A leader is born for every nation. Every term, we are hoping for the best that he can do for the benefit of the country. Well, not all can prove what they have promised. The propaganda are left undone and worse come to worst. Their courtship blinds us for our votes and our approval. So, considering this, here are the ten worst presidents in the world.

Yes, presidents may bring the name of the country and may have the biggest weight based on publicity and rank, but talking about being a ruler of a nation, sure, anyone can be a savant and a servant for power and fame. We have compiled ten names of destructive heads or presidents of their pack, may it be one big state or just a tiny Union of pitiless Fascist or Nazi.

Here are some factors why leaders fail and become most horrible:

  • They do not understand self-leadership: To lead a group, you must first begin to understand yourself, your inner drives, your core values, beliefs and expectations. Strengths and weaknesses must be well comprehended to attain self-fulfillment and for you to be able to the lead the group successfully.
  • They do not communicate well: Communication is the key to all aspects to be effective. For the people to fully be aware of your plans, explain well how and why you are doing those things. It may be hard at first but in the long run, when they see the good results, all will be well. The thing that will be making the people rise into power is an outcome that does not benefit them well, and the one that will do them harm for a longer time.
  • Rulers become greedy: Power is very influential. No wonder some take advantage of their positions to take what is befitting for them. When they bask in the glory of the vested power, greed creeps in their minds and being. Sure, they may be the best leaders in the start of their career, but who does not know a show – off? The seed has been planted. And when it grows? Beware of the fruit of greed.
  • They refuse to adapt: The only permanent thing in this world is change. If a leader refuses to adapt, the result would be drastic. The nation will be the one to change him. Do not forget people power. This inability to not choose to adapt to change is linked with greed. Some will have the mentality that being a leader; you have the final say. And since your influence and power make your words irrevocable, you tend to cling and linger in the shadow of self – praise. That shadow will swallow the good in the person and eventually they will be servants of their self.
  • Leaders tend to make bad decisions: This is the hardest part of the job of a leader. We do not see the future. That is why we weigh the pros and cons of a certain thought. For a president of a big number of people, decision-making can make or break their name. That is why an ample amount of time is required to discuss things out with the members of the cabinet, or maybe the members of an organization. Of course, if the pros list got more plenty than the cons, sure, the group would choose it, but the cons stay the same. The decision may receive criticisms, and flaws are pointed to the head. That is where everything goes, right? After all, people only look at the mistakes. They miss looking the benefits they get. The effort for deciding is to be much appreciated. But at times, the power to choose which side does not consider the welfare of the people. That is when nations start acting up.

Top 10 Worst Presidents In The World

Take this list of the worst leaders that ever existed. They may have served the country well for some time, but due to turn out to events, and some hidden agenda, their actions unveiled their true character. These savants ruled by terror. If not threatening, they deem incompetent in their field. They say that power can change a man. Well, it turns out right.

10: Hugo Chavez

worst presidents

Sitting 10th of the worst presidents is Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He ruled from 1999 until 2013 due to his death. You may wonder what did this Venezuelan star committed to making him belong in the list. Well, he just destroyed freedom of the press. Adding up to his record is the nationalization of most of the industries. And do you remember Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Chavez made an ally out of that murderous dictator. Human rights were also violated under his term. There were beatings, force, and especially the denial of due process. He even collaborated with the narco – terrorists of Islam and Colombia.

9: Fidel Castro


Cuba also got its taste of dictatorship from its most beloved loathsome leader. Because of the gravity of the rule, hundreds of thousands of Cuban nationals have absconded from Castro’s rule. The exodus, which was by far the largest in history, happened in 1980. What sparked this tragedy was the initiated loading of ships filled with mental patients, Cuban prison inmates, and any other nationals and non–nationals that were viewed as a threat. The death toll, which comprises 140,000 people, led over 120,000 Cubans to flee and find refuge in the United States. Fidel ruled from 1959 up to 2011.

8: Kim Jong-Il


Who said only the big named countries experience turmoil and ineptitude of its highest official? North Korea was known to be having the most repressive governments in the world. Why not? Kim Jong Il, according to some, is responsible for this. With over 200,000 political prisoners all over the country, this ruler sees to it that he was the Supreme One. And for that, over a million Korean nationals of the North have died under his term. The nation suffered from 1994 up until his death in December of 2011. You may imagine how the nation was relieved of all the butchery and mayhem after his passing.

