There are plenty of factors to delve before you move abroad. As expats or citizens, we require all the essential amenities to ensure that we are leading happy and healthy lives. So, don’t pick a place blindly. But, researching which region will suit for you and your family is a tedious job. The moment you decide to “shift,” the criteria to come up with an “ideal place” can turn confounding. To make your task easier, we have analyzed the 30 best countries to live in the world, all of which are based on the 2017’s World Happiness Report and 10 major variables:

  1. Life expectancy
  2. GDP per capita
  3. Inflation rate
  4. Population
  5. Climate
  6. Growth rate
  7. Corruption
  8. Unemployment rate
  9. Safety index
  10. Cost of living

30 Best Countries To Live In The World

Note: To increase your curiosity, we have listed the 2017’s best countries in reverse chronological order. These 30 places are divided into three pages, each including 10. If you cannot wait to see the top 10 positions, click here or just scroll down and hit on the respective buttons

30. Panama, Central America

(Capital: Panama City / Currency: USD & Panamanian Balboa)

Panama is located at the coastlines of North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in Central America. For decades, this region has been the primary choice for second-home buyers, property investors, and retirees. The easiness to travel and extensive range of experiences has made Panama one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

best country to live

Quick Facts:

  • Panama contributes about one-third of the country’s economy.
  • Unlike other Central American nations, Panama is dominated by industries like commerce, tourism, and banking.
  • The leading exports of Panama include sugar, shrimps, bananas, clothing, coffee, drinks, plane parts, adhesives, cement, textiles, automobiles, and technology.
  • Exports of services and goods play a key role in Panama’s overall GDP.  According to the 2013 reports, Panama exported goods for about $17.5 billion with an added $9.8 billion in services, making a total of $27.3 billion (that’s 65% GDP). Their export services are associated directly or indirectly to the CFZ and Panama Canal. The income tax (personal) in Panama is completely based on the sliding scale, which ranges from 7% (above $9000) to 27% annually. For provisional residents, the tax is charged only on the Panamanian-sourced revenue.
  • Spanish is the official language of Panama. However, English is also widely spoken. The climate is tropical and seasonal. From May – January, it is rainy, and from January – May, it is dry.

29.Guatemala, Central America

(Capital: Guatemala City / Currency: Guatemalan Quetzal)

Guatemala is known for its distinctive and rich culture. It has the elements of native Mayans and Spanish people. It is one of the smallest countries in Central America, which borders the outline of Northern Mexico and Northeast of Belize. The agricultural division of Guatemala accounts about 13.6% GDP with a 31% labor force. The chief agricultural exports comprise of sugar, bananas, vegetables, and coffee. Despite high poverty & violence rates, Guatemala is still one of the best countries to live in. It makes it on the list because of its rapidly growing economy and the facilities it offers to its citizens.

best country to live

Quick Facts:

  • Trade is one of the vital factors of Guatemala’s financial system. The value of imports and exports together makes to 51% of GDP. The tariff rate is 1.5% on an average.
  • Even though Guatemala has affluent agricultural resources, the unbalanced distribution of properties and insufficient financial support has become a major constraint. Crops like sugar, banana, and coffee are the highly popular among the farmers. However, most of them now have turned towards non-traditional commodities such as fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, and vegetables.
  • According to the ECI (Economic Complexity Index), Guatemala is reported to be the world’s eightieth biggest export economy. However, in the year 2015, the country exported about $11.8 billion worth goods while imported for $17.4 billion, resulting in negative balance.
  • There are more than 20 local languages spoken all over Guatemala. This becomes hard for many businesses and newspapers to communicate with the senior indigenous people. About 90% of the people have their first or second language as Spanish.
  • The temperature of Guatemala changes with altitude. The temperature at the coast differs from 25 – 30°c whereas it is 20°c at the central highlands. From May – October, the season is rainy, and from November – April, it is dry. Since the weather is temperate consistently, Guatemala is nicknamed as the “Land of Eternal Spring.”

28.Uruguay, South America

(Capital: Montevideo / Currency: Uruguayan peso)

The word Uruguay refers to “the river of colorful birds.” With a wonderful climate and incredible scenic sites, this country is the most beautiful one. It is often nicknamed as the “Swiss of South America,” and that’s not because of its geographical characteristics but due to a stable democratic system with added social benefits like “education.” Even though the economic activities have returned to pre-crisis levels, the crime stays relatively high in the recent times. However, they are low as per the South American standards.

best countries to live

Quick Facts:

  • According to, Uruguay is one of the least corrupted countries in Latin America. In fact, it topped in the regions like democracy, no corruption, peace, high life quality, e-Government, prosperity, security, and freedom of the press.
  • Uruguay is admired for its history and agriculture even today. The residents out there still utilize the twentieth-century livestock techniques.
  • Uruguay’s industrial market is chiefly dependent on transportation equipment, petroleum products, food processing, and electrical machinery.
  • According to BBC, Uruguay is the world’s first country to offer free laptops & WIFI access to school children. Besides this, it was also the first country to legalize the sale, use, and production of marijuana.
  • The climate is mild in Uruguay, which turns out to be an amazing reason to enjoy this place throughout the year. It has four different seasons but doesn’t snow. However, it does receive a 41- inch rainfall every year. The summers can reach a maximum of 34°c while the winters can hit about 60° F.

