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Oh! For the sake of being conversationally adept. Pick up lines, seriously? This is hilarious. Well, if that is your way to spice up your dialogues, who would stop the raging fire in you? Some would consider Pick up lines funny and some would not. But dude, we got your back. Just stay safe, though. Not all can keep you in your zone. But here is the catch. Be yourself. Do not underestimate your capacity to get the person’s attention. Who knows? Your funny side is the thing that would keep things going. Come read and get some of our FUNNY PICK UP LINES. (One BIG Reminder: Just do not get yourself slapped).

20: Are You From Korea? Coz You’Re My Seoul-Mate

Well, well, well, here comes the 20th of the FUNNIEST PICK UP LINES. I am afraid you have to use the country of Korea. But if you’re a dude trying to get a Korean gal, or someone who is into geography and social sciences, then you are never wrong in choosing this line. Just do not forget to open up the topic related to the woman’s interest. Specifically, before you throw your one-liner speech. Good luck in finding your Seoul-mate!

19: Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?

This one is the most used line among the top 20 picks. For those who opt for the dirty side, you may try out this one. A better ambiance would be in a bar or at a disco to a girl who is also into partying or those gals who also like to talk dirty. Know whom you are conversing with. There are old school Mademoiselles who do not want to punch you in the face but cannot help it.

18: I’M Not Obtuse, But You Are Cute Girl

How about being into Geometry this time? Get yourself attractive 360 degrees by spilling those Geometric accents! This line though is the most used for the said subject. But admit it; it’s earning you a point. You may not score an A in your Geometry, but surely, you can pull off this time with that nerdy line. Who would not love the angles of mathematics?

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17: Was That An Earthquake Or Did You Just Rock My World?

Here you go earthly beings. Seismology is on the move. Try to involve the natural disasters in your earthly mating technique.You may spot a rocker by soul or just someone you are crushing on to brag your pick up lines. A plus point would be adding an attitude on your spiel. Crack them with those killer eyes and a sexy smirk. That is just one move away to rock both of your worlds.

16: Do I Know You? Cause You Look Just Like My Next Girlfriend

Now, this may give you an impression of one big proud head. Be careful of using this one, though. A big setback would demolish your tricks. Instead of hitting a mark of your precious anointing self, you’ll see yourself in a whirlwind downhill if you are not wise enough in choosing the proper time and place when to say this line.

15: Are You A Drug? Because I Am Addicted To You.

Here we are again at addictions. Here is a tip. No one likes a drug addict. Make sure that you are no addict when you try to use this to your SO. This will do well for pharmacist women.

14: There Is Something Wrong With My Cell Phone. It Does Not Have Your Number In It.

If you want to have a person’s cellphone number badly, this is one way to get a hold into it. Just go very, very smooth. After all, who will not be amused with a smart ass? If you cannot get the number in this one of the FUNNY PICK UP LINES, then better be serious in asking. But if yes, well, you just have it in you, bro!

13:Are You Google? Because You Have Everything I’Ve Been Searching For.

The World Wide Web has its contribution to your chit-chats. Aside from providing you with these TOP 20 PICK UP LINES, it also allows you to use Google for your dramas. There is almost nothing that the Web cannot help you with.

12: Is Your Name Wi-Fi? Cause I’M Feeling A Connection

How about a line from a computer geek? Enhance your connection with your gal using gadget terminologies. Wireless Fidelity, you say? Push that. Atta boy!

11: Honey, You’Re Sweeter Than Pi

This is for the mathematician on the go! Score that 3.14 even when you’re flirting. The recipient may interpret it as ‘pie’ and not the math ‘pi’. But who cares? You’re even cheesier if that is the case. Man, you are hitting two birds with just one stone!

10: Hey My Name Is Windows. Can I Crash At Your Place?

Oh no, this one may insult the Windows company. Here is another one for the computer programming enthusiasts. Your girl may interpret this as somewhat dirty or disrespectful, but as long as you deliver it in a not insulting tone or not too cool to interpret it as filthy, you are good to go.

9: Hello. Cupid Called. He Says To Tell You That He Needs My Heart Back.

This is creating two impressions. First, it tells that you feel something for the person. Second, it may signal that the person caused your heart to break. Either way, this pickup line makes a literary savant out of you.

8: I Hope You Know How To Do A Cpr Because You Take My Breath Away

Medical terminologies are a turn on. This is one of them. Of course, aside from the essential stigma of a doctor in society, we all consider medical people as brainy. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, eh? The word itself can take one’s breath away. Laughs.

7: If The Universe Compelled Me To Assign You A Number, You’D Be My Number 1

Talking about fate and how the universe conspired to make you two meet is not new anymore. But sure, it is still sweet. This one never fails to amaze a girl, especially if you mean those words you say.

6: Your Name Must Be Grace Because You Are Amazing

Do you listen to worship songs? If yes, you sure do hear this line from the song, Amazing Grace. If you are a Christian and your recipient is, too, then you two are a perfect match in heaven. A plus point would be your usage of Christian terminologies. Every Christian woman has endearing admiration to Christian men.

5: I Must Be Using Apple Maps Because I Keep Getting Lost In Your Eyes.

Almost every person on Earth knows Apple. And those who know the brand? They love it. This line will be a big plus to the avid Apple user. Most of all, it is the way you surrender to being lost in someone’s eyes. A woman will surely blush upon hearing this from a gentleman.

4: Will It Be Breaking The 8th Commandment If I Steal Your Heart?

Getting biblical will earn you a big point. Of course, being knowledgeable on the Christian teachings will get you ahead. For the women of God, there is nothing sweeter in aroma than a man who walks with Christ. Use this without sounding cool or braggy. Just a humble tone amped up with that Christian attitude is enough to win her.

3: I’M Binary, And I Think You Are The 1 For Me.

Using the technicalities in the computer language will make you a one-minute genius. Don’t you like it? Well, not all knows ‘binary’. Just be sure to use this line to knowledgeable computer literate people. Or else, you will be receiving a fake ‘ha-ha’ with the most loathsome stare you have ever received in your whole life! (Well, that is too much). But don’t lose hope. There are some people who do like nerds.

2: Hi, My Name Is Doug. That Is ‘God’ Spelt Backwards With A Little Bit Of U Wrapped Up In It.

Now, that is creative! Using your name for a pickup line is not a usual thing. All you need is to have your mind boggling on how to twist letters, add tricks, turn the letters upside down, and discover something unusual to be used to spice up your one-liner speech. Who would not appreciate the effort given just to win that person’s heart?

1: If Beauty Were Time, You’D Be An Eternity.

Ah! This line. This will sound very special for the romantic at heart and soul. When talking about beauty and all of its heavenly aspects, anyone may drown when they are compared to the word itself, ladies especially. Here is a tip. The line itself is like honey. No extra dramas needed but the sweetest and most sincere stare you can give to the woman of your life. Yes, as simple as that. Now, watch your girl smile.

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