Travel around the world is not only for the rich. However, finding ways to save money from travel is always the big puzzle for nomads, especially for those who travel on a budget. There are many ways to cut down the cost of travelling overseas. Among them, saving by searching for cheap international flight tickets helps you save a great deal of cash.

Now, scroll down for our latest updates of new travel tips to find cheap international flights.

#1 – Know when to book international flights

Best Ways To Find Cheap International Flights

Let’s talk about the season first. Summer or the months in the mildest season (usually June to August) is always the peak time of international travel and tourism. It’s not only because the weather is perfect for a trip but also it’s when the kids are having their school break (so yes, family travel time). Plus, according to Skyscanner research, the most expensive month to fly is December. And the cheapest months are May and November.

If you book your trip in the peak travel season, chances are the place you’re going to are overcrowded. And of course, everything is more expensive, including the airline tickets.

Therefore, why not book at the time when there are fewer tourists so you can enjoy your trip better and cheaper (from January to March, for example)? Also, remember to check for when the peak time of tourism in the country you’re going to too. You might want to avoid that time. If not, think about booking cheap airline tickets with the next tips.

Now, do you know the best day of the week to buy airline tickets? Week days are usually the cheapest days to buy flight tickets, especially Mondays and Tuesdays. The most expensive days to fly are weekends and Fridays. How about the cheapest times to fly? You can find lower ticket flights for flights at mid-night, at dawn, around lunch and dinner hours. Try to find tickets around these times for both directions of your flights – but if you still cannot find the cheap airline tickets for both ways? Finding cheap ones for just one way of your trip is still better than none.

#2 – Know how far in advance to book international flights

Best Ways To Find Cheap International Flights

Shopping for airplane tickets at the last minutes can bring you cheaper tickets but it’s pretty risky (you can check for the last minute travel deal sites here). And shopping too early might also cost you more than necessary. So how far in advance to book international flights?

For international trip, the best time to book flight tickets is between 5 months to 1,5 month beforehand. If you’re planning to visit US and its states, book between 3 months to 1 month beforehand for trips within USA. For general domestic flights, book between 13 months to 19 months beforehand will help you have the best bargain.

#3 – Know where to find cheap international flights

Travelling these days is a lot easier with many online tools available from the best travel apps to travel sites for cheap vacation deals. Any airfare shoppers know that comparing airfare before buying is the best tip to grab the cheapest price. So, just set the cheap flight ticket alert with the tools above then these tools will do the scouring for you.

Of course not every time you’ll get alert of the cheap plane tickets to your favorite destinations. Therefore, if you have a destination in mind, be proactive in using the travel apps and cheap travel deal websites to look for the price first.

Best Ways To Find Cheap International Flights

#4 – Choose to flight with a lil’ inconvenience

In addition to picking the low price airfare, you can save more money by choosing connecting flights with one or two more stops a.k.a transits. This method can sometimes help you save up to 50% of the price.

Similarly, look for flights in different airports. Sometimes you can flight to the same destination but landing on different airports costs you different prices. Bigger airport seems to be cheaper than local ones.

#5 – Travel to the world’s cheapest places

There are many beautiful places in the world that don’t cost you like several thousands of dollars to get or be there. Check out the world’s cheapest places to travel – they are usually developing countries or Asian countries like South East Asia ones.

#6 – Don’t expose your flight search queries

Best Ways To Find Cheap International Flights

When you’re searching for flight tickets online, especially if using the official airline’s pages, the price always goes up as you search. Why? Because these sites use your search history to know when is the time you want to flight most – then it adds up the price in your next search making you believe that the cheap prices on your favorite days is sold out.

So, be smart and clean flight search history before you buy, or use incognito mode of your browser to browse fight fares.

#7 – Fly with cheaper airlines

You don’t need to always use the national airline for better or safer flights. In fact, there are many cheap airlines which offer much cheaper airfare to the same destination with proper flight service. Check out the list of low cost airlines here for your reference.

#8 – Pay with other currencies

Sometimes choosing to play with different currency will help you saves a little more on the airfare. You don’t necessarily pay for your tickets in the currency of where you come from. However, remember to pay with a credit card that is free of foreign transaction fees.

#9 – Practice your flight search

The hunt for cheap flight will not be at the most effective if you don’t practice it often. Don’t wait till when you actually need to go to find for flight tickets. Remember that there are many people are looking for cheap prices just like you while the cheap seats are always limited.

Now go and save your money on the next cheap international flights!

My favorite travel tips on how to save more money for travel are always how to find and buy tickets for cheap international flights. Because, among the travel costs, the airplane tickets’ cost is the one we need to cut down by all means. Cutting too much on accommodation or food cost might lead to a less happy and thrilling trip. So, don’t you agree with me that saving on transportation means is the best way for a great trip?

Hope that the travel tips above can help you with your next big adventure!

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