27.Malta, Europe 

(Capital: Valletta / Currency: Euro)

Compared to the last year’s report, Malta has moved itself to three places up in the World Happiness Report and has even managed to outrank Spain, France, Italy, and Poland this year. This proves that the economy of this country has greatly improved. The ranking of Malta was particularly elevated due to its GDP. With increasing social support, Malta is turning as the best place to live, especially for foreigners who are willing to work at the islands. Also, unemployment has been recorded low. That’s because this year a lot of internationally-renowned firms like Betsson, Cherry, Mr. Green, Unibet to some well-known financial institutions such as Mediterranean Bank, Novum Bank, and HSBC have shifted to Malta.

best country to live

Quick Facts:

  • The rights on property in Malta are highly protected, and expropriation is improbable. However, foreigners don’t have complete rights to purchase a property.
  • Trade is tremendously significant to the economy of Malta. Overall, the value of imports & exports makes about 101% GDP. The government applies a tariff rate of about 1.5%. The government doesn’t screen foreign investments. Even the state-owned enterprises are privatized. Regulation and supervision of financial sectors have steadily become more effective and transparent. The stock market is small yet active.
  • Besides being one of the world’s smallest countries, Malta is comprised of 7 tiny islets. The two biggest islands, Gozo & Malta are the ones that are inhabited. The third largest, Comino, has only one posh vacation resort. The other four are entirely uninhabited. So, the total land-mass of Malta is 316 km², meaning that it can fit inside the U.S. 30443 times!
  • Since the nature of Malta is untouched, they are often used for shooting Hollywood films. Some popular ones include Gladiator, Troy, Captain Philips, and even Game of Thrones.
  • The climate of Malta is Mediterranean, and that’s because of the sea. The Islands of Malta have a pleasant sunny weather with an average of about 12 hours of sunshine in summers and 5-6 hours during mid-winter. The summers are dry, sunny, and very hot.

26.Singapore, Asia

(Capital: Singapore is a country and a capital of its own / Currency: Singapore dollar)

So, what makes Singapore as one of the best countries to live in the world? Well, the answer is simple. The country is organized, clean, and safe. The public transport of Singapore is pretty clockwork. The government procedures are neatly outlined, easily accessible, and the appointments are trouble-free to set up. The best part is that the bookings can be made online.If you have a family, then it is the perfect place to reside. There are adequate public parks, gardens, playgrounds, mangroves, natural canopy walks, forests, and islands to explore. You will find malls, shops, hospitals, libraries, schools, and other amenities in every neighborhood.

best country to live in the world

Quick Facts :

  • The banking system of Singapore is reported to be the strongest in the world. It has the fourth biggest foreign exchange market after New York, Tokyo, and London.
  • With multinational firms headquartered, Singapore remains the world’s most excellent country to do business.
  • When it comes to safety index, Singapore always managed to rank in the top 10 positions. An individual is unlikely to be a victim of violence and theft here. With the help of digital security, the government takes care of citizens’ safety so perfectly that they hardly experience identity theft or privacy violations.
  • According to the Global Green Economy Index 2015, Singapore was ranked as the world’s eighth cleanest & greenest city. In fact, the country has already launched the GS2050 (Green Singapore 2050 plan). It is designed to encourage the younger generations to show their concern towards environmental problems and probable solutions for them.
  • The climate of Singapore is tropical with no distinct seasons. Due to its maritime exposure and environmental location, its weather is featured by uniform pressure & temperature, abundant rainfall, and high humidity.

25.Mexico, North America

(Capital: Mexico City / Currency: Mexican peso)

Last year, Mexico stood 27th in the World Happiness Report. However, this year, it has made it to 25th. Mexico has the second biggest economy and is the third biggest country in Latin America. Mexico is certainly one of the best places to live and retire, and we have valid reasons for this statement. The residents are welcoming, purchasing a property is easy & safe, and the cost of living is relatively low. The added benefit is that the United States is near. Retirement visa is granted liberally, and the status of “permanent resident” can be achieved without transitioning with the residency process.

best country to live

Quick Facts:

  • Mexico is devoted to enhance foreign investments and trade. The democracy is stable. So, you don’t have to agonize that the social unrest might depose the government.
  • A large percentage of the population in Mexico has low & middle income. The salaries are not as high as the living cost but are much cheaper when you compare it with places like Singapore or US.
  • Mexico City sinks about 6 – 8 inches every year. This is because the city is constructed on a huge lake, after the ruins of the Aztec city.  The government utilizes pumps to draw water at times.
  • The capital of Mexico is one of the world’s biggest cities. It has the tallest elevation and is claimed to be the oldest city in North America.
  • The climate of Mexico changes based on its topography. On the coast, the weather is humid & hot. In fact, it turns unbearable during summers. However, inland communities that are situated at high elevations, particularly the ones close-by the lake are drier and temperate.

24.Argentina, South America

(Capital: Buenos Aires / Currency: Argentine peso & Argentine austral)

Argentina is the eighth biggest country and best country to live in the world too. It is home to glacial lakes, landscapes, huge grasslands, and incredible mountains. Even though the official language is Spanish, you will see people in the urban areas speaking good English. Argentina is well admired for its food, wine, and culture. If you want to live in a good place, this country is worth a look. There is free healthcare, free education, wonderful climate, and amazing touristic destinations. While you are living here, you don’t really need a car because the public transportation is decent.

best countries to live

Quick Facts:

  • Unsustainable economic policies, the Argentina had on the past now turned into the bold reforms that helped the country to stable the current economic standards and to avoid the future crisis.
  • In order to boost the life of all Argentines, it introduced the macroeconomic stability and increases the investment & productivity.
  • Argentina has now become a popular “medical tourist” destination. They visit here and take up the cosmetic surgery.
  • Argentines would love to kiss. These people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. It’s usual among the men too.
  • Argentina has a national holiday on friendship day which was founded by the Argentine dentist Dr. Febbraro after he found that everyone on earth is connected by 11 steps.
  • Throughout the Argentina, January will be the warmest. June and July will be the coldest.  During the winter months, May to August will be the driest of the year.

