Whatever it may be an iPhone 5s or iPad Air or an upcoming iPad Mini Retina, if it’s not available on the Apple website or at your Local Apple store you will not be notified by Apple when they have stock. To know whether the product is available , you have to do a manual check at an online Apple store several times a day. As it sounds, it’s really frustrating.

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In the past a website Apple-tracker.com has made this task simpler by offering a quick check on the availability of Apple products in their local stores. However this site is offline now. It has worked by taking your zip code and your desired apple product as inputs. Once these inputs are given, this site will do an extended search and come up with the result such that it will tell you whether the desired product is available for pick up at any of your nearest Apple stores.

Although this service is longer available , its developers have uploaded the source code on  Github. If you are interested, you can make a private local copy of the Apple Tracker. However, as this app is Node.JS based, implementation will require some deep know-how.

So Is There Any Simple Way To Track iPhone Availability?

Good news is, there exists a simple Google Script based tracking tool that  works in the same way as Apple Tracker. You can run this script privately at your local Google Drive. Once you mark your desired Apple Product in the watch list, this script will  send you text or email alert once the product is back in stock at any of your nearby Apple outlets. By now, using this script you can track iPhone 5s and iPhone availability, iPad Air and iPad Air with Retina Display availability.

Given below is a simple “know-how” that lets you know how to use the Google Script (Apple Tracker utility) to automatically tack the availability of Apple products at your nearest Apple stores.

  1. Make a copy of Apple tracker Goggle Script into your local Google Drive by clicking here
  2. Once you click on the link “Yes, make a copy” spread sheet will be opened with the products “iPhone 5S, iPad Air and even with the upcoming iPad mini”. Mark “Y” against the entry you wish to track.
  3. On the Goggle Drive Menu, you can see the addition of the menu item “Apple tracker”. Click on this menu and choose Initialize.
  4. Click allow in the next authorization dialog box.
  5. Select Apple Tracker ->Start Tracking. Now enter your zip code and your mail id to receive alerts.

This Apple Tracker script will work only inside US.

If you want, you can disable iPhone availability tracking by marking “N” against the entry you have marked as “Y” before. Alternatively you can also choose to uninstall Apple Tracker from the menu.

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