Top 70 Best Perfumes for Women in All Categories


For a lot of women, their perfume is a part of their identity. In France, women tend to stick to one perfume for their entire lives. But we don’t see that kind of loyalty to brands in other parts of the world. However, each perfume means something to each woman. Whether it’s flowery, sexy, fruity or candy perfume, each tells us something. So, here is the list of some amazing perfumes for different occasions that I hope will help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

How To Choose The Right Perfume?

Ever wondered why the perfume that works so magically on your friend or neighbor, fails to work on you? Ever wondered why testing the same fragrance at a different time narrates a different story? If you nod yes, it’s time to equip yourself with a bit of a scent speak.

Perfumes are considered as an extension to your personality. So if you want to create an identity for yourself, you have to learn few basic terminologies and golden rules. Now through our short guide and you will understand what every whiff tries to tell you.

Perfumes we listed here are ranked based on the data collected from the internet, stores and forums. All of us are unique. A fragrance that works well for your friend, may not work that well for you. Once you read through this, you will be an expert in choosing a fragrance that works best for you. And please do make your own list of best perfumes and post them in the comments section.

Golden Rules To Come Up With Your Signature Perfume

best perfumes for women


Learn the Perfume Language

Perfume / Parfum: Out of all 4, this has the highest percentage of perfume oil (about 15% to 30%). This is the exact reason why scents of this kind are more concentrated. So no wonder why a small bottle of perfume comes with a hefty price tag!

Eau de Parfum (EDP): When compared to perfumes, this has less percentage of essential oil (about 8% to 15%) but it has more than what Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Eau de Cologne has. So, its understood that this scent is bit lighter than perfumes but stronger than EDT and Cologne. These are less expensive than perfumes.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): 3 – 8% of essential oil mixed with alcohol results in Eau de Toilette. It spreads a mild odor. Thus, making it more subtle for business environments.

Eau de Cologne: As it contains only 2 to 5% of essential oil (with a blend of alcohol + water), it is said to be the weakest version of perfumes. These are suitable to be used as body sprays.

Identify The Scent Family You Are Most Connected With

1. Floral As the name indicates, this scent brings up the blossom of either one flower or different flowers. It is widely used in feminine fragrances. Examples of floral scents include Lavender, orange blossom, rose, violets, carnation etc…

2. Citrus/ Fresh/ Fruity It evokes a clean and fresh scent of orange, apricot, lime, grapefruit, fresh grass or peach. This scent will make you feel light and inspiring.

3. Woody These scents are earthy & musky. The kind of feel you get when you step into the forest is exactly what you get from woody fragrances. Perfumes coming under this category are sometimes mixed with citrus or spice. It evokes the scent of oakmoss, cedar, think pine and sandalwood.

4. Oriental Perfumes falling under this category evoke scents of spices like cinnamon, glove, incense resins, musk, vanilla and amber. These scents are irresistible, warm and sexy.

Go With The Season

Just as summer reminds of fresh cut grass, winter reminds of cinnamon; your scent should vary from season to season too. The reason is, some scents last longer in warmer months than they last in winter. It is wise to opt for heavier ones during winter & lighter ones during warm months.

Test The Fragrance On Your Skin

If you are shopping for a scent, never ever apply a perfume on scented body or if you have already used a lotion / moisturizer, (you can use unscented products though). Go bare with a blank canvas. Remember, smell of a fragrance sniffed from the bottle will never be the same when you wear it on your skin. It also differs from skin to skin. Fragrances smell differently based on few factors like body temperature, weather and your diet condition. No wonder why a fragrance that works so magically on your mate, fails to work on yourself.

What Is The Right Way To Test The Fragrances?
  • Spray or use a little on your wrist (inside).
  • Do not rub it. Let it be there for few seconds so that your skin absorbs the fragrance & react in its way.
  • Never sample too many fragrances at a single stretch because your nostrils are sure to get confused. So give a little smell break. Take a deep breath and sniff coffee beans or cuff before you sample the next one.