23.Czech Republic , Europe

(Capital: Prague / Currency: Czech koruna)

The official language of Czech Republic is “Czech”. Apart from the Czech Republic, this language is spoken in the countries like Australia, Canada, and United States. People are open to new ideas and generally, it is very easy to have a good connection with. The Czech Republic has a very rich history in literature, music and visual arts also this country is the best to raise your children. According to the expats, cost of childcare and the quality of education available here is affordable. The Czech Republic is financially attractive for multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, Siemens, and Skype. They are all founded here.

best countries to live

Quick Facts :

  • 64% of expats say In Czech Republic, quality of education offered here is more affordable which much better than the global average 43%.
  • People of Czech Republic love music. In fact, in is being a populous folk tradition here. In any case music, food and alcohol are the bonding things that unite the people together in this country.
  • The Czech Republic is located exactly at the center of Europe. So if you live here you can visit all the nearby major cities for a weekend trip. In the Czech Republic, the tourism industry plays a vital role in income generation.
  • The average salary of a Czechs is 26,000 CZK i.e., $1000 USD. This affords a hi-fi living. The reason is the consumable price too low when compared to the salary.
  • Czech offers all kinds of outdoor activities which includes castle visits as well. It has more than 2000 castles that make it one of the castle rich countries in the Europe.
  • 90% Czechs have completed at least the second-degree education which makes it one of the highest score in the Europe.
  • January is the coldest month; temperature would be around zero degrees. Winter months would be very cold with temperatures zero and below. In Summer, the temperature would reach around twenty degrees.  July would be the warmest month and the weather at the Czech Republic is best around May to September.

 22.Brazil,South America

(Capital: Brasília / Currency: Brazilian real)

Brazil is the largest country that accounts half of the subcontinent. People here are the good conversation makers. It’s almost like a crime to let the conversations die in the middle because Brazilians are good relationship makers. Right from the 21st century there is a boom in economic industry and today it is being one of the world’s largest economies (7th largest one in the world). Human activities like mining, agriculture, logging and fishing are very crucial for the Brazilian economy.

best country to live

Quick Facts :

  • Brazilians walk leisurely. They are not in any apparent hurry to get wherever they are going. They are more concerned with people in having a good conversation with.
  • Brazil has more than 2000 airports in the country which makes it the 2nd highest number of airports in the world.
  • Brazil’s capital has built in the architecture like an airplane. It will look the same from above the capital.
  • Brazil used to distribute the breast milk all around the country in order to provide that to the babies whose mother can’t provide it to them.
  • This sport crazy country loves football (soccer).Their national team typically the best, winning the world cup 5 times.
  • Corruption in Brazil seems to be high and it directly contributes to a decline in the world economy. This only downsizes the chances to grow big.
  • In Brazil different regions have a different climate. Varying heights from the sea level and closeness to coast are the reasons for this climate change. Mostly in northern part of Brazil covered by the Amazon rainforest, the climate will be hot and sticky. There is a constant rainfall though.

21.United Arab Emirates, Middle East

(Capital: Abu Dhabi / Currency: Dirham)

UAE has won the best countries to live in an award by boasting higher economic standard. 10 million residents have claimed that they earn more than the expected. There are more than 54% expatriates are living in the country and they say “They get rewarded for their hard work”. Apart from the finance, it has scored the highest ranking in the categories like “safety and healthcare”. So to live a life graciously we need a satisfied income and safety. UAE offers both of them. Obviously, it is the best country to live in the world. It has got 13th best place to raise the children.

best country to live

Quick Facts :

  • In UAE only 10 to 15% are their nationals.  Rest 85% are expatriates (“India (51%), Pakistan (16%), Bangladesh (9%) and Filipinos (3%)”).
  • In Dubai there is a minimal risk of earthquake and tsunami. The reason is, the Persian Gulf waters are not extreme enough to trigger the tsunami.
  • Only non-Muslim people are allowed to drink alcohol that too within the licensed venues such as hotels or home.
  • UAE has introduced the anti-indecency rule in all the public places. It prohibits the visitors wearing the indecent clothing.
  • Dubai is referred as the “city of gold”. Dubai is being operated as a home to gold suck that has more than 300 retail stores selling gold.
  • Most of the days in UAE are sunny year around. January as being the coldest month have the high temperature raising upward 75 °F and the during the night time it has low temperature falling under 57 °F. Summers are extremely hot here. Temperature would be around 106 °F.

