Perspective is all that makes the difference while boys might think that girls waste a lot of their time shopping, girls are sometimes deprived of anything good to wear. In this situation, the question arises what to wear when you have nothing to wear, and that can be a tough one, even for those with a good fashion sense. Let us help you with that then. The office is an everyday routine but you cannot look the usual every single day, and so you have to think of something stylish every day even when you have nothing to wear. Similarly, every time you go for a party you cannot wear a shimmery dress, try something new, even casual can look new, if only you know what to hide and what to reveal. 

There is always something in your closet, girl, which you have bought but never tried. Take out those attires, and experiment with them. You do not have to be a fashion stylist to try something new. The only thing for something to be fashionable is that it has to be comfortable and you have to be confident. The way you present yourself overpowers even the most expensive dress and on the contrary, if you do not carry yourself properly, even the best dress will look like you are wearing a garbage bag.   

Some disastrous situations always come when you are in a rush, and we understand that the options given in this article are easy to wear and something that every girl will always have in her wardrobe. In this article, we explore to you the options that you can try on when you have nothing to wear. 

·         A white T-Shirt and blue denim: This is something that will never go out of fashion. A white T-shirt looks casual, and if you have the correct posture, that denim will show off your curves in the exact way that you want. You can wear this to your office and to a friend’s party. My favourite thing about denim is that they don’t throw tantrums like maybe some of your diva friends. Wash them or don’t wash them they stay loyal to your figure and give you their best and of course they last for years. I have jeans which I have kept with my since years; they remind me of my shape. When I lose or gain weight, they are to me like a weighing scale but a scale that I can wear. While I have eventually changed my top through these years, my loyal jeans have always stayed with me. Even a good bright red top looks awesome with dark blue denim. A hat with the denim and t-shirt goes hand in hand.

·         Little black dress: Also called as the LBD. Every girl needs to keep an LBD in her closet, which then comes to your rescue in times of need. Black is the colour of this season and the much more to come. A little black dress looks good for every party or even for a casual outing with your girlfriends.  Pitch dark black dress and one bold accessory, apply your bright red lipstick and leave your hair to lose, that’s it. You are now ready to hit the floor. Day or night, your perfect LBD makes you look confident and highlights your face. If the dress is short, above your knees, then wear high heels with straps.

·         Floral or leopard prints: Although black is the dress that you can wear without asking for a second opinion, floral prints give you a girl-next-door look, and leopard prints give you a sexy, bold look. Floral prints look feminine and naughty both. You do not even need to accessorise much because the dress in itself is great attire. You can even throw in a plain jacket or a blazer to add on style. In case you have a tight-fitting leopard print dress, then show off the curves confidently.

·         Sweaters or jackets: Sometimes it so happens that you just cannot find the right dress or the perfect shirt for your pants. In this situation, your sweaters or jackets come to your rescue. Wearing a comfortable and cosy sweater is like wearing a hug. You can even use them to hide a stain on your beautiful dress that you need to wear urgently, (common we all have been there) or simply to show off the new sweater. A sweater with denim looks great. A tip of advice is that when you wear a jacket or a sweater, do not accessorise heavily. Keep your neck plain and wear a small earring, that’s that. A maxi dress flowing freely is also another great option to go with a jacket, and it looks trendy too.

·         Your favourite top and skirt: A plain top with printed skirt or a printed top with a plain skirt. This thing that I like the most about short skirts is that they give you multiple options when it comes to your hair. A high pony or one-sided pigtail or freely flowing tresses, anything and everything look awesome in a short skirt. Tuck in your shirt and you are ready to go.

·         Trousers and top: Apart from denim, loose trousers and a casual top or a blouse works well day or night. It is a casual look and is right for parties too, but only if you know how to accessorise it well. Walk confidently and hold on a good clutch, that’s it, you are ready, fashionista! You can also accessorise with your scarves, tie it like a tie or drape it around your neck.

·         Accessorise: if you have the right accessorise, then do not waste thinking about the right dress. One heavy neckpiece, a shimmering earring, or a heavy bracelet does the job for you even in a drab full-length dress. If you can only pick the right accessory, then no one would even care to wonder, even if you wear the same dress again, because these little smurfs are attention seekers.  

To try out outfits that have been gathering dust in your wardrobe, or those that others would probably never think of shows that you have the guts to try something new. Remember something that was considered disastrous yesterday is fashion today and classic tomorrow. Also, it will help clean your closet, so why not get to the job.

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