Top 10 Best Perfumes of All Time

1. Chance – Chanel

Every single fragrance from Chanel speaks for itself and Chance is no different. This is a very subtle, slightly sensual fragrance that is just perfect. It’s a must have for every young girl who dares to dream.

2. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

If you are looking for something that’s sexy yet classy, then this is the one for you. It’s an ensemble of various fragrances that just blend in with each other to give you the confidence to carry yourself throughout the day.White Daffodil,Bergamot, Nectarine, Apple Martini and Orchids and just a touch of Lavender make this a discrete fragrance that’s perfect for all of you looking for something that’s modern yet classic.

3. Hot Couture – Givenchy

Hot Couture, like its name is both glamorous and sophisticated. It’s an              elegant combination of Sweet Raspberry Nectar, Magnolia and Ambered Vetiver that is ideal for all those who want to supplement a passionate yet elegant look.

4. Alien by Thierry Mugler

The container of this perfume is shaped like some strange and mysterious thing in a deep purple color that complements the mystical fragrance. If you want a fragrance that captures the enigma that you want to keep up, then this is the one for you. With warm white amber in the base, woodsy notes in the heart, and sunny Indian jasmine in the top, this perfume is perfect for the woman wants to remain a mystery.

5. Hypnotic Poison – Dior

Launched in 1998, Hypnotic Poison is a fusion of Apricot, Sandalwood and Vanilla. It has all the elements that make one fantastic fragrance that’s as dangerous as it’s name.

6. Insolence – Guerlain

This is a bold fragrance for young women. And also very different from the other fragrances by Guerlain. The fragrance is modern but also a little fruity. If you are trying to make a statement, look no further.

7. Love by Chloé

Described by many as a very feminine and floral fragrance, many women swear by this one. This has been a classic favorite since 2010. If you want a fragrance to embrace your feminity with every single day, get this.

8. La Vie est Belle by Lancome

This fragrance is natural and simple. Iris is the dominant ingredient in the perfume with orange blossoms and jasmine. This perfume is ideal for the woman who enjoys a scent that unfolds and gets better with time. It also smells very luxurious and rich.

9. Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

This is a perfume that is seductive yet subtle. Ideal for dates and hangouts with friends. The other fragrances in the same range include Sporty Citrus and Jasmine Glam.

10. Bombshell – Victoria’s Secret

Launched in September 2010, Bombshell is perfect for autumn. This fruity aromatic fragrance contains purple passion fruit, and Vanilla.

Top 10 Perfumes that Men love

1. Addict – Dior

This is one of the most oriental fragrances you’ll find. This fragrance is rich and sensual but also vibrant and energetic. This has mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers which creates a bold and carefree fragrance.

2. Romance by Ralph Lauren

True to it’s name, Romance oozes of romance and intimacy. It is everything you need to carry for that weekend away with your man. Lily and white musk, give this fragrance a graceful power to seduce.

3. Fantasy by Britney Spears

This perfume is the equivalent of a love potion. Fantasy comes in an enchanting pink bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals. Litchi and golden quince are bound perfectly to make sure your man falls head over heels in love with you.

4. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera

212 Sexy is a charming fragrance that every woman must carry on her honeymoon. Bergamot, caramel and sandalwood are blended perfectly to make you irresistible to your man.

5. Poppy Flower – Coach

Poppy Flower is a combination of flowers and fruits that promises a perfume that is more refined and romantic than its predecessor. Wet ivy, sugared raspberries and sandalwood blend together perfectly helping Poppy Flower keep its promise and more.

6. Crystal Noir – Versace

This is one of the most sensuous fragrances out there. If you want to ensnare your man with just a brush across his shoulder, this is what you should own. The poignant ingredient of this fragrance is mysterious gardenia that is fresh, sensual and luminous. It also has Amber and Musk in the base that make it irresistible.

7. Tease by Paris Hilton

Tease is the 10th edition in Hilton’s Collection and is influenced by Hilton’s fascination for Marilyn Monroe. And also true to its name, it is a perfume that will make your man anticipate everything but promises nothing.