    20.Chile,South America 

(Capital:  Santiago / Currency: Chilean Peso)

Chile is called as “Switzerland of South America” for a very good reason. Laws matter here. The people of Chile work hard and it would make the occasional visitor wonder whether they would ever rest. It has high GDP per capita (15.848 USD).Among the ranked 120 countries, it has got 15th place. Chile is very beautiful country to live in. Chile is also called the “Island Nation”. Nature has divided this country from all other neighbors.

best country to live

Quick Facts :

  • The chief port of Chile, Valparaiso is one of major prosperous city. UNESCO has declared it as the world heritage site. It has an important industrial center manufacturing shoes, chemicals, textiles and leather goods. It has 4 other heritage sites.
  • Chile produces one-third of the world’s copper. It is the 5th largest wine exporter and it is 9th largest wine producer in the world. Apart from this, Chile also produces some best and finest selection of wines.
  • Chile is the longest country which covers the land of 4,620 km. The mountain Andes covers the entire length from north to south.
  • In Chile, earthquakes are the main destruction factor that hit the lives of people. In modern times more than 28 earthquakes were hit Chile with force greater than 6.9.
  • In Chile, the night sky is absolutely stunning. From bare eyes, you can see a clear view of earth. It is the reason why the Atacama has involved itself in various numbers of researchers.
  • Chile has the longest coastline that estimates around 6600 km and also the narrowest coastline in the world that just measure around 200km.
  • Just because of its long coastline Chile’s climate is extremely diverse and unpredictable too. Here summer runs from December to February and the winter starts at June and ends at August.

19.United Kingdom, Europe

(Capital:  London / Currency: Pound Sterling )

If you are someone who appreciates the arts, you will appreciate the UK. It is a country that has a very rich history. UK has some of the best parks in the world. The public transport system is one of the best in the world and so you can go to these parks whenever you want. The museums are free to visit. There are plenty of CCTV cameras all over the place and this makes it a very safe place to live in.

best country to live in the world

Quick Facts :

  • The United Kingdom is a well-developed country with the significant importance in the international economic, arts, politic and cultural influence.
  • Every year many numbers of people across the globe visit London. Banking and tourism are the main income sources contributing the country’s economic growth.
  • The schools and universities in the UK are among the best in the world. It provides the high level of education. Oxford and Cambridge are the world famous universities.
  • UK has a very long history producing more numbers of writers and scientists in the world. For example William Shakespeare is known as the world’s best writer. British scientists have discovered the gravity, hydrogen and penicillin.
  • Harry Potter’s most famous locations were shot in Oxford. If you want to eat at the great hall in Hogwarts, pay this place a visit.
  • There is no best time to visit UK, You can visit on any day. Anyhow the best time to visit the country is summer when the days are so long.  During the summer months (June to August) bring both waterproofs and sunscreen because you can expect a rain at any time.  Autumn comes in September to November. November to March would be a winter.

    18.Luxembourg, Europe

(Capital:  Luxembourg City / Currency: Euro)

Luxembourg is home to the European headquarters of Amazon, Ferrero, and Skype. So obviously the economic state of affairs in Luxembourg is very good. The political and financial scenario is trustworthy. This is pretty evident from the high per capita income. Luxembourg is also a picturesque location but not many people know about this country so it doesn’t invite a lot of tourists. There are many points that make this country one of the best countries to live in.
best countries to live in the world

Quick Facts : 

  • Luxembourg is the 2nd richest country in the world with GDP of USD 105,882.
  • Also, it is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. There are only fewer chances for you for being shot in Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg total population is 582,972. Out of this only under half is the Luxembourg residents. Rest all are foreigners from 170 different countries.
  • Luxembourg is the 20th smallest and least populated country in the Europe.
  • Luxembourg is the most car ownership holding country (687/1000 people). As per 2017 survey,   Volkswagon cars are the most selling ones.
  • Luxemburg is being the investment banks over 150 of Europe and operates as the tax haven. Generally, the companies like Skype, Pepsi, IKEA and Millicom etc pay very less amount of tax, they pay only 1%.
  • Luxemburg has a moderately continental climate. Winter here starts at December and ends through February with the temperature 32 °F or 0 °C  (very cold). Summer is from June to August with the temperature around 12 °C  or 53.5 °F. Mid-May to Mid-September is the best day to visit here.


(Capital: City of Brussels/ Currency: Euro)

Chocolates. Belgium produces the best chocolates in the world. Belgium is the 6th biggest economic holding country in the Euro zone. It has the GDP of 466.4 billion USD. Central bank has predicted it will grow by 0.5% next year. Belgium has a friendly people everywhere. It has got more castles per kilo meter. Also the country has excellent public transport infrastructure.
best countries to live in

Quick Facts :

  • Belgium boasts excellent cuisine and dining. Also, it’s famous for offering the finest beers in the world. So you will definitely gain a pound or two within a couple weeks of moving here.
  • Belgian men are the 2nd tallest men with the height of 181.7 cm. same is not true with the women. Their height comes around just 165.5 cm.
  • Belgium tax rates are the 4th highest in the whole Europe. It accounts for 48% in the country’s GDP.
  • Comic strip artists in Belgium are more than anywhere in the world. Comic movie names “The Adventures of Tintin” has been translated into more than 100 languages.
  • In Belgium, most of the people, nearly 98% live in the urban area. It is the highest number in the world. Belgium is also the most cabled country, 97% of the residents receive a cable TV.
  • Belgium’s festival “Tomorrowland”  is the world’s best electronic dance. Its YouTube channel has got more than 5 million subscribers.
  • Influenced by Atlantic Ocean Belgium’s climate is mostly cool and wet.  Winter will be the coldest, not the freezing level. Summer is mild warmer with no shortage of clouds and rains. Best time to visit Belgium would be spring and summer.