7: Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

worst presidents in the world-7

Landing on the seventh on the list is this Sudanese ruler, Omar Hassan Ahmad al – Bashir. He came to seat in the highest position in the government in 1989 when he initiated a rescue of numerous groups of officers from a bloodless military coup by the Sudanese army. As the longevity of the rule came into place, some deaths were reported in millions. For some, a higher number is reported. Because of his cruelty to the Sudanese, he was the first sitting president to be indicted and prosecuted by nonetheless the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

6: Bashar al-Assadtop-10-worst-presidents-6

The Syrians got themselves bashing the ‘Bash’. Bashar al-Assad once ruled Syria in the most ruthless way. Following the death of his father, it was in July 2000 that the president came into power. During his rule, massive routine tortured by the police officers, imprisonments and killings of political opponents. For a total of 190,000 people were brutally killed since the breakout of the civil war in the year 2011. A chemical weapon attack has been initiated that killed more than 1,500 civilians. Later, the United Nations implicated him in crimes against humanity and war crimes.

5: Saddam Hussein


Iraq has been famous because of Saddam Hussein. Landing 5th in the list of the worst presidents in the world, this Iraqi leader got no mercy for the most of his tenure. Not that he has made a breakthrough of the land’s economy, but all because of his ruling by an iron fist. From 1979 up to the year 2003, the steel hand had committed violations of human rights on a regular basis. Among these violations are the usages of secret police, mass murders, rape, torture, deportations, forced disappearances, chemical warfare and some assassinations. Hussein was executed on December 2006. According to Iraqis, there never has been a man like Hussein. All his misdoings caused the sun not even to shine a single ray on the land.

4: Muammar al-Qaddafi


Qaddafi was a politician and a revolutionary of Libya. He held power over the land in the year 1969.  Remember the Lockerbie bombing on 1988? The plane contained 259 passengers that exploded somewhere near Lockerbie, Scotland. It is believed that Qaddafi was behind the wicked incident. Another air murder was the bombing in 1989 of a French passenger jet that killed 170 people on board. Many talks make Qaddafi the first suspect for the said incident. He ruled or a total of 42 years before he was impeached and executed in the year 2011.

3: Mao Ze-dong


The Republic of China got its share of cruel leaders. One of them is Mao Ze – dong. He is a communist and a Chinese revolutionary. He was the one who founded the Republic of China, in which he oversaw from the year 1949 until 1976, the year of his death. He had these theories called Marxist – Leninist, which is commonly known as Maoism. During his term, an estimated 40 to 70 million people have died because of executions, forced labors and starvation. The rank of three makes him deserving in human history to be called the top offender of ‘democide’, which is a term for people murdered by their government.

2: Joseph Stalin

worst presidents in the world-2


From the mid – 1920s up to his death in 1953, Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union in a brutal conquest.  The USSR experienced firsthand their leader’s innumerable violence that included many expulsions, purges, imprisonment in labour camps, forced displacements, torture, manufactured famines, massacres and acts of mass murder. With a total number of over 20 million, Stalin got the Soviets butchered and damaged not only in the economy but also in moral and in thought. He was also the one who led the Soviet Union that created a tension between the Western worlds that is known later on as the Cold War. Additional for the record would be the Red Terror and the Okhrana.

1: Adolf Hitler

worst presidents

And the sole title holder for the first of the top 10 worst leaders of the world is the famous Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. If you have followed the life of this Nazi star from his childhood to death, you may a bit understand why he turned out to be this wicked. But for the shallow minded, you may accuse the leader unstintingly because of what the media has to show. Remember, the media may show which side of the story they may choose.

From the year 1934 to 1945, Germany was under the hand of the Nazi dictator, Hitler. He was responsible for the Holocaust and the World War II. At least eleven million Germans were brutally killed during his term, plus an estimated number of six million Jews. With the record of his, he was considered the most sinister ruler in the whole world.

Rulers come and go. We may be suffering now because of depraved leadership, but I guess, governance will serve as a warning for us to choose a deserving head of the nation. Some countries will have the privilege to put someone into his rightful position as president, and some will not. But one thing is for sure. No leader lasts. Most especially if his term waged the nation’s downfall.

No matter how worse the country has been, there is only one thing the people can hold on to. Hope. And it’s all there is.

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