8. Cool Water by Davidoff

Launched almost a decade after its very popular male counterpart, Cool Water by Davidoff for women had so many expectations even before the fragrance was made available in the market. But Cool Water exceeded all expectations and made it to the list of must-have perfumes for all women.  And is sure to have your man follow you around wherever you go.

9. The One Desire – Dolce & Gabbana

If you want to feel unique, confident about your beauty and seduce your man at the same time, get this right now. Nothing says bold and beautiful better than The One Desire. It puts the spotlight on the opulence and enchantment of a woman.

10. J’adore by Dior

A modern, glamorous fragrance that is perfect for that individualistic woman who lives life on her own terms. It is a classic timeless scent made with a blend of fresh mandarin and blackberry.

Top 10 Best Perfumes for Everyday Wear

1.  Dot by Marc Jacobs

This is a perfume that anyone will love instantly. This is an exemplary combination of red berries, honeysuckle, orange blossom with a base of coconut water and driftwood that will make people compliment your fragrance everyday.

2. Vanitas – Versace

This is a classic combination that is luminous and fresh. You could never go wrong with a scent like this. And it also comes in a classic Versace bottle.

3. Lady Caron – Caron

A perfect blend of magnolia and oak moss, this perfume is ideal for the nonchalant happy-go-lucky woman. Lady Caron comes in a glass bottle embossed with the Statue of Liberty.

4. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Announced as an oriental chypre, Black Orchid is sumptuous and classically dark. It is a lovely sensual and luxurious fragrance with  black truffle, citrus  and balsam. If you are looking for a perfume that gives a ubiquitous aura, you have found it.

5. Curious by Britney Spears

This is a perfect choice for the teenage girl who wants something subtle yet bold. It’s perfect for the independent and mischievous girl who is not afraid of taking risks.

6. Amazing Grace – Philosophy

This is Philosophy’s best selling fragrance. Amazing Grace is a blend of mandarin orange and jasmine with musk at the trail. This is ideal for the professional woman.

7. Sakura Cherry Blossom – Jo Malone

Sakura of Cherry Blossoming is celebrated every year in Japan as an overture to spring. And its essence has been perfectly recreated by Jo Malone. Queen rose and sensual musk can also be detected in this fragrance, which is ideal for young mothers.

8. Love Blossoms – Kate Moss

This is the ideal fragrance to wear during spring and summer. It has pink pepper, lily-of-the-valley, peony, and vanilla sorbet which combine beautifully that create an aura of fresh and floral scents. Click here to buy this!

9. Jasmin Noir – Bvlgari

Bvlgari captivated a million hearts with just the bottle of this fragrance. A classy fragrance, this is ideal for the bold woman who has no time for impractical jokers.

10. Pink – Victoria’s Secret

Pink comes in a sleek round bottle and is ideal to be the face of an independent woman. A green floral fragrance with a fusion of artemisia, lily-of-the-valley and vetiver is perfect for you to make your presence felt every single day.

Top 10 Best Perfumes for an Evening Party

1. Velvet Rose – Dolce & Gabbana

Launched in 2014, Velvet Rose is ideal for the frequent partygoer. Wear this and be the life of the next party you go to. Click here to buy this!

2. Lady Million – Paco Rabanne

This is one of the most popular fragrances launched in the last several years. The bottle does not hide the fact that this perfume was inspired by gold and money. Powerfully seductive, it grabs all attention and has a tempting sweetness about it.

3. Infusion d’Iris – Prada

Infusion d’Iris is an oriental-woodsy fragrance. It is an elegant and modern perfume. A little is enough to make heads turn your way.

4. Black Opium – Yves Saint Laurent

In a shiny black bottle adorned with sequins, Yves Saint Laurent launched Black Opium as a rock n roll interpretation of their classic predecessor. Notes of coffee dominate the fragrance along with pink pepper, vanilla and cedar. Perfect for the woman who wants a dark and smoky perfume that’s entirely its own.

5. Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

This fragrance is strictly not to be worn to work. Unless you are looking to spice things up at your workplace. Wear this and be assured of compliments even from people walking by.