    16.Germany, Europe

    (Capital : Berlin/ Currency: Euro)

    Irrespective of the challenging environment, economic growth in Germany is always one of the powerful and dynamic. Investment and business freedom are very strong here. In Germany, you can find a well protected property rights for both its residents and foreigners. It is one of least corrupted country in the world. Corruption acts on the public officials has been vigorously watched and punished. It’s the fifth largest economy in the world. It is a leading exporter of vehicles, chemicals, machinery and other household products. Speed is in their blood. They will love to drive the cars and they are mad about the football. Germany is one of the best countries to live in the world.
    neuschwanstein, germany

    Quick Facts :

    • As Germany is in the center of Europe, it is very easy to travel to the rest of Europe.
    • The health care system is amazing. Almost everything is included in your local insurance. Whether you are working or studying it is really important to insure. There is compulsory insurance and private insurance. People have to enroll themselves in any one of these based on some rules.
    • Germans are really active and know how to have fun. There are umpteen fun fairs, carnivals and outdoor activities organized during spring and summer.
    • There is some good news for students. All universities are free for residents and foreign students and over 96% of the population has at least a secondary education.
    • Another amazing thing is, they love beer and so, you can drink beer anytime, anywhere.
    • Germany is the year around destination. You can visit here at any time. Unpredictably, Germany faces a lot of rainfall during the high summer.

    15.Ireland, Europe

     ( Capital : Dublin/Currency : Euro)

    Irish folklore is known all over the world for their fairies, leprechauns and castles. If not a castle, finding a beautiful home in Ireland will not be a difficult one suiting your budget. Also, by law, employees are required to avail their 20 days of compulsory leave every year. If you are lucky enough, your employer may even award extra vacation days to you. The Irish have excellent work-life balance. Also, Ireland is very safe. Guns are illegal. But if you own a farm, you can have a farm kind of gun. The homicide rate is 1.1 per 1000 people. The public healthcare system is very good is funded with general taxes.

    best countries to live in

    Quick Facts:

    • Ireland’s excellent location makes visiting other countries very easy. Barcelona is two hours away, Rome is three hours away and the UK is just a mere 45 minutes away.
    • Ireland has many numbers of trading partners. 20% accounts for the United States, and 38% account for the United Kingdom in Ireland exports.
    • The country receives a lot of rain every year. It makes the grass lush green and keeps the plants blooming.
    • Ireland is known for their music. Ireland is full of pubs. So if you are the partying kind, go pack your bags already. 
    • The weather can be pretty unpredictable. Influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, it doesn’t have any extreme temperature. In Ireland, July to August would be the warmest months. You will get 18 hours daylight in these days. For travelers summer months would be the best.

    14.United States

    ( Capital:  Washington D.C / Currency : Dollar )

    Americans have freedom. Newspapers can print whatever they believe in and no one will kick their doors down even if they criticize the President. Other than freedom of the press, the people also enjoy freedom of speech and expression. Politically speaking, there is very little corruption in the US. The economy is very stable and the US has the capability to bounce back from a recession. It is called the land of opportunities. The government offers public education to everyone. But university education is a little expensive. Health insurance is pretty great and allows access to excellent health care services. The overall standard of living is very high. Also they have the best army and offer the best military protection in the world.

    best countries to live in the world
    Quick Facts :

    • Proudest flag on earth, United States has been designed by the 17-year-old as a school project.
    • America is a country of many cultures. People in the US all have diverse stories. Being American is what brings them together.
    • US is the 4th largest country by land area and 3rd biggest country by population.
    • The United States is being the driven force behind the World Wide Web and technology.
    • President is one of the deadliest jobs in America. Roughly around 9% of presidents have killed when they are at this post.
    • According to the world help index, Americans are the people likely to help strangers.
    • Best time to visit the United States differ based on location and season you are visiting. Spring and autumn seem cooler. Let’s say it’s the best time to visit. Generally, summer months would be hot irrespective of the region.

    13.Austria, Europe

    (Capital: Vienna / Currency: Euro)

    When the economical crisis has hit the Europe, it has gone down by 0.1%. This factor is evident to say that Austria is one best country to live in the world. Vienna, Austria’s capital has the rich history in economic, cultural and political backgrounds. It is also one of richest countries, boasting highest standard living in the world. Austria, tied very closely to Germany being the trading partner. Living in the country is more affordable. 82% of its residents say that they are more satisfied with the living there. They also said they can count at least one of them if they need a help.


    Quick Facts :

    • In 2010 Vienna has received the urban planning award from United Nations. The reason is, people of Vienna have managed to transform its old infrastructure into modern homes in a short span of time.
    • It is capital Vienna is known as “The city of music” and “The City of Dreams”. It has produced many numbers of unsatisfiable persons from the city of music.
    • Through multimillion dollar program, it has renovated nearly 5,000 buildings. 0ut of those it has nearly 250,000 apartments.
    • Austria yields more of its income from tourism. Nearly 5 million tourists from all over the world visit Austria every year.
    • World’s number 1 place for conducting conferences.
    • If you are seeking sunshine and love playing it in the sunrays, June to September would be the best time. For those who love enjoying the winter months, November to march would be the perfect time.

