

Just like the Web design, demand for the good SEO services seems quite high. Every webmaster who holds a website want to be found by the search engines and people to increase their profit margin. You can even provide seo services from your home. To survive the competition, make sure, your learning curve is not going to end at any time soon. Equip yourself with every new search engine updates and change your seo tactics regularly.

8. Online Businesses

List of top 10 best businesses to start will not get complete without including the online businesses. Internet has created a wide range of business opportunities for the everyone. One of those businesses is ” Ecommerce”. If you are good at making arts and crafts, jewelries or painting, you can set up a virtual store through websites like ebay, amazon, etsy and many more. One other small business idea to start is blogging. Just start writing a blog on the things you know well. Sell related things through your blog as an affiliate. It will help you make a decent money without requiring any investment.

9.Senior Care

The great demand created in the field of senior care has promoted the University of Southern California to come up with an idea of offering the master’s degree namely “aging services management”. So it goes without saying that senior care makes up the list of top 10 best businesses to start now. Through senior care, you can provide both health related and non health related services. One other top business that falls in this sector is senior retirement real-estate. It means selling the real estate properties especially to the retired people.

10. Pet Care

Just as mobile phones, every household owns a pet. But due to the hurry burry life style most of them have find no time to take care of their lovable pets which makes the pet care to be consider as the best business to start in 2014. According to “American Pet Products Association” this pet care industry grows by 5%each year. Pet care industry includes the services like pet sitting, pet mobile grooming and assisting the people who want to grow farm animals like bees and chickens in their home located in city etc.

Although the small businesses listed here have the potential to grow in its own right, I suggest you to do some more research on your selected area.


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