People often prefer big dogs but there are some, who love having small dogs as their pets. They make a very tiny space in your home and they easily fit in your lap! Small dog pet owners can bring them anywhere (Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring out your bigger dogs. It is just that compared to giant dogs, smaller ones are little convenient). If you adore smaller ones and looking for one, then go through my list of top 10 best small dog breeds in the world.

10 Small Dog Breeds In The World

A tiny dog is such a delight to hold. So precious and so cute but do not be fooled. The so-called toys are dogs and always keep that in mind. They are likely to misbehave and bark too. If you are just wondering what is the smallest dog breed in the world then get ready to know about these 10 known for their amazing cuteness.

On the other hand, it is significant even to know that though they are damn cuddly, miniature, cute and best small dog breeds out there, they need ultimate care as well as attention all the time when compared to bigger dog breeds. They easily catch cold in winters and they even need daily short walks so that they remain active all the while. But if you are good in handling the tiny ones, there can nothing be better than them. They would make a great companion for you.

1. Chihuahuas

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So, what is the smallest dog breed in the world? It is none other than “Chihuahuas”. This is a Mexican dog breed and is well known for its fierce bark, short stature and big ears. It is the world’s smallest dog and doesn’t weigh more than 6-pounds. However, not all the Chihuahuas are petite. They aren’t more than 5 inches. They live about 12 to 20-years.

Now, when it comes to what is the smallest dog breed in the world this is a little associated information that I personally feel important to write here. The smallest dog in the world (living) in height terms is this female Chihuahua named “Miracle Milly” and I am sure you might have read somewhere, as this is recent news. She has won the Guinness record in being the ever so smallest dog in the world measuring only 3.8 inches (9.65-cm) tall on 21st February 2013. Vanesa Semler owns her. She weighs only 1-pound (not more than ½ kilogram). When she was newly born, she was so tiny that she could easily fit a teaspoon. In fact, her mouth was unbelievably so small that Semler fed her milk through eyedropper.

Now talking about this smallest dog breed in general, Chihuahua is an exceptional watchdog. Despite of several charming qualities of this dog, if you are wondering that its little size makes a wonderful choice for kids then you would better think again. Chihuahuas tend being high-strung & prone to snapping, nipping as well as biting when threatened or frightened. However, these tendencies can easily be helped with early training as well as socialization. This dog requires gentle & consistent training right from its puppyhood. Chihuahua comes in 2 coat types: long and short. The shorter coat sheds out more when compared to long. On the other hand, longer one requires daily brushing.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

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Now what is the smallest dog breed in the world after Chihuahuas? Well they are Yorkies. They grow to a height of 8 – 9 inches, weighing between 4 and 7 pounds with a lifespan of 12 to 16-years. This dog loves exploring indoors and outdoors. This admired companion dog is often prized for its beautiful and long coat of gold and blue. Yorkies are usually trainable, insatiably curious and alert. And I must say that they are like “big dogs in that little body.” If you own it then you would have known why. Yorkies are darlings of purse-dog set. Nevertheless, they need a lot of time on ground. This dog is always happy about taking long walks & is quite a boisterous — and determined – watchdog too.

3. Dachshunds

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When it comes to best small dog breeds, Dachshunds cannot be missed out. If you are aware of them then you might have known that they come in only 2 sizes – miniature and standard. Surprisingly, there is another size making it third called “Kaninchen”, meaning “Little Rabbit”. These dogs measure a height of only 5 to 6 inches if it’s of the type miniature but if they are Standard they are of 8 to 9-inches. Miniatures weigh only 11 pounds or even less whereas standards weigh about 16 – 32 pounds.

Even though Dachshunds are smallest in hounds, they are biggest in terms of spirit. Apart from its unique body shape, they are well admired for its character, hunting spirit, absolute devotion and intelligence. They have short legs, long back and are often bold, brave as well as reckless. Dachshunds are great family companions if they’re brought up with children’. However, it is vital to supervise so that kids don’t pick or hold these dogs incorrectly.

4. Toy Poodle

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When it comes to smallest dog breeds, this usually makes up the list. They grow to a height of 10 inches or even less with a weight between 5 & 10 pounds. They have a lifespan of over 14 to 18-years. Size usually differentiates the Toy Poodles. However, these stylish dogs are smart and they even make brilliant family dogs.

No smallest breed of dog has a higher developed humor sense than the Toy Poodles. Perennially the most popular smallest dog breeds in the world, Poodle earns devotion with intelligence, effortlessness to train, low-shedding coat & eager love for family. Even though Poodles shed out little, they do need grooming every 4 – 6 weeks. There are few Poodle owners who learn to utilize clippers themselves but many rely upon professional groomers.