    12.Costa Rica, Central America

         ( Capital : Sanjose / Currency : Costa Rica Colon)

    Costa Rica exports coffee, sugar, and banana which are being the backbone of the economy. Trade is one of the essential things to Costa Rica’s economy. Their import and export contribute to 72% of GDP.  State-owned organizations control the banking sector but still, a portion of them is given to the private sector banking. Costa Rica’s health care is rated high on the international level. Costa Rica’s public health insurance known as CAJA is applied to all of its citizens and the legal residents. There are almost 10 public hospitals are located here. The private hospitals offer the treatments as par with USA hospitals. Costa Rica’sreputation in health care, beautiful atmosphere, very less cost, everything changes it one of the best places for medical tourism.
    best country in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Although the landmass of Costa Rica comes around only 0.03% of the whole planet’s surface, it has nearly 10% of the butterflies (world’s butterfly population) living here. Above all, it has over 750,000 of the insects are living here.
    • There is a habit in Costa Rica. According to that the radio station there plays their national anthem every day at 7 A.M.
    • Costa Rica has high life expectancy. People there known to live the age over 100. Costa Rica is known to provide the best healthcare ranked 36th in the world by world health organization.
    •  Costa Rica is unofficial capital of hummingbird. It is a hometown to 300 specifies of the hummingbird. It’s really huge for the size of the country.
    • In Costa Rica the literacy rate come over to 96%. It does everything to educate their citizens. For children who can’t access the school the teaching is done over the air through radio stations.
    • Witchcrafts are still popular in Costa Rica. You can still find the witchcrafts there offering the reading of tarot cards and a wide range of other services offered.
    • Winter time is the best season to travel to Costa Rica. Weather will not be too cold and it offers the good weather condition in November/ December to the end of April.

    11.Israel, Middle East

    (Capital: Jerusalem / Currency: Israeli new shekel)

    Israel has more R&D and hi-tech economy in the world. Out of all Middle East countries, this country fights against all odds. You can see people from various religions living their life peacefully here. This country is always liberal and always democratic. This is the only country where women and other minorities have the same civilization rights. It’s very old with over 3000 years of history, Israel has managed to survive and rebuild itself. Israel is often underrated in the best countries list but it has very acceptable, a livable country in the world. It has most beautiful places the Dead Sea and kotel are some of them.

    best couintries in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Israel has the highest number of hi-tech companies in the world. It has over 4000 hi-tech companies and start ups.
    • The development of latest technologies has done by the Israel are enjoyed by the whole world. For example, Windows NT has been developed by the Microsoft-Israel and the world’s the first cell phone was developed by the Israel Motorola and Pentium MMX Chip was invented by the Intel-Israel. This list actually grows.
    • Israel has the third most entrepreneurship in the world among and people with age over 55.
    • Its compulsory education runs from kindergarten up to the 12th grade. It has the highest level of college degrees.
    • In Israel summers are hot; winters are cool, especially in Jerusalem with occasional rainfall.

    10.Sweden, Europe

    (Capital: Stockholm/Currency: Swedish Krona)

    Trade is an essential part of Sweden’s economy. Property rights are very secure. People take good care of their properties and so if you are looking to rent or buy a property, you can definitely find it beautifully furnished and maintained. Swedish love the outdoors and wait for summer so that they can organize barbeques, sporting events, and visits to the countryside. They don’t miss an opportunity to soak up the sun. They have known the world over for maintaining excellent work-life balance. This best country is also very safe and has very low crime rates.

    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • The public school system in Sweden is excellent and is free all the way through to university. Their bilingual (English and Swedish) schools are also pretty great. So kids are fluent in English.
    • There are many commendable universities in the country. The tuition for non-EU students is a little high but still lesser than other European countries.
    • The health care system is also pretty good and the health insurance covers almost everything. You can be assured that if you have to pay for a consultation it will be quite less.
    • In December there are only six hours of daylight. The winters are long though. But this is when they go ice skating, hiking in the snow, skiing, and sledding. Swedes know how to work while they work and play while they play.

    9.Australia, Oceania

    (Capital : Canberra / Currency: Australian Dollar)

    With many world-class universities, Australia is famous for their education system. Each state and territory is responsible for managing their system of education. The government also offers a lot of student-friendly loan programs for those students willing and eligible for a university education. Their health care system is also commendable. Life expectancy is 82.15 years on average. Also, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but has very limited population. So if you are not the kind of person who likes crowded cities and towns, then this one is for you. It has a population density of only 2.8 people per Kilometer Square.
    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Regardless of where they live People of Australia are so good in lending their hands whenever it is needed.
    • Australia was the second country that allowed women to vote.New Zealand was the first one.
    • Per capita GDP, longer life expectancy and improved level of education are the other factors that lift Australia to the third best country in the world.
    • Although Australia is like a hometown for many deadly dangerous animals like snakes and sharks, it’s also being a home for not found anywhere most interesting cute animals like Australian dingo and Wombat. Seriously if not in Australia where you can see animals like kangaroos on the go along the road?
    • Just as in the case of having the rare animals Australia is blessed with Nature’s gifts such as Great Barrier Reef, the pinnacles, Fraser Island and many.
    • Australia has an abundance of stunning harbors and beautiful beaches. To spend the summer days in Australia, Pack your bag with light clothing. If you’re visiting here in winter, pack water proof warm jackets. It will be just rainy.