6. City Blossom – L’Eau D’Issey

City Blossom is contained in a light pink and subtle grey tower-shaped bottle. A completely feminine fragrance for the girl who is wearing a lovely pink cascade dress to the party.

7. Weekend – Burberry

This is a perfect perfume. My personal favorite. This country style perfume contains mandarin and some grassy notes. This perfume will NOT disappoint.

8. Midnight Poison – Dior

In a hot blue bottle, Midnight Poison is the 5th edition in the Poison range by Dior. Having been inspired by Cinderella, this perfume will help you steal the spotlight at any party.

9. Chanel No. 5

This is a timeless classic that was launched in 1921 and is more complex than the Coco Mademoiselle. This fragrance became the identity of Marilyn Monroe. When you don’t want to experiment with new stuff, it is best to stick to a reliable fragrance that can never go wrong.

10. Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Neroli Portofino is a citric aromatic fragrance that is one of the nicest neroli fragrances available. This has a scent like that of a Spanish cologne.

Top 10 Best Floral and Fruity Fragrances

1.  Diamonds – Armani

A Gourmand-floral fragrance that is ideal for women who like elegance and sophistication. If you want a perfume that is strong but not overpowering, it’s this one.

2. Eclipse – Ghost

Buy this for the flacon. In a crescent shaped orange flacon, Eclipse dosn’t fail to impress. Wear this if you want something floral and fresh for a few hours.

3. Golden Delicious – DKNY

A new little apple from the popular DKNY collection is young and pretty and not sexy. Golden delicious is an uplifting fragrance that improves your mood.

4. Safari by Ralph Lauren

This is an underrated perfume by Ralph Lauren and women have been loyal to this one for years. This is the kind of perfume that moms gift their daughters.

5. Mon Paris – Yves Saint Laurent

An exquisite fragrance that will make you stand out. If you are the one for floral scents, then this is the one for you.

6. Eternity Moment – CK

Calvin Klein launched Eternity for the modern, young and classy woman. If you are looking for something really feminine, gift yourself this. Click here to buy this!

7. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

A very floral scent that’ll brighten up your day. This is for the woman who wants a fragrance that’s simple, subtle and flowery, of course.

8. Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolph

An oriental perfume launched in 2005, Flowerbomb is a beautiful feminine perfume. This is the kind of fragrance you should wear when you are trying to blend in.

9. Blossom – Jimmy Choo

This is a sweet and natural fragrance that lasts long. If you want something that’s floral and lasts all day, Blossom is the one for you.

10. Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

This is a casual and breezy fragrance by Dolce and Gabbana. Light Blue is a combination of lime and cedar. This is a classic summer fragrance for those of you who are carefree and enjoy sunny days at the beach.

Top 10 Best Light Perfumes

1. Pure White Linen – Estée Lauder

A light fragrance that is perfect for a summer day. If you want to go free with something simple on, go for this.

2. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit – Hermes

4th in the line of garden inspired fragrances by Hermes, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit translates to ‘A garden on the roof’, and refers to the garden on the roof of the Hermes’ headquarters in Paris.

3. See by Chloé

This fragrance is chic, elegant and subtle. Ideal for the woman who wants to remain abstract.

4. Liliana – Tocca

Launched in 2013, Liliana is an floral and fruity perfume for women that is very different from the other floral and fruity perfumes out there. A young and energetic fragrance that is sure to appeal to your fun side.

5. Body – Burberry

One of Burberry’s best fragrances, Body is said to have captured the spirit and essence of the brand. It is a luxury fragrance that is subtle and lasts all day.

6. Bamboo – Gucci

Named after an already existing line of accessories, this fragrance is perfect for the confident and graceful female.

7. Shi by Alfred Sung

Shi is a very light fragrance that lingers subtly on you throughout the day. But its presence is definitely felt.

8. Green Tea – Elizabeth Arden

This is a citric aromatic fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. This is a fresh fragrance that’s not heavy.