A Poodle’s coat is seen in various colors: black, apricot, brown, blue, café-au-lait, gray, cream, silver, red, silver beige, & white. There are even 2-tone including black & apricot, black & brown, black & cream, black & gray, black & red, black & silver, black & tan, black & white, blue & white, brown & apricot, brown & white, cream & white, gray & white, red & apricot, red & white, white & apricot, white & silver.

5. Maltese

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Yet another great one into my list of small dog breeds is Maltese. These are fearless, smart and gentle. They have a white cloak covered with silky hair. They grow to a height of 8 – 10 inches and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. They have a lifespan of 15 – 18 years. The spunky and small Maltese are well known for their puppy-like attitude.

If you wish to have a small dog that runs around your home often then this is the right one to go with. In particular, Maltese excels in learning tricks & loves to even show off. While a Maltese’s courageous and happy nature makes him a superb pet but this might not be right breed for families who have young children. This is even a wrong breed if someone wants it to be a show dog. Maltese would make a great companion dog but he requires living indoors & never outdoors.

6. Papillon

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Yet another great addition on to my small dog breeds list is Papillon. They measure with a height of 8 – 11 inches and weigh around 3 to 12 pounds with a lifespan of about 13 to 17 years. Papillon is a French word, which literally means butterfly. It is a name perfectly fitting them since they have distinguishing erect ears. Nevertheless, do not let its dainty looks fool you. Regardless of the wee size this dog is often associated as a “giant dog inside a tiny body”. These dogs have great energy & are too smart. If you own this, who would better know it.

Like a gorgeous supermodel with Ph.D in life science, Papillons first impresses you with looks — trademark butterfly-winged ears, dark eyes and silky coat are these dogs’ great expressiveness and grace. But packed in that purse-sized structure is the smartest, cleverest and active guy excelling in anything you want your dog to. Papillons aren’t the perfect pick if you want a peaceful dog, who does not require much exercise. This dog certainly requires activity & training.

7. Japanese Chin

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Next entry on to my list of top 10 best small dog breeds in the world is none other than “Japanese Chin”. This affectionate and bright dog is a great entertainer. This dog puts on entertaining shows for his dear family but does not like to strut before strangers. They stand with a height of 8 – 11 inches & typically weigh around 4 – 7 pounds. Its silky coat needs brushing two times per week but they are very easy to care for. The Japanese Chin’s attentive nature makes a great watchdog & his size satisfies any place in your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a palace or apartment. They easily make you laugh and this is his greatest virtue. You will never know what he’ll do next. He is very mischief and extremely entertaining. With flat faces, they’re quite sensitive to higher temperatures & can rapidly succumb to even heatstroke if they are not kept in well air-conditioned surroundings.

8. Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise makes to the small dog breeds list too. They are very cheerful and measure a height of 11-inches. However, they weigh between 10 pounds & 20 pounds. They have striking black eyes and are very fluffy. Puppies might have cream or pale yellow color.  This dog descended from some other breeds such as Bolognese (from Northern Italy), Coton de Tulear(from Africa), Maltese (from Malta, Mediterranean) and Havanese (from Cuba).These dogs usually have an arched neck & well-plumed tails. Thus giving them that graceful and proud look. However, they are good-natured.

9. Pomeranian

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This is one of the best small dog breeds in the world and I am sure you might have heard about them. It measures around 8 – 12 inches with a weight of 3 to 7-pounds. They have a lifespan of 15 years or even more. Pomeranians are well known for fox-like expressions, outgoing personality, curled tail, prick ears, dense coat and alertness. They come in different colors & patterns.

Generally, these smallest dogs are bright-eyed and have endless curiosity. Their looks make them very cute and even are too clever, happy and adaptable. Pomeranians are tiniest of Nordic, breeds or Spitz but don’t go with its little size. They carry guts like giant dogs.

10. Pug

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Last but not the least onto the best small dog breeds list is none other than a pug. They measure a height of 12 – 14 inches and weigh 14 – 18 pounds. Pugs usually have a glossy, smooth and a short coat. They need occasional brushing and come in colors like black, silver, apricot, and fawn. Pugs are generally sensitive, gentle, outgoing, happy, loyal, deeply loving and playful dogs. This is a dog that always likes being near you, loves sleeping on your couch along with you and may even follow you wherever you go. These dogs are great for companionship and are sweet, warm and affectionate too.

Even though they have good bark, they do not make a good choice if you need a watchdog since they are instantly welcoming & cheerful with strangers. These dogs might not recognize if a person is an intruder. Pugs need great attention and they become very jealous or anxious if you are not giving them proper attention or care. Pug requires long walks every now & then. You must be careful about them and never exercise them in excess, as they will start to wheeze. A pug is an intense shedder and wouldn’t be a great pet for people, who dislike dog’s hair around or vacuuming frequently.

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