    8.New Zealand, Oceania

    (Capital: Wellington / Currency: New Zealand Dollar)

    New Zealand’s total population is just 4.6 Million. They are scattered over the 268,021 sq km. It is a pretty green country with a lot of mountains, lakes, forests, and beaches. New Zealand is called as one of the best places to go hiking and skiing. With outdoor activities like paddling canoe, mountain trucking you can spend your time in the accessible wilderness.  Here you can get buses and trains on time, not even a minute would be wasted. You can also see very few numbers of pickpockets, scam merchants, and the bed bug filled hotels. Apart from a scenic beauty, NZ is also known for being a home to the happy citizens. In short, it is one of the best countries in the world to live and to enjoy your holidays.
    best countries to live

    Quick Facts :

    • If you are a movie freak, you would already know that many iconic movies like Avatar and The Lord Of The Rings were shot in New Zealand. This is because New Zealand is a beautiful island country where you can capture beautiful hills, aesthetic valleys and the endless Pacific in one shot.
    • Only 5% of NZ population is humans .The rest are animals.
    • According to the “Corruption Perception Index” NZ is said to be one of the least corrupted country in the world.
    • More and more people die in NZ, not because of the disease but playing lawn bowls.
    • New Zealand is the first country where all the high positions were held by the women simultaneously. In 2006, the posts Queen, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker of the house all were women.
    • Seeing 4 seasons on a single day is not an unusual thing. It’s possible here. Summer and winter do have extreme temperatures.

    7.Canada, North America

    (Capital: Ottawa/ Currency: Canadian Dollar)

    Canada is welcoming people from all over the world with open arms. Canada provides world-class dental and medical care. And no, it’s not expensive. It’s mostly free. Even without health insurance, medical care will not cost you much. Also, they have an excellent post-secondary education system. And average tuition is only $5974, which is less than US, Japan, and Australia. Multiculturism is encouraged in Canada. There will be no disparity between races or people from different cultural backgrounds. The people of Canada are also very humble and friendly. Canada is also very safe to live in.
    Toronto, canada

    Quick Facts :

    • Canadians make a lead in quantum computing, medical discoveries, space science, and technology.
    • Canadian sons/ daughters earn twice as their parents. It provides a good income ladder to its citizens. For example, children who born poor to their parents quickly raise their positions.
    • With the world-class health care system, Canadian child who born today can live up to 81 years on an average.
    • People who are living here are often mocked for apologizing. They will never hesitate to ask “sorry” when they commit a mistake. This characteristic multiplies the happiness and strengthens their relationship.
    • In employment and education, Canada is ranked in the 9th position.
    • Canada is the country which offers high life satisfaction to its citizens. It has the minimal suicidal rate.
    • Canadians are making more than 10 million overseas trips every year. It shows how much they are economically equipped.
    • If you have the plan to enjoy the winter sports, the best time to visit Canada would start from December and ends through April.

    6.Netherlands, Europe

    (Capital: Amsterdam / Currency: Euro)

    Despite the country’s small size, Netherland’s economy has the most advanced level. Netherland has many renowned museums, galleries with contemporary Dutch works. Visits to them are almost free. Here tradition and innovation are twisted with one another. The culture is very inclusive and people are very welcoming of newcomers. The healthcare service is very efficient and the doctors speak very fluent English. And you should know that learning Dutch is not easy but you can survive with English. Dutch accommodation is of a very high standard with high ceilings and large windows. But the demand for apartments is always very high. The crime rates are very low. Netherlands is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
    best country to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • The scenic architecture of Netherland makes people to do cycling all over the places with pleasure. They make the quarter of their journeys through bicycle. They love to travel.
    • In Netherlands, if you ask a café, you will be dropped out at a bar. Netherland people use bar to do conversation and other social activities. They prefer the conversation more than drinking.
    • Netherland is famous for its flower fields. In Keukenhof Park alone you could visit almost 7 million flowers at the same time.
    • Windmills are emblematic to Netherlands. There are like 991 windmills, 557 drainage windmills and nearly 594 industrial type windmills are left in Netherlands. Starting from the energy generation to the production of paper, windmills are used in many tradable products.
    • The Dutch advocate equality among citizens. There is no discrimination whatsoever.
    • Last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May are the best time to visit Netherlands. Predicting the weather condition is almost impossible here.

    5.Finland, Europe

    (Capital: Helsinki / Currency: Euro)

    It might also interest you to know that according to Reader’s Digest, Helsinki is one of the most honest cities in the world. The standard of living is very high. The Finnish welcome everyone and don’t hesitate to give appreciation where it is due. They usually will not initiate conversations with strangers but once the ice is broken, you will be surprised to see how nice and friendly they are. They have a very good health care system as well. The Finnish government has many environment friendly policies in place to maintain and preserve its nature.
    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Everyone speaks English. They offer very good quality and affordable education. Finding a job is not hard even if you are a foreigner.
    • Finland is “land of midnight sun”. The reason is, in the months June and July; sun will be shining throughout the day. It will not drop below the horizon.
    • Finland follows the traffic rules strictly. Their fine amount is the calculation of “severity of the accident + percentage of driver’s income”. Finnish millionaires pay up to $100,000 in fine amount.
    • Every year Finland hosts a competition called “Wife Carrying World Championship”. In this men carry his girlfriend/wife through all obstacles and fastest where the prize would be wife’s weight in beer.
    • In Finland, people have their speech freedom. No one will strike your door. It’s rewarded “most free press” 12th time in a row. Freedom of speech, political transparency, safety this everything made Finland as one of the best countries to live in the world.
    • Almost 5 months are cold in Finland with a temperature below 0. Finland has mild and moderately raining summers. Here every season has their own charm so the best time to visit the country would be year around.