9. Flash – Jimmy Choo

Flash comes in a bottle that is as flashy as the name itself. Jimmy Choo as a brand was made famous for its perfumes by this particular fragrance. The fragrance is light and dreamy. Makes you think that this is probably what Cinderella wore to the Royal Ball.

10. Beach by Bobbi Brown

This is a perfect summer fragrance that’s also intoxicating. This has a very creamy scent and is sure to get you compliments throughout the day.

Top 10 Best Strong Perfumes for Women

1. Deep Red – Hugo Boss

One of the strongest perfumes out there, Deep Red is for the active and strong woman. Some may also call this fragrance strong and sensual.

2. Obsession – CK

Calvin Klein calls this their spiciest fragrance. Women are known to be obsessed with this fragrance since 1985.

3. Fame by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, Fame is built on three main accords: dark accord, sensual accord and light accord. The fragrance, like Gaga herself stands out from the crowd in terms of fragrance, composition and appearance.  And Fame is easy on the pocket.

4. Youth-Dew – Estée Lauder

Launched in 1953, this fragrance has been used by generations of women who love it for its oriental spicy fragrance.

5. Premiere – Gucci

Launched by Gucci to applaud successful women who deserved their own red carpet moment. It’s a remarkable and luxurious fragrance that is as intriguing and seductive as the woman herself.

6. Shalimar – Guerlain

The fragrance comes in the prettiest flacon that is both classy and elegant. This fragrance is rich in its history as well. Jacques Guerlain as a tribute to Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal created Shalimar, the fragrance in 1925. It was named after the ‘Gardens of Shalimar’, which were Mumtaz’s favorite.

7. Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo

This is a strong feminine fragrance, which is a must-have for every woman who wishes to carve a niche out for herself.

8. Coco Noir – Chanel

This is a strong nocturnal fragrance that begs to make a statement.

9. Angel – Thierry Mugler

A star shaped bottle with an oriental vanilla fragrance will be a beautiful addition to your deck of perfumes.

10. Modern Muse – Estée Lauder

Aimed at independent and confident women, Modern Muse is one of the best strong scented perfumes available for professional women. This perfume is a fusion of sparkling jasmine, amber wood and Madagascar vanilla.

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Best Perfumes for Men for All Occasions 

How To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail?

As said earlier, perfumes work differently on everyone. When you go for classy ones, obviously, they will cost a lot. There’s nothing worse than spending a whole lot of money on a wrong perfume. So wouldn’t it be nice to get some free samples before making the actual purchase?

Almost all the top brands offer a chance to try out their free perfume samples online. But to grab these samples, you have to spot these companies when they give out their free samples. Obviously, you can’t go and check all the websites every day. Moreover, doing this manually isn’t a smart option too. Though small vial systems and perfume infused samples are being the most common forms of free perfume samples, sometimes you can see them in small moist towelettes too.

2 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples

1. Get 100% Free Sample To Any Of Your “Want-To-Try” Perfume

Some sites offer 100% free samples on a regular basis. If you really like to buy any perfume and want to test it before you invest, make a request at these sites.


These sites will make samples for you even if they don’t have the requested item in their stock. It’s one of the wisest and pocket friendly ways to test any new perfume you are not familiar with.

2. Check The Freebie Sites

Most big brands have the habit of offering their samples whenever they introduce a new scent. To grab these you can either keep an eye on your favorite brands or make use of few freebie websites. They make a list of free samples by crawling tons of promotion mails and social media pages on a daily basis. Though I cannot guarantee the availability of your “want to try scent”, it is still a good option for people trying to explore the new best scents without paying anything. Some freebie sites include: 

Note: As these are only samples, sometimes it can take up about 6 weeks or more to process your request. Have some patience and enjoy the free samples.

The Floor Is Yours

Hope you find this post, best perfumes for women useful. We value the reader’s suggestions. If you think that we have missed out some of your favorite ones, share your thoughts with us.

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[…] Top 70 Best Perfumes for Women in All Categories […]


[…] Top 70 Best Perfumes for Women in All Categories […]