    4.Switzerland, Europe

    (Capital: Bern (de facto) / Currency: Swiss Francs)

    The breathtaking scenic beauty of Switzerland is the reason the country is called heaven on Earth. The Swiss Government is known to be the most transparent government in the world. They also have favorable policies for immigrants. The citizens of Switzerland are also among the wealthiest in the world. Switzerland has a 9-year compulsory schooling policy and offers free primary education, which is compulsory in public schools. And they also claim to have one of the best education systems in the world. And they are known for their excellent health care system. They have a relatively low risk for diseases like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. It is also one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations.
    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • According to the global reports, Switzerland consistently gets its place in the top countries list boasting good education, economically strong and peaceful country. Switzerland is an excellent country to born and to live happily.
    • In Switzerland, dog owners are paying their tax for dogs based on its height and weight. They also have to take classes on how to properly care their pets.
    • Men who have completed 18 years of age should compulsorily join in military service. In Switzerland, men are allowed to carry a short gun in public after the service.
    • Switzerland is consistently ranked as the top country in providing the youth employment. It’s the third highest salary offering country and the jobs offered are permanent.
    • Nearly 25% of foreigners are living in Switzerland with immigration Visa. It’s the highest percentage in the world.
    • In Switzerland, there is no excess heat or cold. Warmest months are July and August. If you love cold, visit Swiss in January or February.

    3.Iceland, Europe

    (Capital: Reykjavik / Currency: Icelandic krona)

    It’s an Island in North Atlantic. Most numbers of homes in Iceland are heated using geothermal technology. It’s one of the environment-friendly ways of heating. It is just an example for nature protection. They save the environment in all the ways they can. Out of total population, only 10% of them are immigrants. By 2020 this figure is expected to be 20%. Results are positive. They welcome the immigrants. Availability of education, Internet and healthcare all high here. It achieves the highest rank in terms of Quality of life and democracy. Iceland is the land of 2 extreme geological contrasts. It’s the land of ice and fire because it has more active volcanoes. It’s the land of light and darkness. In summer days Iceland gets the 24 hour of sunshine whereas in winter you can see only few hours of sunlight.
    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Size of Iceland is very small. It’s about 39000 Square miles.
    • The Icelandic language is very old and still remains. A textbook written 1000 years back are still readable.
    • Their revenue comes from whale watching that more than the revenue comes from whaling.
    • In Iceland, 85% of the energy is from renewable resources especially from geothermal alone.
    • Iceland is a peaceful country where it does not have an army, air force or navy.
    • Police in Iceland does not carry their guns with them. Violent crimes are very low in Iceland.
    • Waterproof is advised throughout the year. Lightweights are required in the warmer months. Best time to visit the place is summer. From June to August, you can see the midnight sun.

    2.Denmark, Europe 

    (Capital: Copenhagen/ Currency: Danish Krone)

    Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. If you love the beach and the sand, you will love Denmark. It’s an archipelago made of more than 100 islands and no place in Denmark is more than 30 miles from the ocean.The employment rate in Denmark is 75%. It is without a doubt, the highest in Europe. Jobs are good and easy to find. Also, Denmark is an extremely green and environment friendly country. 50% of commuters ride their bikes to and from work. The locals welcome immigrants with open arms. And they love and are proud of their royal family and happily support their reign.
    best countries to live

    Quick Facts :

    • In Denmark, every second of the day is snowing. Almost like 171 days here in Denmark, there is a precipitation with more than 0.004.
    • Demark has more number of bicycles than cars. You can see 4.2 million bicycles and 1.8 million cars there in Denmark. Think about the air pollution here which is considerably low.
    • According to corruption perception index, it is considered as the least corrupted country.
    • Every Danish know how to swim. Swimming is a compulsory part of schooling education.
    • Despite their population, Denmark exports the food items. It has many famous cuisines in the world. If you are a foodie and wants to satisfy your taste buds visit Denmark once.
    • Summers can be a pleasant time. Winters can be quite cold with temperature below 0. Even in April, you can face a snow storm.

    1.Norway, Europe

    (Capital: Oslo/Currency: Norwegian Krone)

    Two words. Aurora Borealis. Aka Northern Lights. If you haven’t heard of them, google it right now. This phenomenon is best visible from the Northern parts of Norway. Norway is often described as the happiest country to live in. Norwegians are the happy-go-lucky partying kind. And you’ll be filled with energy and positivity. And these happy people live for a very long time. Norway is also considered the third most gender equal country in the world. Norwegians are very proud of their homes. The home décor will look like they are right out from the pages of Ikea. And a lot of rental houses come with this exquisite furniture, which the owners will willingly replace should you not like them. And the environment is clean. The average number of years of schooling is 12.7 years, which is also high. The parental leave policies are also very lenient. Also, the Norwegian government has banned deforestation. It is really the best country to live in the world. isn’t it?
    best countries to live in the world

    Quick Facts :

    • Norwegian people have good Work / Life balance. People are allowed to take work to their home and work from their home cabinet.
    • Norway has almost free prison. Inmates are free to do anything as they wish. Prisoners are Norway’s worst but re-offending some of them are very few.
    • In Norway every season has its own charm. Here in Norway, you can experience the cold, wind and clouds all through the year.
    • Every year, Christmas official tree “Trafalgar Square “bring forth to London from Norway since 1946. People of Norway are doing this as a token of appreciation from the WWII.
    • Winter can be early and late. Flowering can be started in February and in May you can see the snow.
    • From June to August days would seem so long. However, Norway loves extremes. Long summer weeks of “eternal lights” and the darkness of winter months, all shades between them everything has its own activities to engage with.

     Let us know the best things about your country in the comments section 🙂

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